Al Wakrah
Al Wakrah is a city and municipality
Municipalities of Qatar
||Before 2004, Qatar was divided into 10 municipalities :#Doha الدوحة#Al Ghuwariyah الغويرية#Al Jumaliyah الجميلية#Al Khawr الخور#Al Wakrah الوكرة#Ar Rayyan الريان#Jariyan al Batnah جريان الباطنة#Madinat ash Shamal الشمال...

 of Qatar
Qatar , also known as the State of Qatar or locally Dawlat Qaṭar, is a sovereign Arab state, located in the Middle East, occupying the small Qatar Peninsula on the northeasterly coast of the much larger Arabian Peninsula. Its sole land border is with Saudi Arabia to the south, with the rest of its...

 located halfway between Ad Dawhah and Mesaieed
Mesaieed is a municipality in the State of Qatar, approximately south of Doha. Its capital is also called Mesaieed.-Location:Mesaieed is located approximately south of Doha. To the east and south, Mesaieed borders the Persian Gulf. On land, to the north and west, Mesaieed borders Al Wakrah...

 municipalities. Al Wakrah's eastern edge is the shores of the Persian Gulf
Persian Gulf
The Persian Gulf, in Southwest Asia, is an extension of the Indian Ocean located between Iran and the Arabian Peninsula.The Persian Gulf was the focus of the 1980–1988 Iran-Iraq War, in which each side attacked the other's oil tankers...

. Originally al wakra was a tiny fishing and pearling village. Now it has evolved into a small town with a population of more than 30,000 and it is considered to be one of the major cities in Qatar. Hassan Abbas Hassan Abdurahim is the current al wakra represantator and member in the Central Municipal Council who was elected in 2011 for the second time where al Wakra is known as the 9th area of the council. On land, it borders the following municipalities:

  • Ad Dawhah - north
  • Ar Rayyan
    Ar Rayyan
    Al-Rayyan is a municipality in the state of Qatar. Al Rayyan means 'the source of irrigation' and as per Islam it also means 'a door in heaven' or 'one of the Gates of Paradise' . Al-Rayyan is the only landlocked municipality of Qatar...

     - northwest
  • Jariyan al Batnah
    Jariyan al Batnah
    Jariyan al Batnah is a municipality of Qatar.The Persian Gulf borders Jariyan al Batnah in its west and its southeast. Because the municipality is located in the south of the country, it is the only municipality that borders foreign territory: Saudi Arabia's Ash Sharqiyah...

     - west and south
  • Mesaieed
    Mesaieed is a municipality in the State of Qatar, approximately south of Doha. Its capital is also called Mesaieed.-Location:Mesaieed is located approximately south of Doha. To the east and south, Mesaieed borders the Persian Gulf. On land, to the north and west, Mesaieed borders Al Wakrah...

     - southeast

The area marked red in the map includes both Al Wakrah and Mesaieed; the latter municipality includes almost all of the seacoast.

Al Wakra Today

The issuance of the plan urban development of the city of Al Wakra in the year in 2008 where he withstood a plan architectural vision for the development of the city of Al Wakra during the last thirty years the next most prominent features of this plan is to develop a beach in Al Wakra and the development of the city center and expand to the south of the city and increase the buildings to become Wakra able to accommodate more 600 thousand people in the future as well as a sports city in Al Wakra. Today it is one of the most famous tourists spot in the region.


The city of Al Wakra, Qatar was Founded by Al Khater
Al Khater
The Al Khater family is a prestigious family in the Middle East. They belong to Al Buainain of Banu Tamim. The family expands in many Middle Eastern countries including Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain...

 family, and that by the Islamic Group Ali Bin Nasser Al Nasser Al Buainin which Malbut he led his tribe in a mass exodus from Al Wakra to Abu Dhabi in 1254 AH / 1838, of this city is abandoned entirely until they return to it in 1258 AH / in 1842 from the island of Kish . Still lives in Al Wakra a lot of tribal members.
In 17/7/1972, Resolution No.11/1972 AD on the creation of the municipalities of Ar Rayyan
Ar Rayyan
Al-Rayyan is a municipality in the state of Qatar. Al Rayyan means 'the source of irrigation' and as per Islam it also means 'a door in heaven' or 'one of the Gates of Paradise' . Al-Rayyan is the only landlocked municipality of Qatar...

, Al-Wakrah, Al Khawr and Dhekra, Madinat ash Shamal
Madinat ash Shamal
ash-Shamal is a municipality in the state of Qatar. Its capital is called Madinat ash-Shamal and it is considered to be one of the major cities in Qatar. The name means "City of the north" - although the population is barely over 3,000...

, and Umm Salal
Umm Salal
Umm Salal is a municipality in the The State of Qatar.It contains several historic places, such as Barzan Tower. It also contains the new town of Lusail, which is located on the coast in the northern part of the municipality and a part of the district called New Doha...

 issued. This law identified Al-Wakrah Municipality as having legal personality, working and using best means to ensure the urban development of Al-Wakrah city and its suburbs. The Municipal board has a president and four members. The current president of the Municipal board is Hamdan Ben Khalifa Busherbal al-Mansouri. The municipality is four section and they are: Financial and Administrative Affairs Section, Health Affairs Section, General Affairs Section and the Technical Affairs Section.

Al Wakra Museum

The Al Wakra Museum is one of the most popular Qatar attraction highlights country's spectacular architecture. The museum is in town's old forts. Exhibits at Al Wakra museum feature artifacts that give us an insight on the history in Qatar. The exhibits also include some fine examples that showcase the beautiful art and architecture prevalent around the region. Since Al Wakra was earlier a fishing hub therefore the main highlight of Al Wakra Museum is the displays on marine life.

Historical Architecture

Historic architecture can be seen almost everywhere in alwakra city and especially in its old areas and it is captured in mosques, old homes and harbour.
One of the main and old mosques in al wakra, is Al Wakra Grand Mosque.
There is also Al wakra castle or fort which was built above the ruins of an older castle. It has two round towers and was used in the past as a police office. It dates back to the 20th C. In addition, the house of Sheikh Ghanim Bin Abdulrahman al-Thani is considered to be a significant architectural landmark on the beach. This building consists of two floors and windows are decorated in special shapes. It was restored in 2004 by the direction of Restoration Departments of Qatar Museums Authority
Qatar Museums Authority
The Qatar Museums Authority is the peak body of museums in Qatar. The QMA was founded in late 2005, its CEO is Abdullah Al-Najjar. and since 2008 its director is Roger Mandle. The QMA was the bid leader for Qatar's successful candidature to join the UNESCO heritage panel in 2011...



The following table shows the population of Al Wakrah.
Al Wakrah Population
March 2004 March 1997 March 1986
31441 24283 17245

The following table shows the registered live births by nationality and sex for this municipality. Place of births is based on home municipality of mother at birth.
Registered live births by nationality and sex
Year Qatari Male Qatari Female Totoal Qatari Non Qatari Male Non Qatari Female Total Non Qatar Total Male Total Female Grand Total
2001 168 156 324 170 176 346 338 332 670
2002 175 147 322 167 159 326 342 306 648
2003 183 159 342 172 190 362 355 349 704
2004 177 177 354 196 169 365 373 346 719
2005 176 179 355 202 181 383 378 360 738
2006 182 172 354 196 191 387 378 363 741
2007 209 161 370 238 206 444 447 367 814
2008 186 207 393 309 297 606 495 504 999
2009 216 248 464 369 333 702 585 581 1166


As in all the cities in Qatar, Al wakra have a nice average temperature in the months January, February, March, November and December. However, the Hot season or summer is in April, May, June, July, August, September, October and November. Al Wakrah has dry periods in January, February, March, April, May, June, July and August. On average, the warmest month is July and the coolest month is January. The below table shows the Records and Averages of Al wakra temperature.
Records and Averages of Al wakra
Month Avg. High MAvg. Low Avg. Precip
January 22.0 °C 13.0 °C 1.27 cm
February 23.0 °C 14.0 °C 1.78 cm
March 27.0 °C 17.0 °C 1.52 cm
April 32.0 °C 21.0 °C 0.76 cm
May 38.0 °C 25.0 °C 0.25 cm
June 41.0 °C 28.0 °C 0.00 cm
July 42.0 °C 29.0 °C 0.00 cm
August 41.0 °C 29.0 °C 0.00 cm
September 39.0 °C 27.0 °C 0.00 cm
October 35.0 °C 23.0 °C 0.00 cm
November 30.0 °C 20.0 °C 0.25 cm
December 24.0 °C 15.0 °C 1.27 cm

Future Developments

The recreation area is currently being redeveloped. Plans for the area in the future include a wild life park and a country club. There is also going to be a "continuous public waterfront" offering activities for the public, two hotels and a golf course. A railway station will be located near the mosque, and there will also be a climate controlled underground pedestrian area.

Al Wakra Hospital

Al wakra hospital is a project that is Public Works Authority in Qatar (Ashgal) is working on it. The project is for constructing a new 250 bed General Hospital on an area of about 70,000m2, and associated buildings, which are being planned in accordance with the requirements. The proposed new hospital will provide state of the art Medical and Surgical facilities to the southern area, including Al Wakra and Mesaeed. The facilities will contain Medical, Surgical, Obstetrics, Gynecology and Children’s ward, as will as a specialist Neonatal Unit and pay ward in a seven story central block.

Al Wakra corniche

A big quota of public parks and entertainment projects has been allocated for Al Wakra. One of the projects is the corniche in north area of al Wakra. It will be for families only and will provide all necessary amenities and services for both adults and children, so that they can spend quality time with their families.

Wakra Mall

The multi-storeyed mall built by Ezdan, which will be constructed opposite to Al Wakra Hospital, can accommodate a total of 229 cars in its mezzanine floor and the basement. The second floor will have 48 stores, shops, 3 coffee shops, big supermarket, male and female washrooms, prayer rooms. A mezzanine floor with some shops, big playing hall for children, three movie houses and an open ball with many restaurants.

The exclusive mall will serve the southern districts of Al Wakra and the neighbouring area. The work on the project will begin in the coming months and will be officially opened by 2011.

Wakra's New Downtown

Wakra's New Downtown regional centre has been divided into seven segments. They include Wakra Gateway, Wakra South Square, Wakra Festival Bay, Wakra Sands, Wakra Residence, Wakra College and Wakra Trade Center.

The Wakra Gateway is an exclusive zone for major government and public offices. The South Square will witness a mix of office complexes, residential apartments and middle and lower level retail outlets.

The Festival Bay will be an exciting area marked by at least two resort hotels, business investment hotels, maritime museum at water front, marina, arts and cultural centre. Wakra Sands will be dotted with family parks, recreation precincts, commercial and cultural complexes.

While Wakra Residence is an area reserved for construction of multi-facility residential complexes, Wakra College is an exclusive zone reserved for educational institutions. Wakra Trade Center is meant for developing malls and retail outlets.

The master plan envisages Wakra to be developed as a preferred waterfront destinations and a vibrant city where people would be really want to visit and stay over.Considering the city's heritage history, a separate area will be developed as a heritage zone. Re-establishing Al Wakra city's historic core with distinctive sense of place and traditional architecture is another proposal.

Construction of quality villas, regional parks, waterfront public spaces are among other projects planned as part of the model township in Al wakra.


Al Wakra has a club called Al-Wakrah Sports Club which is a Qatari professional football club. Club’s home ground is Al-Wakrah Stadium a multi-purpose stadium. Stadium has a capacity of 20,000 people and has plans of expanding to 43,500 for 2022 FIFA World Cup
2022 FIFA World Cup
The 2022 FIFA World Cup will be the 22nd FIFA World Cup, an international association football tournament that is scheduled to take place in 2022 in Qatar. The competition is scheduled to take place in June and July, although proposals have been made for a winter season. The tournament will involve...



Karwa Transportation company (Mowasalat) has conntected al wakra city to the rest of the cities in Qatar using it bus route. Currently, there are several buses operating there. In the future, Al wakra is going to be part of the Qatar railway network.
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