Thought leader
Thought leader is business jargon for an entity that is recognized for having innovative ideas.

The term was coined in 1994 by Joel Kurtzman
Joel Kurtzman
Joel Kurtzman is a Senior Fellow at the Milken Institute, a non-profit, non-partisan think tank. His research focuses on globalization and its risks and has been published widely...

, editor-in-chief of the Booz Allen Hamilton
Booz Allen Hamilton
Booz Allen Hamilton Inc. , or more commonly Booz Allen, is an American public consulting firm headquartered in McLean, Fairfax County, Virginia, with 80 other offices throughout the United States. Ralph Shrader is its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. The firm was founded by Edwin Booz in...

 magazine, Strategy & Business. "Thought leader" was used to designate interview subjects for that magazine who had business ideas that merited attention. Among the first designated "thought leaders" were British management thinker Charles Handy
Charles Handy
Charles Handy is an Irish author/philosopher specialising in organisational behaviour and management. Among the ideas he has advanced are the "portfolio worker" and the "Shamrock Organization" .He has been rated among the Thinkers 50, a private...

, who advanced the idea of a "portfolio worker" and the "Shamrock Organization"; Stanford economist Paul Romer
Paul Romer
Paul Michael Romer is an American economist, entrepreneur, and activist. He is currently the Henry Kaufman Visiting Professor at New York University Stern School of Business and will be joining NYU as a full time professor beginning in 2011...

; and Mitsubishi
The Mitsubishi Group , Mitsubishi Group of Companies, or Mitsubishi Companies is a Japanese multinational conglomerate company that consists of a range of autonomous businesses which share the Mitsubishi brand, trademark and legacy...

 president Minoru Makihara.

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