Days of our Lives
Interesting plot directions
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Ok, so at work there is this young woman named Trisha. Trisha has been a real fan of "Days of or Lives" for as long as I have known her. She has not been happy with the plot twists in recent years and does not watch the way she once did. Well work was boring as usual and we started talking about plot twists that the soap could take. Here is my idea. What if..Dr Marlena Evans (the one that was possessed byt he devil--honestly she has returned to daily life like nothing ever happened..I ask you, would you want anything to do with her after being possesed by the devil?) what if dr evens comes home from work early to find that her dear husband John or Roman or whatever is all dressed up in her evening dresses and makeup and pumps? Maybe Abe and the other Roman could be there too all dressed up having a evening dress up party in Marlena's dresses? Days needs a plot twist... the characters are too boxed. Stepheno could work with orphans and bake cookies..and John could "come out of the closet". Marlenda "broke" him..he now has to discover his inner woman..he secretly always liked marlena's evening gowns...What do you think?