Owens-Illinois Inc. is a Fortune 500
Fortune 500
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 company that specializes in container glass
Container glass
Container glass is a type of glass for the production of glass containers, such as bottles, jars, drinkware, and bowls. Container glass stands in contrast to flat glass and fiberglass...

 products. It is one of the world's leading manufacturers of packaging products, holding the position of largest manufacturer of glass containers in North America
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, South America
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, Asia-Pacific
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 and Europe
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 (after acquiring BSN Glasspack in 2004 ). Approximately one of every two glass containers made worldwide is made by O-I, its affiliates, or its licensees.


While legally known as Owens-Illinois Inc., the company changed its trade name to O-I in 2005 to group its global operations under a single, cross-language and cross-culture brand name.

Until July 2007, the company was also a worldwide manufacturer of plastics packaging with operations in North America, South America, Asia-Pacific and Europe. Plastics packaging products manufactured by O-I included containers, closures, and prescription containers. In July 2007 O-I completed the sale of its entire plastics packaging business to Rexam
Rexam PLC is a global consumer packaging company headquartered in London, United Kingdom. It is the largest manufacturer of beverage cans in the world and a leading producer of plastic packaging...

 PLC, a UK listed packaging manufacturer.

O-I was a part of the Dow Jones Industrial Average
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 from June 1, 1959 until March 12, 1987. The company was added to the Standard & Poor's 500 Index in January 2009. O-I was one of the original S&P 500 companies in 1957. It was removed in 1987 (after purchase by Kohlberg Kravis Roberts), added in 1991 and removed again in 2000.

The company's headquarters were previously located in One SeaGate
One SeaGate
Fifth Third Center at One SeaGate is the tallest building in Toledo, Ohio. Until 2006, the building served as the world headquarters for Owens-Illinois. In 2007, Fifth Third Bank moved their Northwest Ohio headquarters to the building.- Building features :...

, Toledo, Ohio
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, a local landmark. The headquarters were moved in late 2006 to the Levis Commons complex in Perrysburg, Ohio
Perrysburg, Ohio
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. The company is the successor to the Owens Bottle Machine Co founded in 1903 by Michael Joseph Owens
Michael Joseph Owens
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 and Edward Drummond Libbey
Edward Drummond Libbey
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In October 2010 Owens-illinois Venezuela C.A: was expropriated by President Hugo Chávez
Hugo Chávez
Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías is the 56th and current President of Venezuela, having held that position since 1999. He was formerly the leader of the Fifth Republic Movement political party from its foundation in 1997 until 2007, when he became the leader of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela...


Partnership with NEG

O-I partnered with NEG (Nippon Electric Glass), to produce glass television
Television is a telecommunication medium for transmitting and receiving moving images that can be monochrome or colored, with accompanying sound...

 screens at its Pittston, Pennsylvania plant in the 1970s through the mid-1990s before allowing Techneglas to take over the operations.

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