Robert Winship
Robert Winship was a prominent 19th century Atlanta businessman who built his fortune on the Winship Machine Company, originally built up by his father. Foundry Street in the Luckie Marietta
Luckie Marietta
Luckie Marietta is a district of Downtown Atlanta, surrounding Centennial Olympic Park. The district's name has been promoted since 2007 by Legacy Properties, in support of their redevelopment projects in the district...

 district of Downtown Atlanta
Downtown Atlanta
Downtown Atlanta is the first and largest of the three financial districts in the city of Atlanta. Downtown Atlanta is the location of many corporate or regional headquarters, city, county, state and federal government facilities, sporting facilities, and is the central tourist attraction of the city...

 is named for Winship's foundry.

Winship had his mansion in the Inman Park
Inman Park
Inman Park was planned in the late 1880s by Joel Hurt, a civil engineer and real-estate developer who intended to create a rural oasis connected to the city by the first of Atlanta's electric streetcar lines. The East Atlanta Land Company acquired and developed more than 130 acres east of the city...

 neighborhood of Atlanta.

His only child, Emily Carolyn Winship, would marry prominent businessman Ernest Woodruff
Ernest Woodruff
Ernest Woodruff was an important businessman in the U.S. city of Atlanta.-Biography:Woodruff was born in Columbus, Georgia, USA...

. Winship's grandson, Robert Winship Woodruff, after whom Downtown Atlanta's Woodruff Park
Woodruff Park
Woodruff Park, named for Robert W. Woodruff, is located in the heart of downtown Atlanta, Georgia. The park's are north of Edgewood Ave, between Peachtree Street NE and Park Place NE...

is named, would run the Coca-Cola company.
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