Sharkwater is a 2007
2007 in film
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 Canadian documentary film
Documentary film
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 written and directed by Rob Stewart
Rob Stewart (filmmaker)
Rob Stewart is an Canadian photographer and movie director/filmmaker, best known for making and directing the multi-award-winning movie Sharkwater.-Biography:...

, who also narrates it. In the film, Stewart seeks to deflate current attitudes about shark
Sharks are a type of fish with a full cartilaginous skeleton and a highly streamlined body. The earliest known sharks date from more than 420 million years ago....

s, and exposes how the voracious shark-hunting industry is driving them to extinction
In biology and ecology, extinction is the end of an organism or of a group of organisms , normally a species. The moment of extinction is generally considered to be the death of the last individual of the species, although the capacity to breed and recover may have been lost before this point...


Filmed in high definition video, Sharkwater explores the densest shark populations in the world, exposing the exploitation and corruption of the shark-hunting industry
Shark fin trading in Costa Rica
Shark fin trading in Costa Rica, or shark finning, is an illegal practice in the country. It poses a serious problem with shark populations and organized crime within Costa Rica...

 in the marine reserves of Cocos Island
Cocos Island
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, Costa Rica
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 and the Galapagos Islands
Galápagos Islands
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, Ecuador
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Stewart travels with Paul Watson
Paul Watson
Paul Watson is a Canadian animal rights and environmental activist, who founded and is president of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, a direct action group devoted to marine conservation....

 and his Sea Shepherd Conservation Society as they confront shark poachers in Guatemala
Guatemala is a country in Central America bordered by Mexico to the north and west, the Pacific Ocean to the southwest, Belize to the northeast, the Caribbean to the east, and Honduras and El Salvador to the southeast...

 and Costa Rica. Among the group's experiences are boat chases with poachers and police, boat ramming, hidden camera footage of massive shark finning
Shark finning
Shark finning refers to the removal and retention of shark fins and the discarding of the rest of the fish. Shark finning takes place at sea so the fishers only have to transport the fins.Shark finning is widespread, and largely unmanaged and unmonitored...

 facilities, corrupt court systems and eventually attempted murder charges which force Stewart and Watson to flee from the police. Stewart explores how the increasing demand for shark-fin soup in Asia is fueling an illegal trade in sharks. His expedition is cut short, however, when he is diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis
Necrotizing fasciitis
Necrotizing fasciitis , commonly known as flesh-eating disease or Flesh-eating bacteria syndrome, is a rare infection of the deeper layers of skin and subcutaneous tissues, easily spreading across the fascial plane within the subcutaneous tissue.Necrotizing fasciitis is a quickly progressing and...

 (from which he recovers).

Stewart discovers that sharks have gone from predator to prey, and how despite surviving the Earth's history of mass extinctions, as well as being a predator that prevents the overconsumption of plankton
Plankton are any drifting organisms that inhabit the pelagic zone of oceans, seas, or bodies of fresh water. That is, plankton are defined by their ecological niche rather than phylogenetic or taxonomic classification...

 by other fish,
moderating global warming
Global warming
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, they could easily be wiped out within a few years.

The film has won eight major awards and been nominated an additional three times.


Sharkwater has received 33 international awards.
  • Canada's Top Ten : Toronto International Film Festival
  • People's Choice : Atlantic International Film Festival
  • People's Choice : Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival
  • Best Documentary : Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival
  • Spirit of Independents Award : Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival
  • Special Jury Award : Hawaii International Film Festival
  • Best Musical Composition : France World Festival of Underwater Pictures
  • Prix Planete Thalassa : France World Festival of Underwater Pictures
  • Best of the Festival Palm Springs : International Film Festival
  • Best International Doc : Beverly Hills Hi-Def Festival
  • Best HD Feature : AFI Dallas International Film Festival
  • Audience Choice Award for Best Feature : Gen Art Film Festival
  • Grand Jury Award for Best Feature : Gen Art Film Festival
  • Peter Benchley Shark Conservation Award : Shark Research Institute
  • Special Jury Award : 15 Short Film Festival – Charlotte, NC
  • Must-See Award (Category: Wake-Up Films) : Telluride Mountain Film Festival
  • Hero of Conservation – Water Category : Conservation for the Oceans Foundation
  • Top Ten Films : Cambridge Film Festival
  • Jameson Audience Award : for Best International Documentary Encounters South African Int’l Doc. Festival
  • Best Documentary : Film - Nominee Critics Choice Awards
  • Animal Action Award : International Fund for Animal Welfare
  • Best Documentary : Directors Guild of Canada
  • Best Of The Festival : Santa Barbara Ocean Film Festival
  • Best Sound : Nominee Golden Reel Awards
  • Best Documentary : Nominee Genie Awards
  • Best Environmental : Film of 2008 National Ocean Film Festival Alliance
  • Best Feature Documentary : Genesis Awards
  • Audience Award : Durban Int'l Film Festival, S.A.
  • Activism through Adventure : Adventure Film Festival 2008 Boulder, CO
  • Theatrical Award - Nominated Wildscreen 2008 : Panda Award
  • Youth Documentary Award : Bergen International Film Festival
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