List of surface-to-air missiles

Homing guidance

  • 2K11 Krug/SA-4 "Ganef" - USSR
  • 2K12 Kub/SA-6 "Gainful" - USSR
  • 9K31 Strela-1/SA-9 "Gaskin" - USSR
  • 9K35 Strela-10/SA-13 "Gopher" - USSR
  • 9K34 Strela-3/SA-14 "Gremlin"
    9K34 Strela-3
    The 9K34 Strela-3 man-portable air defence missile system was developed in the Soviet Union as a response to the poor performance of the earlier 9K32 Strela 2 system. "9K34" is its GRAU designation and its NATO reporting name is SA-14 Gremlin. The missile was largely based on the earlier Strela...

     - USSR
  • 9K38 Igla/SA-16 "Gimlet"/SA-18 "Grouse" - USSR
  • Akash missile
    Akash missile
    Akash is India's medium range surface-to-air missile defense system developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation and Bharat Electronics Limited as part of the Integrated Guided Missile Development Program. The missile can target aircraft up to 30 km away, at altitudes up to...

  • Al Arq (missile)- Iraq
  • Al Hurriyah (missile)- Iraq
  • Anza (missile)
    Anza (missile)
    Anza is a series of shoulder-fired, man-portable surface-to-air missiles produced by Pakistan. Guided by an infra-red homing seeker, Anza is used for low level air defence....

     MKI - China / Pakistan
  • Bristol Bloodhound - United Kingdom
  • CA-94 - Romania
  • CA-95
    The CA-95 is a highly mobile, short range, Romanian native-made amphibious self-propelled anti-aircraft weapon, currently in service with the Romanian Land Forces. It can carry four infrared-guided surface to air missiles and has a range of approximately 700 km...

     - Romania
  • MIM-72 Chaparral - United States (this is a ground-launched version of the AIM-9 Sidewinder
    AIM-9 Sidewinder
    The AIM-9 Sidewinder is a heat-seeking, short-range, air-to-air missile carried mostly by fighter aircraft and recently, certain gunship helicopters. The missile entered service with United States Air Force in the early 1950s, and variants and upgrades remain in active service with many air forces...

  • Crotale
    Crotale missile
    The Crotale EDIR is an all-weather short-range anti-air missile, which can be used to intercept low-flight anti-ship missiles and aircraft...

     - France
  • English Electric Thunderbird
    English Electric Thunderbird
    The English Electric Thunderbird was a British surface to air missile produced for the British Army. The Thunderbird was primarily intended to attack higher altitude targets at ranges of up to thirty miles or so. AA guns were still used for lower altitude threats...

     - United Kingdom
  • Enzian - Germany (WW2)
  • FIM-43 Redeye
    FIM-43 Redeye
    The General Dynamics FIM-43 Redeye was a man-portable surface-to-air missile system. It used infrared homing to track its target. Production was terminated in September 1969 after about 85,000 rounds had been built - in anticipation of the Redeye II, which later became the FIM-92 Stinger...

     - United States
  • FIM-92 Stinger
    FIM-92 Stinger
    The FIM-92 Stinger is a personal portable infrared homing surface-to-air missile , which can be adapted to fire from ground vehicles and helicopters , developed in the United States and entered into service in 1981. Used by the militaries of the U.S...

     - United States
    The IRIS-T is a German-led program to develop a short-range air-to-air missile to replace the venerable AIM-9 Sidewinder found in some of the NATO member countries...

     - Germany (also RADAR-guided)
  • LFK NG
    LFK NG
    LFK NG from Lenkflugkörper Neue Generation , is currently under development by LFK-Lenkflugkörpersysteme and Diehl BGT Defence as the new short-range surface-to-air missile system for the German Army as a replacement for its former Roland air defence systems and as a part of the army's new SysFla...

     - Germany
  • HQ-7
    The HongQi 7 or HQ-7 is a short-range air defense missile. The missile is deployed on both ships and land-based vehicles. China revealed the export version, FM-80, in the 1989 Dubai Aerospace Show...

     - People's Republic of China
  • Mistral
    Mistral missile
    Mistral is an infrared homing surface-to-air missile manufactured by the European multinational company MBDA missile systems . Based on the French SATCP , the portable missile later to become the Mistral began development in 1974...

     - France
  • MIM-14 Nike-Hercules - United States
  • MIM-23 Hawk
    MIM-23 Hawk
    The Raytheon MIM-23 Hawk is a U.S. medium range surface-to-air missile. The Hawk was initially designed to destroy aircraft and was later adapted to destroy other missiles in flight. The missile entered service in 1960, and a program of extensive upgrades has kept it from becoming obsolete. It was...

     - United States
  • MIM-104 Patriot
    MIM-104 Patriot
    The MIM-104 Patriot is a surface-to-air missile system, the primary of its kind used by the United States Army and several allied nations. It is manufactured by the Raytheon Company of the United States. The Patriot System replaced the Nike Hercules system as the U.S. Army's primary High to Medium...

     - United States
  • RIM-116 Rolling Airframe Missile
    RIM-116 Rolling Airframe Missile
    The RIM-116 Rolling Airframe Missile is a small, lightweight, infrared homing surface-to-air missile in use by the American, German, South Korean, Greek, Turkish, Saudi and Egyptian navies. It was intended originally and used primarily as a point-defense weapon against anti-ship cruise missiles...

     - United States/Germany, has also initial passive radar (ESM) guidance
  • S-25 Berkut/SA-1 "Guild" - USSR
  • S-75 Dvina/SA-2 "Guideline"
    S-75 Dvina
    The S-75 Dvina is a Soviet-designed, high-altitude, command guided, surface-to-air missile system...

     - USSR
  • S-125 Neva/Pechora/SA-3 "Goa"
  • S-200 Angara/Vega/Dubna - USSR
  • S-300 - USSR
  • S-400 Triumf - Russia
  • Strela 2/SA-7 "Grail"
    Strela 2
    The 9K32 “Strela-2” is a man-portable, shoulder-fired, low-altitude surface-to-air missile system with a high explosive warhead and passive infrared homing guidance...

     - USSR
  • Type 91
    Type 91 Surface-To-Air missile
    is a Japanese man-portable surface-to-air missile. Its appearance is similar to the US-made FIM-92 Stinger anti-aircraft missile.In the ranks of the JSDF, the Type 91 is known as Hand Arrow.-History:...

     - Japan
  • Umkhonto-IR
    Umkhonto missile
    Umkhonto is a South African, vertical launch surface-to-air missile manufactured by Denel Dynamics available in infrared homing and radar homing version .-Umkhonto-IR Mk1:...

     - South Africa
  • GROM
    Grom (missile)
    The Grom is a man-portable air-defense system produced in Poland. It consists of a 72 mm anti-aircraft missile set with a flight speed of 650 m/s, as well as a single-use launcher, re-usable gripstock and thermal battery coolant assembly electric unit...

     - Poland

Laser-guided SAMs

  • RBS-70 - Sweden
  • Starstreak/laser
    Starstreak missile
    Starstreak is a British short range surface-to-air missile manufactured by Thales Air Defence , in Belfast. It is also known as Starstreak HVM where HVM stands for "High Velocity Missile". After launch the missile accelerates to approximately Mach 3.5, at which point it launches three laser beam...

     Close Air Defence Missile - United Kingdom
  • Starburst/laser
    Starburst surface-to-air missile
    Starburst is a British man-portable surface-to-air missile produced by Shorts Missile Systems of Belfast . It is used by the British Army, Malaysian Army, and in the Canadian Army as the Javelin...

     Close Air Defence Missile - United Kingdom

Radar/Visually-guided SAMs

  • Blowpipe
    Blowpipe missile
    The Shorts Blowpipe is a man-portable surface-to-air missile which was in use with the British Army and Royal Marines from 1975. It was superseded by an interim design, Javelin, and later the greatly improved Starstreak missile.-Description:...

     - United Kingdom
  • IDAS - Germany (also infrared-guides)
  • Javelin
    Javelin surface-to-air missile
    Javelin is a British, man-portable surface-to-air missile, formerly used by the British Army and Canadian Army. It can be fired from the shoulder, or from a dedicated launcher known as Javelin LML—Lightweight Multiple Launcher...

     - United Kingdom
  • Rapier
    Rapier missile
    Rapier is a British surface-to-air missile developed for the British Army and Royal Air Force. Entering service in 1971, it eventually replaced all other anti-aircraft weapons in Army service; guns for low-altitude targets, and the English Electric Thunderbird, used against longer-range and...

     - United Kingdom
  • Roland - France/Germany
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