List of German companies by employees in 1907
This is a list of German companies by employees in 1907. The largest 127 companies of the German Empire
German Empire
The German Empire refers to Germany during the "Second Reich" period from the unification of Germany and proclamation of Wilhelm I as German Emperor on 18 January 1871, to 1918, when it became a federal republic after defeat in World War I and the abdication of the Emperor, Wilhelm II.The German...

 in 1907 accounted for 7.8 percent of all employees in the German Empire; excluding railways and state-owned enterprises the share was only 3.6 percent. This compares to corresponding percentage shares of 8.2 respectively 4.6 for the United Kingdom at the same time. The largest German companies were predominantly in the heavy industries (mining, coal, iron, iron ore, steel and metals), accounting for 38.7 percent of all employees and the transport and communication sector (railways, postal service, shipping), accounting for 45.4 percent of all employees. State-owned enterprises such as the state railways companies
The German term Länderbahnen generally refers to the state railways of the German Empire in the period from about 1840 to 1920 when they were merged into the Deutsche Reichsbahn after the First World War....

, the postal administration, the Prussian state mines, military workshops and the Imperial shipyards are dominant among the very largest companies.

Companies by employees

The list is based on Wardley (1999), who compiled data from three different sources: the work of Kocka
Jürgen Kocka
Jürgen Kocka is a German historian.A university professor and former president of the Social Science Research Center Berlin , Kocka is a major figure in the new Social History, especially as represented by the Bielefeld School...

 and Siegrist (1979) and Fiedler (1999) on German companies in 1907, and the work of Kunz (1990) on Prussian state-owned enterprises in 1913. Given the shortage of historical employment data some employment numbers are only estimates and some companies might be missing from this list. Employment numbers are including all subsidiaries as long as the parent company is the majority shareholder, that is, holds more than 50 percent of the stock. Employee numbers are not including those employed in foreign subsidiaries. The only two companies in 1907 with large foreign subsidiaries were Siemens
Siemens may refer toSiemens, a German family name carried by generations of telecommunications industrialists, including:* Werner von Siemens , inventor, founder of Siemens AG...

 with 19.9 percent of the workforce employed abroad (8,542 employees) and Mannesmann
Mannesmann AG was a German corporation with headquarters in Düsseldorf. The company was founded in 1890 originally to produce seamless steel tubes. It was traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The company had 130,860 employees worldwide and revenues of €23.27 billion.Over time, Mannesmann...

 with 34 percent of the workforce employed abroad (2,680 employees). With the de Wendel'sche Berg-und Hüttenwerke the list also includes the German subsidiary of the French de Wendel
De Wendel family
The de Wendel Family is an industrialist family from Lorraine, France.In the 19th and 20th centuries the family gained might both industrial and political...

 group. Originally this establishment was located in France, but became part of the German empire with the annexation of Alsace-Lorraine
The Imperial Territory of Alsace-Lorraine was a territory created by the German Empire in 1871 after it annexed most of Alsace and the Moselle region of Lorraine following its victory in the Franco-Prussian War. The Alsatian part lay in the Rhine Valley on the west bank of the Rhine River and east...

 in 1871.
Rank Company Employees Industry Source
1. Preußische Staatseisenbahnen
Prussian state railways
The term Prussian state railways encompasses those railway organisations that were owned or managed by the State of Prussia...

486,318 Railway Fiedler
2. Deutsche Reichspost 277,116 Postal administration Fiedler
3. Preußische Berg-, Hütten-und Salinenverwaltung (Prussian state mines) 180,000 (1913 data) Mining Kunz
4. Friedrich Krupp
The Krupp family , a prominent 400-year-old German dynasty from Essen, have become famous for their steel production and for their manufacture of ammunition and armaments. The family business, known as Friedrich Krupp AG Hoesch-Krupp, was the largest company in Europe at the beginning of the 20th...

64,354 Mining and steel Kocka & Siegrist
5. Bayerische Staatseisenbahn
Royal Bavarian State Railways
As a nation-state, Germany did not come into being until the creation of the German Empire in 1871 from the various German-speaking states such as Prussia, Bavaria, Saxony, Baden and Württemberg. By then each of the major states had formed its own state railway and these continued to remain...

55,295 Railway Fiedler
6. Sächsische Staatseisenbahn
Royal Saxon State Railways
The Royal Saxon State Railways were the state-owned railways operating in the Kingdom of Saxony from 1869 to 1918...

40,000 Railway Fiedler
7. Siemens
Siemens may refer toSiemens, a German family name carried by generations of telecommunications industrialists, including:* Werner von Siemens , inventor, founder of Siemens AG...

 (Siemens & Halske
Siemens & Halske
Siemens & Halske AG was a German electrical engineering company that later became part of Siemens AG.It was founded on 12 October 1847 as Telegraphen-Bauanstalt von Siemens & Halske by Ernst Werner von Siemens and Johann Georg Halske...

 and Siemens-Schuckert
Siemens-Schuckert was a German electrical engineering company headquartered in Berlin, Erlangen and Nuremberg that was incorporated into the Siemens AG in 1966....

34,324 Electrical engineering Fiedler
8. Elsass-Lothringen Reichseisenbahn
Imperial Railways in Alsace-Lorraine
The Imperial Railways in Alsace-Lorraine were the first railways owned by the German Empire.They emerged in 1871, after France had ceded the region of Alsace-Lorraine to the German Empire under the terms of the peace treaty following the Franco-Prussian War...

32,545 Railway Fiedler
9. Phoenix AG für Bergbau und Hüttenbetrieb
Phoenix AG
Phoenix AG is an international company headquartered in Hamburg in Germany which specialises in products made of rubber, including sound and vibration insulation, conveyor-belt systems, and specialist industrial hose systems....

32,000 Mining and steel Fiedler
10. Gelsenkirchener Bergwerks-AG 31,261 Mining and steel Fiedler
11. Allgemeine Elektrizitäts-Gesellschaft
Allgemeine Elektricitäts-Gesellschaft was a German producer of electrical equipment founded in 1883 by Emil Rathenau....

30,667 Electrical engineering Kocka & Siegrist
12. Preußische Rüstungswerkstätten (Prussian military workshops) 30,000(1913 data) Mechanical engineering Kunz
13. Kaiserliche Werften 27,000(1913 data) Shipbuilding Kunz
14. Harpener Bergbau 26,317 Mining Fiedler
15. Badische Staatseisenbahnen
Grand Duchy of Baden State Railway
The Grand Duchy of Baden was an independent state in what is now southwestern Germany until the creation of the German Empire in 1871. It had its own state-owned railway company, the Grand Duchy of Baden State Railways , which was founded in 1840...

25,709 Railway Fiedler
16. Norddeutscher Lloyd 25,000 Shipping Fiedler
17. Vereinigte Königs- und Laurahütte 24,885 Mining and metals Fiedler
18. Gutehoffnungshütte 21,657 Mining and steel Kocka & Siegrist
19. Mansfeld'sche Kupferschiefer-bauende Gewerkschaft 21,283 Mining and metals Kocka & Siegrist
20. Württembergische Staatseisenbahnen
Royal Württemberg State Railways
The Royal Württemberg State Railways were the state railways of the Kingdom of Württemberg between 1843 and 1920...

20,234 Railway Fiedler
21. Bergwerksgesellschaft Hibernia 19,109 Mining Fiedler
22. Gewerkschaft Deutscher Kaiser 18,931 Mining and steel Kocka & Siegrist
23. Gebrüder Stumm GmbH 17,000 Steel Fiedler
24. Hamburg-Amerika Linie
Hamburg America Line
The Hamburg Amerikanische Packetfahrt Actien Gesellschaft was a transatlantic shipping enterprise established in Hamburg, Germany during...

17,000 Shipping Fiedler
25. von Giesche Erben Bergwerksgesellschaft 13,291 Mining Kocka & Siegrist
26. de Wendel'sche Berg-und Hüttenwerke
De Wendel family
The de Wendel Family is an industrialist family from Lorraine, France.In the 19th and 20th centuries the family gained might both industrial and political...

12,500 Mining and steel Fiedler
27. Hohenlohe-Werke 12,367 Mining and steel Kocka & Siegrist
28. Kattowitzer AG für Bergbau und Hüttenbetrieb 12,218 Mining and steel Fiedler
29. Bochumer Verein 12,173 Mining and steel Fiedler
30. Felten & Guilleaume 11,848 Electrical engineering Fiedler
31. Dortmunder Union 11,605 Mining and steel Kocka & Siegrist
32. Oberschlesische Eisenbahnbedarf 11,500 Mining and steel Kocka & Siegrist
33. Deutsch-Luxemburgische Bergwerks- und Hütten-AG 11,038 Mining and steel Fiedler
34. Ludwig Loewe & Company
Ludwig Loewe
Ludwig Loewe was a German merchant, manufacturer, philanthropist and a member of the Reichstag. Loewe's companies became involved in the production of armaments, employing famous designers and creating notable guns....

11,000 Mechanical engineering Fiedler
35. Vereinigte Maschinenfabrik Augsburg-Nürnberg 10,908 Mechanical engineering Kocka & Siegrist
36. Große Berliner Straßenbahn 10,391 Public transport Fiedler
37. Borsig 10,000 Rail vehicles Fiedler
38. Elsässische Maschinenbau-Gesellschaft Grafenstaden
Elsässische Maschinenbau-Gesellschaft Grafenstaden
The Elsässischen Maschinenbau-Gesellschaft Grafenstaden was a heavy industry firm located at Grafenstaden in the Alsace, near the city of Strasbourg....

10,000 Mechanical engineering Kocka & Siegrist
39. Schichau-Werke
The Schichau-Werke was a German engineering works and shipyard based in Elbing, formerly part of the German Empire, and which is today the town of Elbląg in northern Poland. It also had a subsidiary shipyard in Danzig .-Early years:...

10,000 Shipbuilding Fiedler
40. Schlesische AG für Bergbau und Zinkhütten 10,000 Mining and metals Kocka & Siegrist
41. Eschweiler Bergwerksverein 9,648 Mining and steel Fiedler
42. Oberschlesische Eisenindustrie 9,500 Metals Kocka & Siegrist
43. Rheinische Stahlwerke 9,435 Mining and steel Fiedler
44. Rheinpreußen Gewerkschaft 9,277 Mining Fiedler
45. Hoesch Eisen-und Stahlwerk
Hoesch AG
The Hoesch AG was an important steel and mining company with locations in the Ruhr area and Siegen.Hoesch was taken over by Krupp in 1991.-Nazi involvement:...

9,183 Mining and steel Fiedler
46. Gräflich Henckel von Donnersmarckische Verwaltung 9,122 Metals Kocka & Siegrist
47. Badische Anilin-& Soda-Fabrik
BASF SE is the largest chemical company in the world and is headquartered in Germany. BASF originally stood for Badische Anilin- und Soda-Fabrik . Today, the four letters are a registered trademark and the company is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange, and Zurich Stock...

8,877 Chemicals Kocka & Siegrist
48. Fürstlich Pless'sche Kohlenbergwerke 8,560 Mining Kocka & Siegrist
49. Donnersmarckhütte 8,000 Mining and steel Kocka & Siegrist
50. Henschel
Henschel & Son
Henschel & Son was a German company, situated in Kassel, best known during the 20th century as a maker of transportation equipment, including locomotives, trucks, buses and trolleybuses, and armoured fighting vehicles and weapons....

8,000 Rail vehicles Kocka & Siegrist
51. Norddeutsche Wollkämmerei 8,000 Textiles Kocka & Siegrist
52. Röchling'sche Eisen-und Stahlwerke 8,000 Steel Kocka & Siegrist
53. Villeroy & Boch
Villeroy & Boch
Villeroy & Boch is a large manufacturer of ceramics with the company headquarters located in Mettlach, Germany.-Company history:The company began in the tiny French village of Audun le Tiche, where François Boch set up a pottery company with his three sons in 1748. Later, the company moved to...

8,000 Ceramics Fiedler
54. Farbenfabriken Bayer
Bayer AG is a chemical and pharmaceutical company founded in Barmen , Germany in 1863. It is headquartered in Leverkusen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany and well known for its original brand of aspirin.-History:...

7,811 Ceramics Kocka & Siegrist
55. Mathias Stinnes 7,700 Mining Kocka & Siegrist
56. Bismarckhütte 7,505 Steel Fiedler
57. Georgs-Marien-Bergwerks- und Hüttenverein 7,296 Mining and steel Fiedler
58. Rombacher Hüttenwerke 7,120 Steel Fiedler
59. Schalker Gruben- und Hüttenverein 7,091 Steel Fiedler
60. Stettiner Maschinenbau Vulkan 6,748 Shipyard Fiedler
61. Ewald bei Herten Gewerkschaft 6,500 Mining Kocka & Siegrist
62. Kaiserliche Werft Kiel
Kaiserliche Werft Kiel
Kaiserliche Werft Kiel was a German shipbuilding company founded in 1867, first as Königliche Werft Kiel but renamed in 1871 with the proclamation of the German Empire...

6,500 Shipbuilding Fiedler
63. Thyssen & Co. 6,489 Mechanical engineering Fiedler
64. Arenbergische AG für Bergwerk und Hüttenbetrieb 6,292 Steel Fiedler
65. Consolidation Bergwerks AG 6,000 Mining Kocka & Siegrist
66. Hoechster Farbwerke
Hoechst AG
Hoechst AG was a German chemicals then life-sciences company that became Aventis Deutschland after its merger with France's Rhône-Poulenc S.A. in 1999...

6,000 Chemicals Kocka & Siegrist
67. Zollverein Gewerkschaft
Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex
The Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex is a large former industrial site in the city of Essen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany...

5,958 Mining Fiedler
68. Gerresheimer Glashüttenwerk 5,800 Glass Fiedler
69. Preußische Bergwerksdirektion Recklinghausen 5,745 Mining Fiedler
70. Concordia Bergbau 5,741 Mining Fiedler
71. Constantin der Große Verein Gewerkschaft 5,583 Mining Kocka & Siegrist
72. Leop. Engelhardt & Biermann Cigarettenfabrik 5,523 Tobacco Fiedler
73. Ilseder Hütte 5,400 Steel Fiedler
74. Deutsch-Österreichische Mannesmannröhren-Werke AG
Mannesmann AG was a German corporation with headquarters in Düsseldorf. The company was founded in 1890 originally to produce seamless steel tubes. It was traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The company had 130,860 employees worldwide and revenues of €23.27 billion.Over time, Mannesmann...

5,200 Steel Fiedler
75. Continental-Caoutchouc-Companie
Continental AG
Continental AG, internally often called Conti for short, is a worldwide leading German manufacturer of tires, brake systems, vehicle stability control systems, engine injection systems, tachographs and other parts for the automotive and transport industries. The company is based in Hanover, Germany...

5,185 Rubber Fiedler
76. König Ludwig Gewerkschaft 5,157 Mining Kocka & Siegrist
77. Graf von Ballestremische Güterverwaltung 5,000 Mining Kocka & Siegrist
78. Gräflich Schaffgotschische Werke GmbH 5,000 Mining Kocka & Siegrist
79. Mülheimer Bergwerksverein 4,933 Mining Fiedler
80. Julius Pintsch
Julius Pintsch
Carl Friedrich Julius Pintsch was a German tinsmith, manufacturer and inventor who is primarily known for the invention of the eponymously named Pintsch gas....

4,918 Mechanical Engineering Fiedler
81. Essener Steinkohlenbergwerke 4,840 Mining Kocka & Siegrist
82. Eisenhüttenwerke Thale 4,795 Steel Fiedler
83. Lothringer Hüttenverein Aumetz-Friede 4,700 Steel Fiedler
84. Blohm + Voss
Blohm + Voss
Blohm + Voss , is a German shipbuilding and engineering works. It is a subsidiary of ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems; there were plans to sell 80% of Blohm + Voss to Abu Dhabi Mar Group, but talks collapsed in July 2011.-History:It was founded on April 5, 1877, by Hermann Blohm and Ernst Voss as a...

4,630 Shipbuilding Fiedler
85. Breslauer AG für Eisenbau-Wagenbau
Linke-Hofmann was a German manufacturing company established in Breslau to produce locomotives and rolling stock. Its origins lay in the wheelwright business of Gottfried Linke, begun in 1834...

4,600 Rail vehicles Fiedler
86. Gewerkschaft des Steinkohlenbergwerks Neumühl 4,600 Mining Fiedler
87. Strassen-Eisenbahn-Gesellschaft Hamburg 4,500 Public Transport Fiedler
88. Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik 4,500 Metalware Fiedler
89. Deutsche Bank
Deutsche Bank
Deutsche Bank AG is a global financial service company with its headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany. It employs more than 100,000 people in over 70 countries, and has a large presence in Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific and the emerging markets...

4,439 Banking Fiedler
90. Buderus'sche Eisenwerke 4,400 Steel Kocka & Siegrist
91. Vereinigte Gummiwaaren-Fabrik 4,320 Rubber Fiedler
92. Oberschlesische Kokswerke & Chemische Fabrik 4,259 Coal products and chemicals Kocka & Siegrist
93. Graf Bismarck Gewerkschaft 4,234 Mining Fiedler
94. Riebeck'sche Montanwerke 4,104 Chemicals Kocka & Siegrist
95. Friedrich der Große Gewerkschaft 4,076 Mining Kocka & Siegrist
96. Aktien-Gesellschaft Weser
AG Weser
Aktien-Gesellschaft Weser was one of the great German shipbuilding companies, located at the Weser River in Bremen. Founded in 1873 it was finally closed in 1983. Altogether, AG Weser built about 1400 ships of different types, including many war ships...

4,059 Shipbuilding Fiedler
97. AG für Bergbau-, Blei-und Zinkfabrikation 4,025 Metals Kocka & Siegrist
98. Bergmann Elektricitäts-Werke 4,000 Electrical engineering Fiedler
99. Chemische Fabrik Griesheim-Elektron 4,000 Chemicals Kocka & Siegrist
100. Deutsche Gasglühlicht (Auer-Gesellschaft)
The industrial firm Auergesellschaft was founded in 1892 with headquarters in Berlin. Up to the end of World War II, Auergesellschaft had research activities in the areas of gas mantles, luminescence, rare earths, radioactivity, and uranium and thorium compounds. In 1934, the corporation was...

4,000 Electrical engineering Fiedler
101. Luxemburger Bergwerk und Saarbrückener Eisenhütte 4,000 Steel Fiedler
102. Rheinische Metallwaren-und Maschinenfabrik
Rheinmetall AG is a German automotive and defence company with factories in Düsseldorf, Kassel and Unterlüß. The company has a long tradition of making guns and artillery pieces...

4,000 Mechanical engineering Kocka & Siegrist
103. Sächsische Maschinenfabrik
Sächsische Maschinenfabrik
The Sächsische Maschinenfabrik in Chemnitz was one of the most important engineering companies in Saxony in the second half of the 19th century and the first two decades of the 20th century. Including its various predecessor businesses, the firm existed from 1837 until its liquidation in 1930, and...

4,000 Mechanical engineering Fiedler
104. Königsborn AG für Bergbau 3,927 Mining Kocka & Siegrist
105. Lauchhammer AG 3,774 Steel Fiedler
106. Saar-und Mosel Bergwerks Gesellschaft 3,758 Mining Fiedler
107. Hannoversche Maschinenbau AG
Hanomag was a German producer of steam locomotives, tractors, trucks and military vehicles. Hanomag first achieved international fame by delivering a large number of steam locomotives to Romania and Bulgaria before World War I....

3,744 Mechanical engineering Fiedler
108. Dortmunder Steinkohlebergwerk Louise Tiefbau 3,724 Mining Fiedler
109. Orenstein & Koppel 3,700 Mechanical engineering Kocka & Siegrist
110. Bergwerksgesellschaft Dahlbusch 3,600 Mining Fiedler
111. Maschinenfabrik Gritzner 3,595 Mechanical engineering Fiedler
112. Gasmotorenfabrik Deutz
Deutz AG
Deutz AG is an engine manufacturer, based in Cologne, Germany.-History:The company was founded by Nikolaus Otto, inventor of the four-stroke internal combustion engine, in 1864 as N. A...

3,470 Mechanical engineering Kocka & Siegrist
113. Maschinenbauanstalt Humboldt
Maschinenbauanstalt Humboldt
The Maschinenbauanstalt Humboldt was a German mechanical engineering firm in Cologne-Kalk and a precursor to the firm of Deutz AG. It was founded in 1871 as Maschinenbau A.G. Humboldt, liquidated due to debts in 1884 and reformed as Maschinenbauanstalt Humboldt A.G..Its predecessor was a company...

3,470 Mechanical engineering Fiedler
114. Essener Bergwerksverein König Wilhelm 3,277 Mining Fiedler
115. Zeche Königin Elisabeth 3,150 Mining Kocka & Siegrist
116. Berlin Anhaltische Maschinenbau 3,117 Mechanical engineering Kocka & Siegrist
117. Deutsche Reichsbank
The Reichsbank was the central bank of Germany from 1876 until 1945. It was founded on 1 January 1876 . The Reichsbank was a privately owned central bank of Prussia, under close control by the Reich government. Its first president was Hermann von Dechend...

3,084 Banking Fiedler
118. Adlerwerke vormals Heinrich Kleyer
Adler (automobile)
Adler was a German automobile and motorcycle manufacturer from 1900 until 1957. Adler is German for eagle.-History:The Adler factory produced bicycles, typewriters, and motorcycles in addition to cars...

3,000 Mechanical engineering Fiedler
119. Berliner Maschinenbau Schwartzkopff
Berliner Maschinenbau
Berliner Maschinenbau AG was a German manufacturer of locomotives.The factory was founded by Louis Victor Robert Schwartzkopff on 3 October 1852 as Eisengießerei und Maschinen-Fabrik von L. Schwartzkopff in Berlin ....

3,000 Rail vehicles Fiedler
120. Kammgarnspinnerei Stöhr 3,000 Textiles Kocka & Siegrist
121. Gewerkschaft Lothringen 3,000 Mining Kocka & Siegrist
122. Gewerkschaft Mont Cenis 2,978 Mining Kocka & Siegrist
123. Saar- und Mosel-Bergwerks-Gesellschaft 2,933 Mining Kocka & Siegrist
124. Gebrüder Körting 2,800 Mechanical engineering Kocka & Siegrist
125. Gewerkschaft Vereinigte Helene & Amalie 2,598 Mining Kocka & Siegrist
126. Gebrüder Stollwerck
Stollwerck GmbH is a German food company known for the production of chocolate. In 1998 it acquired Sarotti.In 2002 it was bought by the Barry Callebaut AG, who sold it in 2011 to the Baronie Groep in Veurne, Belgium.- History :...

2,500 Food Kocka & Siegrist
127. Portland-Cement-Fabrik AG Heidelberg
HeidelbergCement is a German cement and building materials company. It is currently the world's third largest cement producer, the market leader in aggregates and fourth in ready-mix concrete. In 2010 the company produced around 78 million tonnes of cement...

2,500 Cement Kocka & Siegrist

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