Days of our Lives
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I've been watching Days of Our Lives since November 8, 1965.
The day it premiered. But very recently, stopped watching
"Days." Because I'm 51yrs. old and like the older people but when Frances Reid passed away in 2010. It just wasn't the same. She was the last of the "Main" characters. And the only way of the show interesting me in watching is to replace (Reid) with a "Super Couple." Like Marlana & John
(Deidra Hall & Drake Hogystyn). I know alot people who stopped watching "Days" because they want older people. I'm aware you're trying to appeal to the "Younger" crowd, but the "younger" crowd are more interested in "Reality Shows." Not "Soap Opera's."

I think you should get Marlana & John Black back.
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I too would welcome Marlana & John back. They gave the show stability and morality which it sorely lacks now. John went over the edge after a brain washing by the Demara's but did get back on tract. Which also brings up the question of why Day's brought back the actress that played John's mistress when he lived in the Demara mansion. I have a hard time relating to her as Taylor when the first Taylor did such a good job with the character.