Tanauan City
The City of Tanauan is a second class city in the province of Batangas, Philippines
The Philippines , officially known as the Republic of the Philippines , is a country in Southeast Asia in the western Pacific Ocean. To its north across the Luzon Strait lies Taiwan. West across the South China Sea sits Vietnam...

. According to the latest census, it has a population of 142,537 inhabitants in 21,912 households. It was incorporated as a city under Republic Act No. 9005, signed on February 2, 2001 and ratified on March 10, 2001.

Revolutionary thinker and former Prime Minister Apolinario Mabini
Apolinario Mabini
Apolinario Mabini y Maranan was a Filipino political philosopher and revolutionary who wrote a constitutional plan for the of 1899-1901, and served as its first prime minister in 1899...

 and former President
President of the Philippines
The President of the Philippines is the head of state and head of government of the Philippines. The president leads the executive branch of the Philippine government and is the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of the Philippines...

 José P. Laurel
Jose P. Laurel
José Paciano Laurel y García was the president of the Republic of the Philippines, a Japanese-sponsored administration during World War II, from 1943 to 1945...

 were born in Tanauan.

Recent events include the assassination of its former mayor, Cesar V. Platon, by NPA rebels, as he was running for the governorship of Batangas. This happened days shy of the election.

The city share its borders with Calamba City
Calamba City
Calamba City is a first class component city located in the province of Laguna, Philippines. Situated only 54 kilometers south of Manila, about an hour by chartered bus, Calamba City is a popular tourist destination with its hot spring resorts, most of the resorts are located in Barangay Pansol...

, Laguna to the north, Tagaytay City
Tagaytay City
The City of Tagaytay is a second class city in the province of Cavite, Philippines. Only away from Manila via Aguinaldo Highway, it is one of the country's most popular tourist destinations. Tagaytay City provides a good view of the Taal Volcano...

, Cavite
Cavite is a province of the Philippines located on the southern shores of Manila Bay in the CALABARZON region in Luzon, just 30 kilometers south of Manila. Cavite is surrounded by Laguna to the east, Metro Manila to the northeast, and Batangas to the south...

 to the northwest, Talisay, Batangas to the west, Santo Tomas, Batangas
Santo Tomas, Batangas
Santo Tomas is a 1st class municipality in the province of Batangas, Philippines. According to the 2007 census, it has a population of 113,105 people. The town is a gateway to the province from Laguna...

 to the east, and the towns of Balete
Balete, Batangas
Balete is a 5th class municipality in the Province of Batangas, Philippines. According to the latest census, it has a population of 19,252 people in 3,067 households.Balete is well known for its location, because of the panoramic view of the Taal Volcano....

 and Malvar
Malvar, Batangas
Malvar is a 2nd class municipality in the Province of Batangas, Philippines. As of 2009, the population of Malvar was 41,270 and the total number of households was 8,678...

 to the south.


Some people believe that Tanauan derived its name from the Tagalog term “tanaw” meaning to look after through the window. This is based on a fortress which had a watchtower built by the Augustian friars and natives. The watchtower allowed them to monitor incoming “champans” or boats entering through the Pansipit river, which were either traders or pirates. From this tower, one can have a clear view (tanaw) of the lake and of the vast plains and rolling hills.

The Town of Tanauan was founded on its present location in 1754, having been transferred from the fringe of Taal Lake where it was originally situated. It is generally believed that Tanauan, together with Sala was originally founded in 1572 by the Augustinian missionaries who built mission at the shore of the Lake known as Bonbon (now Taal). The town, however, was totally destroyed during the most impressive and catastrophic historically recorded eruption of Taal Volcano in 1754. together with the Community of Sala, the residents of Tanauan were relocated to safer places. Tanauan moved to Bañadero, then to its present location. Sala, on the other hand, transferred from its original site to where it is located. Sala subsequently became the barangay of Tanauan.

Tanaueños have displayed characteristics of personal independence of personal independence and nationalism since early history. The town is called the cradle of noble heroes due to its contribution to the revolutionary movement of its sons Apolinario Mabini, the brains of Katipunan, and later by the great statesman Pres. Jose P. Laurel. Also, three Tanaueños served as governors of Batangas, namely: Jose P. Laurel V, Modesto Castillo, and Nicolas Gonzales.


Tanauan City is politically subdivided into 48 barangay
A barangay is the smallest administrative division in the Philippines and is the native Filipino term for a village, district or ward...

  • Altura Bata
  • Altura Matanda
  • Altura-South
  • Ambulong
  • Banadero
  • Bagbag
  • Bagumbayan
  • Balele
  • Banjo East (Bungkalot)
  • Banjo West (Banjo Laurel)
  • Bilog-bilog
  • Boot
  • Cale
  • Darasa
  • Pagaspas (Balokbalok)
  • Gonzales
  • Hidalgo
  • Janopol
  • Janopol Oriental
  • Laurel
  • Luyos
  • Mabini
  • Malaking Pulo
  • Maria Paz
  • Maugat
  • Montaña (Ik-ik)
  • Natatas
  • Pantay Matanda
  • Pantay Bata
  • Poblacion Barangay 1
  • Poblacion Barangay 2
  • Poblacion Barangay 3
  • Poblacion Barangay 4
  • Poblacion Barangay 5
  • Poblacion Barangay 6
  • Poblacion Barangay 7
  • Sala
  • Sambat
  • San Jose
  • Santol (Doña Jacoba Garcia)
  • Santor
  • Sulpoc
  • Suplang
  • Talaga
  • Tinurik
  • Trapiche
  • Ulango
  • Wawa

  • Education

    Tanauan has several tertiary educational establishments. These include DMMC Institute of Health Sciences, a subsidiary of Daniel O. Mercado Medical Center and UPMC. It is the only school in Tanauan City with its own hospital base. Others are STI College Tanauan , the La Consolacion College Tanauan (LCCT), Augustinian Catholic Institution established in 1948,the Jesus Is Lord Christian School (JILCS), First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities
    First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities
    First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities.The school offers pre-elementary, elementary, high school and college level education, offering different courses in technology, humanities, and management...

    , a private educational and research institute, the Christian College of Tanauan (CCT), the Mabini Junior College, Our Lady of Assumption College
    Our Lady of Assumption College
    -History:The first school established and serves as the main school is located at Villa Olympia Subdivision, San Pedro, Laguna. It was conceptualized by Dr. Maximo C. Acierto, Jr. and Dr. Ethelwyn A. Acierto on October 1988 to cater to the growing needs of a fast growing population in the south...

     (OLAC-Montessori) a private Catholic Institution that specializes in Montessori method, and the Tanauan Institute (T.I.) established in 1924. It also has 9 private and 12 public high schools, and 27 private and 44 public elementary schools.

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