Days of our Lives
Trouble in salem
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Sorry, but i am way over this ludicrous continuation of insulted intelligence that the writers are putting on this show. i used to really look forward to watching days, but not so much now. i totally skip the bo & hope garbage.the way people get away with shooting, unreal. the whole town is made up of liars and cheats, everyone is either married to each other or trading wives, husbands, mom used to watch this and when i came home from school i would hear what all was going on. poor alice and tom must be turning over.killing off kids or putting them with horrific illnesses which they are better from in 3 episodes.this used to be a wholesome show now all they do is lie and cheat.good move writers, now let e.j. wake up from his drunken stupor and get on with writing a show we want to watch.