Hopper may refer to:

Mechanical parts

  • A general term for a chute with additional width and depth for temporary storage
  • Hopper (particulate collection container)
    Hopper (particulate collection container)
    A hopper is a large pyramidal shaped container used in industrial processes to hold particulate matter that has been collected from expelled air. Hoppers are usually installed in groups to allow for greater collection quantity...

    , a large container used for dust collection
  • Part of a combine harvester
  • A storage container used to dispense granular materials through the use of gravity, sometimes assisted by mechanical agitation, an example is a paintball loader


  • Hopper (spacecraft)
    Hopper (spacecraft)
    Hopper was a proposed European Space Agency orbital and reusable launch vehicle. The shuttle prototype spaceplane was one of several proposals for a European reusable launch vehicle planned to cheaply ferry satellites into orbit by 2015...

    , a proposed spacecraft
  • Hopper balloon
    Hopper balloon
    A hopper balloon is a small, one-person hot air balloon. Unlike a conventional hot air balloon where people ride inside a basket, there is no basket on a hopper balloon. Instead, the hopper pilot usually sits on a seat or wears a harness similar to a parachute harness. Hoppers are typically flown...

    , a kind of ultralight hot air balloon
  • Hopper barge
    Hopper barge
    Hopper barge is a kind of non-mechanical ship or vessel that cannot move around by itself, unlike some other types of barges. Designed to carry materials, like rocks, sand, soil and rubbish, for dumping into the ocean, a river or lake for land reclamation....

    , a kind of barge
  • Hopper car
    Hopper car
    A hopper car is a type of railroad freight car used to transport loose bulk commodities such as coal, ore, grain, track ballast, and the like. The name originated from the coke manufacturing industry which is part of the steel industry ....

    , a type of railway freight car
  • Slant wagon, a type of wagon that is essentially a hopper; used in agriculture.
  • Space hopper
    Space hopper
    A space hopper, also known as a moon hopper, skippyball, kangaroo ball, bouncer, hoppity hop, or hop ball, is a rubber ball with handles which allow one to sit on it without falling off...

    , a self powered mode of transportation.
  • USS Hopper
    USS Hopper (DDG-70)
    USS Hopper , an Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer, is a ship of the United States Navy named for the pioneering computer scientist, Rear Admiral "Amazing Grace" Hopper....

    , a U.S. Navy destroyer


  • Leafhopper
    Leafhopper is a common name applied to any species from the family Cicadellidae. Leafhoppers, colloquially known as hoppers, are minute plant-feeding insects in the superfamily Membracoidea in the order Hemiptera...

    , a member of the family Cicadellidae
  • Treehopper
    Treehoppers and thorn bugs are members of the family Membracidae, a group of insects related to the cicadas and the leafhoppers. There are about 3,200 known species of treehoppers in over 600 genera...

    , a member of the family Membracidae (typical treehoppers) or Aetalionidae
  • The immature form of a locust
    Locusts are the swarming phase of short-horned grasshoppers of the family Acrididae. These are species that can breed rapidly under suitable conditions and subsequently become gregarious and migratory...

People with the surname Hopper

  • Andy Hopper
    Andy Hopper
    Andrew Hopper CBE FRS FREng FIET is the Professor of Computer Technology and Head of the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory and an Honorary Fellow of Trinity Hall, Cambridge.-Research:...

     (born 1953), British computer scientist
  • Dennis Hopper
    Dennis Hopper
    Dennis Lee Hopper was an American actor, filmmaker and artist. As a young man, Hopper became interested in acting and eventually became a student of the Actors' Studio. He made his first television appearance in 1954 and appeared in two films featuring James Dean, Rebel Without a Cause and Giant...

     (1936–2010), American actor
  • DeWolf Hopper
    DeWolf Hopper
    William DeWolf Hopper was an American actor, singer, comedian, and theatrical producer. Although a star of the musical stage, he was best-known for performing the popular baseball poem Casey at the Bat. -Biography:...

     (1858–1935), American actor, singer, comedian and producer
  • Edward Hopper
    Edward Hopper
    Edward Hopper was a prominent American realist painter and printmaker. While most popularly known for his oil paintings, he was equally proficient as a watercolorist and printmaker in etching...

     (1882–1967), American painter and printmaker
  • Franz Hopper, fictional character in Code Lyoko
  • Grace Hopper
    Grace Hopper
    Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper was an American computer scientist and United States Navy officer. A pioneer in the field, she was one of the first programmers of the Harvard Mark I computer, and developed the first compiler for a computer programming language...

     (1906–1992), American computer scientist and naval officer
  • Hedda Hopper
    Hedda Hopper
    Hedda Hopper was an American actress and gossip columnist, whose long-running feud with friend turned arch-rival Louella Parsons became at least as notorious as many of Hopper's columns.-Early life:...

     (1885–1966), American actress and gossip columnist
  • Hugh Hopper
    Hugh Hopper
    Hugh Colin Hopper was a progressive rock and jazz fusion bass guitarist. He was a prominent member of the Canterbury scene, as a member of Soft Machine and various other related bands.-Early career:...

     (1945—2009), English guitarist and composer
  • Isaac Hopper
    Isaac Hopper
    Isaac Tatem Hopper was an American abolitionist who is known as the father of the underground railroad.-Contributions to African-Americans:...

     (1771–1852), American abolitionist and underground railroad pioneer
  • Josephine Hopper
    Josephine Hopper
    Josephine Hopper was an American painter. She is best known today as the wife of Edward Hopper, whom she married in 1924.-Biography:She was born in Manhattan into a lower class family...

     (1883–1968), American artist and wife of Edward Hopper
  • Kev Hopper
    Kev Hopper
    Kev Hopper is primarily known as the bass guitarist with the 1980s band Stump, but it is more accurate to define him as a composer and multi-instrumentalist playing Musical Saw, guitar and samplers....

     (born 1961), musician
  • Max Hopper
    Max Hopper
    Max D. Hopper was an American IT manager, who served as the CIO of Bank of America, the SVP of American Airlines and the chairman of the Sabre group...

     (1934–2010), an American IT manager
  • Paul Hopper
    Paul Hopper
    Paul J. Hopper is an American linguist of British birth. In 1973, he proposed the glottalic theory regarding the reconstruction of the Proto-Indo-European consonant inventory, in parallel with the Georgian linguist Tamaz Gamkrelidze and the Russian linguist Vyacheslav V. Ivanov...

    , American linguist of British birth
  • Shirley Ximena Hopper Russell
    Shirley Ximena Hopper Russell
    Shirley Ximena Hopper Russell , also known as Shirley Marie Russell, was an American artist best known for her paintings of Hawaii and her still lifes of Hawaiian flowers. She was born Shirley Ximena Hopper in Del Rey, California, in 1886. She graduated in 1907 from Stanford University, where she...

     (1886–1985), American artist best known for Hawaiian themes
  • Stephen Hopper
    Stephen Hopper
    Stephen Donald Hopper is a Western Australian botanist, specialising in conservation biology and vascular plants. He has written eight books, and has over 200 publications to his name. He was Director of Kings Park in Perth for seven years, and CEO of the Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority for five...

     (born 1951), Australian botanist denoted by the author abbreviation "Hopper" when citing a botanical name
  • Thomas Hopper (1776–1856), English architect
  • Tom Hopper
    Tom Hopper
    Tom Hopper is an English actor who has appeared in various television programmmes and films such as Merlin, Doctor Who, Casualty and Tormented...

     (born 1985), English actor
  • Wilbert Hopper
    Wilbert Hopper
    Wilbert Hill Hopper, was a Canadian civil servant and business executive. He was the president, chief executive officer, and chairman of Petro-Canada, a Canadian oil and gas firm....

     (1933–2006), Canadian business executive
  • William Hopper
    William Hopper
    William Hopper, born DeWolf Hopper, Jr. was an American actor. He is best-remembered for playing Paul Drake on television's Perry Mason.-Early life:...

     (1915–1970), American actor


  • one who harvests hops
    Hops are the female flower clusters , of a hop species, Humulus lupulus. They are used primarily as a flavoring and stability agent in beer, to which they impart a bitter, tangy flavor, though hops are also used for various purposes in other beverages and herbal medicine...

  • Hopper (food) or Appam or Aappam hoppers, a type of food in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Sri Lankan cuisine
  • fairy chess piece
  • The Hoppers
    The Hoppers
    The Hoppers are a Southern Gospel group from North Carolina.The Hoppers are a family ensemble which first began performing together in 1957. They appeared at the inauguration ceremony for Ronald Reagan in 1981...

    , a Southern Gospel group
  • The bill hopper, wooden box on the desk of the Clerk of the United States House of Representatives
    Clerk of the United States House of Representatives
    The Clerk of the United States House of Representatives is an officer of the United States House of Representatives, whose primary duty is to act as the chief record-keeper for the House....

     in which bills or resolutions to be voted on are deposited
  • Hopper, the primary antagonist in Disney's animanted film A Bug's Life
    A Bug's Life
    A Bug's Life is a 1998 American computer animated adventure comedy film produced by Pixar and released by Walt Disney Pictures in the United States on November 25, 1998. A Bug's Life was the second Disney·Pixar feature film after Toy Story, and the third American computer-animated film after Toy...

  • a mountain and valley in the Hunza-Nagar District
    Hunza-Nagar District
    The Hunza-Nagar District is the seventh district of Gilgit-Baltistan of Pakistan. The district comprises Hunza and Nagar. Aliabad is the administrative center of this district...

     of Pakistan
  • Hopper crystal
    Hopper crystal
    thumb|300px|right|Synthetic bismuth crystalA hopper crystal is a form of crystal, defined by its "hoppered" shape.The edges of hoppered crystals are fully developed, but the interior spaces are not filled in. This results in what appears to be a hollowed out step lattice formation, as if someone...

    , a type of crystal formation shaped like a hopper wagon
  • Urban entry-level drug dealers or drug dealers' aides –typically minors– are colloquially called hoppers.
  • Hopper Inc.
    Hopper Inc.
    Hopper Inc. is a Canadian corporation that is developing a website for consumer travel discovery. Its travel-oriented search engine will allow users to discover destinations and products by searching for keywords...

    , a travel-oriented search engine company
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