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Historical Spotlight: Alexander the Great 0 10/12/2019
How did Alexander conquer the world? 17 4/8/2019
What was the importance of Alexander the Great's conquests? 2 2/16/2019
Dow does tsar alexander ii diserve the title tsar liberator? 0 9/10/2017
Alexander The Great is he a GAY?cause according to some research he Kissed a Indian Performer... 1 4/10/2016
The following question was put to me by a student; Has any American president completed a full term in office without being involved in a war or so... 0 2/26/2016
Is alexander the great a dardanian? 0 1/27/2016
Did you know that Alexander the Great is prophesized in the book of Daniel in the Bible? Daniel (11:1-5) What do you think? 3 7/16/2015
Is alexander rili "the great? 5 2/6/2015
What might be the connection between Alexander the Great and Jesus the Christ? 2 1/7/2015
Who is Alexander the Great? 5 9/1/2014
I thought I read that Alexander the Great rode his horse up the stairs of the Bell Tower in the Piazza San Marco in Venice, Italy. I have some friend... 3 8/27/2014
Where was Alexander the great native land? 3 7/31/2014
The various titles Alexander accumulated 0 7/31/2014
How the ancients viewed Alexander? 1 7/31/2014
What surviving contemporary texts can give us more information about Alexander? 4 7/18/2014
How has alaxanders work helped the society? 0 6/26/2014
Alexander's influence 2 6/16/2014
Alexander's legend 2 6/16/2014
Alexander the Great and Rome 3 2/5/2014
What cities did Alexander the Great conquer? 3 12/22/2013
The Fort of Hund Near River indus Pakistan Crossed By the The Great Alexander... 0 9/17/2013
What river did Alexander the Great believe was the boundary of the universe? 1 9/10/2013
What were the 5 major rivers in alexanders empire 2 8/6/2013
How did Alexander the Great fit into folklore? 1 4/24/2013
Theories about Alexander's character 6 4/11/2013
Alexander's conquests 2 3/7/2012