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  Subject Replies Date
Interesting plot directions 0 11/2/2015
Who are the space twins 0 6/27/2015
Observations from a new viewer 0 6/23/2015
Why are they making Will gay? Come on! Was this really necessary? 0 6/20/2015
Why are the Demara's demonized for their escapades while the Brady's literally get away with murder and are held in such high regard (Sami shooting de... 0 6/2/2015
What happened to Mrs. H? I lost my tv service for a long time, and when I got it back, she was gone. Has she passed away? 1 5/26/2015
Why is it necessary to have so many adds on the show it is very distracting to watch an hour long show with only about 15 minutes of actual programing... 0 5/19/2015
Where are the subtitles? 0 4/28/2015
What is with the Spanish now? Just because the new young people are of this race. Is going to be a lot Spanish on here? If so, I'm done. I've been wat... 2 4/26/2015
Another language on Days? 0 4/26/2015
What is going to happen Raif is he going off the show i hope not. 0 4/14/2015
Please dont take Days of our lives off,are u all takein Days off air anytime sone, 0 4/14/2015
Does anyone know who sings Bo and Hope's song True Love? 0 4/10/2015
I am looking for the name of music played towards the end of the hour 0 4/3/2015
I've been watching Days of Our Lives since November 8, 1965. The day it premiered. But very recently, stopped watching "Days." Because I'm 51yrs.... 1 2/28/2015
Ok.. i have been watching old epesodes of Green Hornet.. and i am wondering if VAN WILLIAMS is any relation to "LUCAS" the resembulance is remarkable.... 0 1/11/2015
Trouble in salem 0 1/5/2015
The woman playing the warden has been on before in another role but I can't remember who she played and it's driving me crazy. Anyone remember? 2 1/4/2015
How many times has Sammy been married? 0 11/22/2014
I do not like the idea of Maggie in the coffin It really upsets me I been watching days for 43 years I will stop watching days if Maggie is not take... 0 11/10/2014