McCartan is a surname
A surname is a name added to a given name and is part of a personal name. In many cases, a surname is a family name. Many dictionaries define "surname" as a synonym of "family name"...

 of Irish
Irish language
Irish , also known as Irish Gaelic, is a Goidelic language of the Indo-European language family, originating in Ireland and historically spoken by the Irish people. Irish is now spoken as a first language by a minority of Irish people, as well as being a second language of a larger proportion of...

 origins. Derived from Mac Artáin, which denotes the son of Artán, the surname was taken by chiefs of Kinelarty in County Down
County Down
-Cities:*Belfast *Newry -Large towns:*Dundonald*Newtownards*Bangor-Medium towns:...

. The surname was thought to have lost its prefix to become Carton, Cartin, Carten and Cartan. but these names are now recognised as derivatives of Uí Mhic Cairthinn.

The McCartans belong to the Uí Echach Cobo
Uí Echach Cobo
Uí Echach Cobo were a branch of the Dál nAraidi in Ulster . They gave their name to the early medieval Kingdom of Coba located in the baronies of Upper and Lower Iveagh in modern County Down...

 branch of the Dál nAraidi
Dál nAraidi
Dál nAraidi was a kingdom of the Cruthin in the north-east of Ireland in the first millennium. The lands of the Dál nAraidi appear to correspond with the Robogdii of Ptolemy's Geographia, a region shared with Dál Riata...

 dynasty of the Cruthin
The Cruthin were a people of early Ireland, who occupied parts of Counties Down, Antrim and Londonderry in the early medieval period....

, and thus are kin to the Magennis
Magennis is an Irish surname, derived from or the Sons of Angus, sometimes also spelt as Maginnis. The most famous branch controlled west County Down, particularly the Iveagh baronies, and occasionally Dundrum Castle to the east. The Magennis, Lords of Iveagh, are descendants of the Uí Echach Cobo...

 family, Lords of Iveagh. In fact the McCartans were briefly Lords of Iveagh themselves. French President Charles de Gaulle
Charles de Gaulle
Charles André Joseph Marie de Gaulle was a French general and statesman who led the Free French Forces during World War II. He later founded the French Fifth Republic in 1958 and served as its first President from 1959 to 1969....

 was descended from the clan through his great-grandmother Angélique McCartan.

Notable people

  • Edward McCartan
    Edward McCartan
    Edward Francis McCartan was an American sculptor, best known for his decorative bronzes done in an elegant style popular in the 1920s.-Life:He studied at the Pratt Institute, with Herbert Adams....

  • Jack McCartan
    Jack McCartan
    John William "Jack" McCartan was a goaltender for the gold-medal-winning 1960 United States hockey team. He is also a member of the United States Hockey Hall of Fame...

  • James McCartan
    James McCartan
    James McCartan is a retired Irish Gaelic footballer and current manager. He played for Down between 19xx and xxxx. McCartan was part of the Down team that won the All-Ireland Senior Football Championship in 1991 and 1994. McCartan also won two Ulster Senior Football Championships with the county...

  • Pat McCartan
    Pat McCartan
    Pat McCartan is an Irish Circuit Court judge and a former politician. A native of Wexford he was first elected to Dáil Éireann at the 1987 general election as a Workers' Party Teachta Dála for the Dublin North East constituency...

  • Patrick McCartan
    Patrick McCartan
    Patrick McCartan was an Irish republican and politician. He was born in Eskerbuoy, near Carrickmore, County Tyrone to Bernard McCartan and Bridget Rafferty. He emigrated to the USA as a young man and became a member of Clan na Gael in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and edited the journal Irish Freedom...

  • Austin James McCartan

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    , believed to have McCartan origins
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