Susuhunan or in short version Sunan, is a title used by the kings of Mataram and then by the hereditary rulers of Surakarta
Surakarta Sunanate
Surakarta Sunanate is a Javanese monarchy centered in the city of Surakarta, in the province of Central Java, Indonesia. The Surakarta Kraton were established in 1745 by Pakubuwono II. Both of Surakarta Sunanate and Yogyakarta Sultanate are the successors of Mataram Sultanate...

, Indonesia
Indonesia , officially the Republic of Indonesia , is a country in Southeast Asia and Oceania. Indonesia is an archipelago comprising approximately 13,000 islands. It has 33 provinces with over 238 million people, and is the world's fourth most populous country. Indonesia is a republic, with an...

. The rulers of Surakarta traditionally adopt the reign name Pakubuwono (also spelled Pakubuwana). Susuhunan is specific to the rulers of Surakarta; the rulers of Yogyakarta, who are also descended from the Mataram dynasty
A dynasty is a sequence of rulers considered members of the same family. Historians traditionally consider many sovereign states' history within a framework of successive dynasties, e.g., China, Ancient Egypt and the Persian Empire...

 have the title Sultan
Sultan is a title with several historical meanings. Originally, it was an Arabic language abstract noun meaning "strength", "authority", "rulership", and "dictatorship", derived from the masdar سلطة , meaning "authority" or "power". Later, it came to be used as the title of certain rulers who...


List of Susuhunan of Surakarta

  • Pakubuwono II
    Pakubuwono II
    Pakubuwono II was the last ruler of Kartasura and the first Susuhunan...

    , 1727 — 1749 (Kartasura and Surakarta)
  • Pakubuwono III
    Pakubuwono III
    Pakubuwono III was the third Susuhunan . Also known as Sinuhun Paliyan Negari He was proclaimed by the Dutch as ruler of Mataram in 1749, but when the state was divided into the states of Surakarta and Yogyakarta in 1755, he was proclaimed as the first Susuhanan of Surakarta.-References:Miksic,...

    , 1749 — 1788
  • Pakubuwono IV
    Pakubuwono IV
    Pakubuwono IV was the fourth Susuhunan . He reigned from 1788 to 1820.-References:...

    , 1788 — 1820
  • Pakubuwono V
    Pakubuwono V
    Pakubuwono V was the fifth Susuhunan . He reigned from 1820 to 1823.-References:...

    , 1820 — 1823
  • Pakubuwono VI
    Pakubuwono VI
    Pakubuwono VI was the sixth Susuhunan of Surakarta from 1823 to 1830 when he was deposed by the Dutch and exiled.-References:...

    , 1823 — 1830, (Pangeran Bangun Tapa)
  • Pakubuwono VII
    Pakubuwono VII
    Pakubuwono VII was the seventh Susuhunan from 1830 to 1858. He was a younger son of Pakubuwono IV.-References:...

    , 1830 — 1858
  • Pakubuwono VIII
    Pakubuwono VIII
    Pakubuwono VIII was the eighth Susuhunan from 1858 to 1861. He was the elder brother of Pakubuwano VII.-References:...

    , 1859 — 1861
  • Pakubuwono IX
    Pakubuwono IX
    Pakubuwono IX was the ninth Susuhunan . He was born in 1830, the second son of Pakubuwano VI, and reigned from 1861 until his death in 1893.-Honours:...

    , 1861 — 1893
  • Pakubuwono X
    Pakubuwono X
    Pakubuwono X was the tenth Susuhunan . His reign corresponded with the political changes happening in the Dutch East Indies at the time, in particular the growth of local indigenous political organizations such as Budi Utomo and Sarekat Islam of which he and the royal family were patrons...

    , 1893 — 1939
  • Pakubuwono XI
    Pakubuwono XI
    Pakubuwono XI was the eleventh Susuhunan during the Second World war - and during Japanese occupation of Java.-References:...

    , 1939 — 1944
  • Pakubuwono XII
    Pakubuwono XII
    Pakubuwono XII was the twelfth Susuhunan and the longest ruling of all monarchs in Javanese history....

    , 1944 — 2004
  • Pakubuwono XIII
    Pakubuwono XIII
    The title Pakubuwono XIII represents the thirteenth Susuhunan ; it previously has two claimants. Upon the death of Pakubuwono XII with no clear heir as there was no official Queen installed, two half-brothers who are sons of Pakubuwono XII claimed the throne...

     2005 — present

Note: There were two rival claimants to the throne, Hangabehi and Tedjowulan, both are sons of late Pakubuwono XII.
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