A sack is a bag
- Types of flexible containers :* Antistatic bag, used for shipping electronic components* Bag-In-Box* Bin bag, garbage bag, or trash bag* Book bag* Bulk bag, a name for a flexible intermediate bulk container* Burn bag* Diplomatic bag* Duffel bag...

, especially a large one for carrying or storing goods.

Sack may also refer to:
  • Quarterback sack
    Quarterback sack
    In American football and Canadian football, a sack occurs when the quarterback is tackled behind the line of scrimmage before he can throw a forward pass, or when the quarterback is tackled behind the line of scrimmage in the "pocket" and the intent of what he was going to do is unclear...

    , a tackle of the quarterback behind the line of scrimmage in American and Canadian football
  • Sack (band)
    Sack (band)
    Sack is a Dublin-based 5-piece band. To date they have released 3 albums, You Are What You Eat, Butterfly Effect & Adventura Majestica. The band was formerly known as Lord John White And The Bottle Neck Train....

    , an Irish band
  • Sack (comics)
    Sack (comics)
    Sack is a fictional mutant supervillain created by Marvel Comics for their team called Gene Nation. His first appearance was in Uncanny X-Men #323.-Fictional character biography:...

    , a Marvel Comics villain
  • Sack (wine)
    Sack (wine)
    Sack is an antiquated wine term referring to white fortified wine imported from mainland Spain or the Canary Islands. There were sack of different origins such as:* Canary sack from the Canary Islands,* Malaga sack from Málaga,...

    , a type of white fortified wine
  • Money sack
  • Stuff sack
    Stuff sack
    A stuff sack is a type of drawstring bag, usually used for storing camping items. Stuff sacks may be used to collect many small items together, so that they do not become lost...

  • A particularly sweet form of mead
    Mead , also called honey wine, is an alcoholic beverage that is produced by fermenting a solution of honey and water. It may also be produced by fermenting a solution of water and honey with grain mash, which is strained immediately after fermentation...

  • Slang for scrotum
    In some male mammals the scrotum is a dual-chambered protuberance of skin and muscle containing the testicles and divided by a septum. It is an extension of the perineum, and is located between the penis and anus. In humans and some other mammals, the base of the scrotum becomes covered with curly...

  • Bed
    A bed is a large piece of furniture used as a place to sleep, relax, or engage in sexual relations.Most modern beds consist of a mattress on a bed frame, with the mattress resting either on a solid base, often wooden slats, or a sprung base...

     or sleeping bag
    Sleeping bag
    A sleeping bag is a protective "bag" for a person to sleep in, essentially a blanket that can be closed with a zipper or similar means, and functions as a bed in situations where a bed is unavailable . Its primary purpose is to provide warmth and thermal insulation...

    , as in the phrase 'hitting the sack' (going to bed)
  • Selective acknowledgement (SACK), in computer networking
  • An obsolete Middle Age measurement of weight in England equivalent to 26 stone (364 lb); more recently it was used as a unit of dry measure, equivalent to three bushel
    A bushel is an imperial and U.S. customary unit of dry volume, equivalent in each of these systems to 4 pecks or 8 gallons. It is used for volumes of dry commodities , most often in agriculture...


Sack, as a verb
A verb, from the Latin verbum meaning word, is a word that in syntax conveys an action , or a state of being . In the usual description of English, the basic form, with or without the particle to, is the infinitive...

, may refer to:
  • To dismiss/fire/terminate an employee from a job
  • To loot
    Looting —also referred to as sacking, plundering, despoiling, despoliation, and pillaging—is the indiscriminate taking of goods by force as part of a military or political victory, or during a catastrophe, such as during war, natural disaster, or rioting...

    , usually in the context of war
    • , various places throughout history have been sacked
    • Sack of Rome (disambiguation)


  • Brian Sack
    Brian Sack
    Brian Sack is an American writer and actor. He is currently employed to Glenn Beck's video network, GBTV.He is the author of The B.S. of A.: A Primer in Politics for the Incredibly Disenchanted , In the Event of My Untimely Demise and a contributing author to the New York Times bestseller Arguing...

    , American actor and humorist
  • Erna Sack
    Erna Sack
    Erna Sack was a German coloratura soprano of exceptional talent.-Biography:Erna Sack was born in Spandau, Berlin. Her maiden name was Weber, and as a child her voice attracted attention both at school and in the church choir in which she sang. In 1921, Erna married Hermann Sack...

    , German opera singer (soprano)
  • John Sack
    John Sack
    John Sack was an American literary journalist and war correspondent. He was the only journalist to cover each American war over half a century.-Biography:...

    , American journalist
  • Karl Sack
    Karl Sack
    Karl Sack was a German jurist and member of the resistance movement during World War II....

    , German jurist and member of the anti-Nazi resistance movement in World War II
  • Peter Sack
    Peter Sack
    Peter Sack is a German shot putter.He finished fourth at the 1998 World Junior Championships and won the bronze medal at the 1999 European Junior Championships behind Ralf Bartels and Mikuláš Konopka. He also competed at the 2004 Olympic Games and the 2006 World Indoor Championships without...

    , German shot putter
  • Robert D. Sack
    Robert D. Sack
    Robert David Sack is a judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.-Personal:Sack was raised in Brooklyn, New York. His father was Eugene Sack, who served as rabbi of Congregation Beth Elohim for 35 years. In 1989 he married his second wife, the lawyer Anne K...

    , American judge
  • Robert L. Sack
    Robert L. Sack
    Robert L. Sack is an American physician and researcher specializing in sleep medicine. He is certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and the American Board of Sleep Disorders Medicine...

    , American physician
  • Steve Sack
    Steve Sack
    Steve Sack is an American cartoonist who, along with Craig Macintosh, draws the cartoon activity panel Doodles. Sack is also an award-winning editorial cartoonist for the Minneapolis Star Tribune, where he started in 1981...

    , American editorial cartoonist

See also

  • Sacking out
    Sacking out
    Sacking out is a method used by horse trainers to desensitize a horse to potentially frightening situations or objects. It is a process that, done properly, teaches a horse to not fear certain objects or situations, and, over time can be used to teach a horse to stop and listen to its handler in...

    , horse-training method
  • Sad Sack
    Sad Sack
    The Sad Sack is an American fictional comic strip and comic book character created by Sgt. George Baker during World War II. Set in the United States Army, Sad Sack depicted an otherwise unnamed, lowly private experiencing some of the absurdities and humiliations of military life. The title was a...

    , American fictional comic strip and comic book character created by Sgt. George Baker during World War II
  • Sacks (disambiguation)
  • Sock (disambiguation)
  • Sach, Vietnamese ethnic group
  • Šach, chess
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