Krasnoperekopsk is a city in Crimea
Crimea , or the Autonomous Republic of Crimea , is a sub-national unit, an autonomous republic, of Ukraine. It is located on the northern coast of the Black Sea, occupying a peninsula of the same name...

, Ukraine
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 which is located on the southern part of the Perekop Isthmus, on the shore of the Stare
Stare may refer to:*Staring, a prolonged gaze or fixed look*Staré, a village and municipality in Michalovce District in the Kosice Region of eastern Slovakia*Stare, a verb in Latin and Italian which means "to stand"...

 lake, and about 124 kilometres (77.1 mi) from the Crimean capital, Simferopol
-Russian Empire and Civil War:The city was renamed Simferopol in 1784 after the annexation of the Crimean Khanate to the Russian Empire by Catherine II of Russia. The name Simferopol is derived from the Greek, Συμφερόπολις , translated as "the city of usefulness." In 1802, Simferopol became the...

. It lies on the Dzhankoy
Dzhankoy is a city in the north of Crimea, Ukraine, and the capital of Dzhankoy raion. It is located about from the Crimean capital, Simferopol. Two railroad lines, Kharkiv-Sevastopol and Armyansk-Kerch, cross Dzhankoy. In 1926, Dzhankoy was granted city status.Dzhankoy is a great transportation...

Kherson is a city in southern Ukraine. It is the administrative center of the Kherson Oblast , and is designated as its own separate raion within the oblast. Kherson is an important port on the Black Sea and Dnieper River, and the home of a major ship-building industry...

 railroad line (one of the two railroad lines connecting the Crimea and the rest of the continent).

Historical outlook

The city was founded in 1932 as an industrial settlement for a Bromine
Bromine ") is a chemical element with the symbol Br, an atomic number of 35, and an atomic mass of 79.904. It is in the halogen element group. The element was isolated independently by two chemists, Carl Jacob Löwig and Antoine Jerome Balard, in 1825–1826...

 factory located near the lake Stare. In 1936 the settlement was renamed into Krasno-Prekopsk and later simply Krasnoperekopsk (1964). In 1966, Krasnoperekopsk received the status of a city
City status
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The city of Krasnoperekopsk should not be confused with the historic Crimean city of Perekop, which was destroyed in 1920 during the Russian Civil War
Russian Civil War
The Russian Civil War was a multi-party war that occurred within the former Russian Empire after the Russian provisional government collapsed to the Soviets, under the domination of the Bolshevik party. Soviet forces first assumed power in Petrograd The Russian Civil War (1917–1923) was a...

, and which is located in a 25 kilometre range to the north of Krasnoperekopsk. Perekop was depopulated and destroyed after the Crimean peninsula was taken by a storm from the Red Army
Red Army
The Workers' and Peasants' Red Army started out as the Soviet Union's revolutionary communist combat groups during the Russian Civil War of 1918-1922. It grew into the national army of the Soviet Union. By the 1930s the Red Army was among the largest armies in history.The "Red Army" name refers to...

. Krasnoperekopsk was named after the perished Red Army soldiers of 1920.


2001 Census
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Crimean Tatars
Crimean Tatars
Crimean Tatars or Crimeans are a Turkic ethnic group that originally resided in Crimea. They speak the Crimean Tatar language...

Total: 31,284


Krasnoperekopsk's climate is mostly dry and hot in the summer, and mild in the winter. The average temperature ranges from -2.4 °C in January, to 23.3 °C (73.9 °F) in July. The average precipitation is 336 mm (13.2 in) per year.

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