Mussomeli is a town and comune
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in the province of Caltanissetta
Province of Caltanissetta
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, Sicily
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, Italy
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Mussomeli was founded in the 14th century by Manfredo III Chiaramonte
The Chiaramonte are a noble family of Sicily, claiming descent from Charlemagne. They became the most powerful and wealthy family in Sicily. In the 13th century the marriage of Manfredi Chiaramonte to Isabella Mosca, united the two Sicilian counties of Modica and Ragusa...

 with the name Manfredi, but later the current name, probable of Arab origin, was reimposed. In 1549 it became a county under the Lanza
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 family. A feast is held every September for the Madonna of the Miracles. A similar feast is held simultaneously in Buffalo, which has a large number of Mussomeli émigrés and their descendants.

Many townpeople also emigrated to the UK, to London
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 and Woking
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, Surrey where the Madonna dei Miracoli (Madonna of Miracles) is celebrated every July. The most common surname in Mussomeli is Messina.

Main sights

  • The Chiaramonte Castle Castello Mafredonico, built in 1370 in Norman-Gothic style. It stands on a high crag at 778 metres, 2 km outside the town. It has large halls, dungeons and torture cells, and a chapel with a precious alabaster depicting the Madonna dell Catena (1516). Near the castle are the ruins of a Greek-Italic village.
  • The Chiesa della Madonna dei Miracoli (Church of Our Lady of the Miracles)
  • The Chiesa Madre of San Ludovico (14th century). It was restored along Baroque lines in the 17th century.
  • The Renaissance church of San Francesco.
  • The 17th Palazzo Trabìa, with a noteworthy art gallery.
  • The church of St. Anthony (16th century)

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