Local union
A local union, often shortened to local, in North America
North America
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, or a union branch (known as a lodge in some unions) in the United Kingdom
United Kingdom
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 and other countries is a locally-based trade union
Trade union
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 organization which forms part of a larger, usually national, union.

Local branches are organized to represent the union's members from a particular geographic area, company, or business sector. Locals have their own governing bodies which represent the interests of the national union while at the same time responding to the desires of their constituents, and organise regular meetings for members. Local branches may also affiliate to a local trades council.

In the United States
United States
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 and Canada
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, locals are usually numbered (e.g. CWA Local 2101 in Baltimore, Maryland or ILA Local 273 in St John, New Brunswick). In the United Kingdom, they are usually named by geographical location (e.g. Manchester Branch), but may also have a name and a number (e.g. Manchester No.2 Branch) or have a more specific name (e.g. Manchester Fitters Branch) if there is more than one branch in a town. Some unions (e.g. Transport and General Workers' Union
Transport and General Workers' Union
The Transport and General Workers' Union, also known as the TGWU and the T&G, was one of the largest general trade unions in the United Kingdom and Ireland - where it was known as the Amalgamated Transport and General Workers' Union - with 900,000 members...

) number their branches as well as naming them.

In the British printing industry
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, union branches are traditionally divided into sub-branches known as "chapels", led by the Father of the Chapel
Father of the Chapel
The Father of Chapel and Mother of Chapel are the titles in the United Kingdom referring to a shop steward representing members of a trade union in a printing office or in journalism. The FoC or MoC is assisted by the Clerk of the Chapel or by a Deputy FoC/MoC.In the printing trade, a Chapel was...

. Each chapel represents members in a single printing works or department of a larger works.
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