The Times
The Times
The Times is a British daily national newspaper, first published in London in 1785 under the title The Daily Universal Register . The Times and its sister paper The Sunday Times are published by Times Newspapers Limited, a subsidiary since 1981 of News International...

is a UK daily newspaper, the original English language newspaper titled "Times".

(The) Times may also refer to:

In newspapers:
  • The Times (Chicago), went defunct in 2005
  • The Times (Malta)
  • The Times of Northwest Indiana
    The Times of Northwest Indiana
    The Times of Northwest Indiana is a daily newspaper headquartered in Munster, Indiana. The Times is the second largest of Indiana's 76 daily newspapers, The Indianapolis Star being the largest...

  • The Times (Shreveport), Louisiana
  • The Times (South Africa)
    The Times (South Africa)
    The Times is a popular South African daily newspaper and an offshoot of The Sunday Times, to whose subscribers it is delivered gratis; non-subscribers pay R3.50 per edition....

  • The Times (Trenton)
    The Times (Trenton)
    The Times is a daily newspaper owned by Advance Publications that serves the Mercer County, New Jersey area, with a strong focus on the government of New Jersey. The paper had a daily circulation of 77,405, with Sunday circulation of 88,336...

    , New Jersey

Some newspapers informally referred to as "The times" contextually or within their local environment:
  • China Times
    China Times
    The China Times is a newspaper published in the Republic of China in Traditional Chinese. It is one of the four biggest newspapers in Taiwan, the other three being the Liberty Times, United Daily News, and Apple Daily ....

    , Taiwan
  • The Times of India
    The Times of India
    The Times of India is an Indian English-language daily newspaper. TOI has the largest circulation among all English-language newspaper in the world, across all formats . It is owned and managed by Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd...

  • The Irish Times
    The Irish Times
    The Irish Times is an Irish daily broadsheet newspaper launched on 29 March 1859. The editor is Kevin O'Sullivan who succeeded Geraldine Kennedy in 2011; the deputy editor is Paul O'Neill. The Irish Times is considered to be Ireland's newspaper of record, and is published every day except Sundays...

  • Los Angeles Times
    Los Angeles Times
    The Los Angeles Times is a daily newspaper published in Los Angeles, California, since 1881. It was the second-largest metropolitan newspaper in circulation in the United States in 2008 and the fourth most widely distributed newspaper in the country....

  • Northern District Times
    Northern District Times
    The Northern District Times is an Australian local newspaper, serving the communities in parts of the Lower North Shore and lower Hills District areas of Sydney. The readership area stretches from the Parramatta River in suburbs such as Gladesville and Hunters Hill to Beecroft and Cheltenham in...

    , Sydney, Australia
  • The New York Times
    The New York Times
    The New York Times is an American daily newspaper founded and continuously published in New York City since 1851. The New York Times has won 106 Pulitzer Prizes, the most of any news organization...

  • The Seattle Times
    The Seattle Times
    The Seattle Times is a newspaper serving Seattle, Washington, US. It is the largest daily newspaper in the state of Washington. It has been, since the demise in 2009 of the printed version of the rival Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Seattle's only major daily print newspaper.-History:The Seattle Times...

  • The Straits Times
    The Straits Times
    The Straits Times is an English language daily broadsheet newspaper based in Singapore currently owned by Singapore Press Holdings . It is the country's highest-selling paper, with a current daily circulation of nearly 400,000...

    , Singapore
  • New Straits Times
    New Straits Times
    The New Straits Times is an English-language newspaper published in Malaysia. It is Malaysia's oldest newspaper still in print , having been founded as The Straits Times in 1845, and was reestablished as the "New Straits Times" in 1965. The paper served as Malaysia's only broadsheet format English...

    , Malaysia
  • Quad-City Times
    Quad-City Times
    The Quad-City Times is a daily morning newspaper based in Davenport, Iowa, and circulated throughout the Quad Cities metropolitan area ....

    , Western Illinois and Eastern Iowa
  • Taipei Times
    Taipei Times
    The Taipei Times is one of the three major English-language newspapers in the Republic of China the other two being the Taiwan News and The China Post...

    , Taiwan

In other uses:
  • The Times (band)
    The Times (band)
    The Times are a British, 1980s-90s, independent band, the brainchild of Ed Ball, co-founder member of the Television Personalities, Teenage Filmstars and 'O' Level.-Whaam! Records 1981-1982:...

    , a British 1980s–90s, independent band
  • The Times showband, Irish showband 1968–82
  • The Times Group
    The Times Group
    The Times Group is the largest media conglomerate in India and is headed by brothers Samir and Vineet Jain.The company has eleven publishing centres, fifteen printing centres, fifty-five sales offices, Over 7000 employees, five dailies, including two of the largest in the country with approx 4.3...

    , one of the largest media services conglomerates in India
  • The Times, an album by Ian Pooley
    Ian Pooley
    Ian Pooley is a German-born record producer and DJ. While incorporating samples of various musical genres, Pooley's creations are usually classified as house or tech house with Brazilian influence.-Career:...

     released in 1996
  • The Times, painting by William Hogarth
    William Hogarth
    William Hogarth was an English painter, printmaker, pictorial satirist, social critic and editorial cartoonist who has been credited with pioneering western sequential art. His work ranged from realistic portraiture to comic strip-like series of pictures called "modern moral subjects"...

    , (1762)

See also

  • TIMES, Tournament In Management and Engineering Skills
    Tournament In Management and Engineering Skills
    The Tournament In Management and Engineering Skills is the only European-wide business case competition of its kind, and has been organised since 1994....

    , business case competition
  • Times, multiplication
    Multiplication is the mathematical operation of scaling one number by another. It is one of the four basic operations in elementary arithmetic ....

     in mathematics
    • Multiplication sign, ×, a glyph read as "times"
  • Times Publishing Company
    Times Publishing Company
    Times Publishing Company is a newspaper and magazine publisher. Its flagship publication is the St. Petersburg Times, a daily newspaper serving the Tampa Bay area. It also publishes the business magazine Florida Trend and the daily newspaper tbt* .Times Publishing Company is based in St...

  • Times Roman
    Times Roman
    Times New Roman is a serif typeface commissioned by the British newspaper The Times in 1931, created by Victor Lardent at the English branch of Monotype. It was commissioned after Stanley Morison had written an article criticizing The Times for being badly printed and typographically antiquated...

    , a typeface
  • Time (disambiguation)
    Time (disambiguation)
    Time is a common term for the experience of duration and a fundamental quantity of measuring systems. Time may also refer to:-Business and education:* Time , a weekly American news magazine* Time Inc., a publisher owned by Time Warner...

  • The Tymes
    The Tymes
    The Tymes are an American soul vocal group, who enjoyed equal success in the United Kingdom as their homeland. They share the distinction of being one of the few acts to have one and only one chart-topper in both the U.S...

    , an American soul vocal group
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