Historic Ohio Canals
Following is a list of historic canals that were once used for transportation in Ohio.
  • Hocking Canal
    Hocking Canal
    The Hocking Canal was a small 19th Century canal in southern Ohio that once linked Athens to Lancaster and the Ohio and Erie Canal, but was destroyed by flooding and never rebuilt...

     - Branch of Ohio and Erie Canal
  • Miami and Erie Canal
    Miami and Erie Canal
    The Miami and Erie Canal was a canal that connected the Ohio River in Cincinnati, Ohio with Lake Erie in Toledo, Ohio. Construction on the canal began in 1825 and was completed in 1845. It consisted of 19 aqueducts, three guard locks, and 103 canal locks. Each lock measured by and they...

  • Ohio and Erie Canal
    Ohio and Erie Canal
    The Ohio Canal or Ohio and Erie Canal was a canal constructed in the 1820s and early 1830s. It connected Akron, Summit County, with the Cuyahoga River near its mouth on Lake Erie in Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, and a few years later, with the Ohio River near Portsmouth, Scioto County, and then...

  • Pennsylvania and Ohio Canal
    Pennsylvania and Ohio Canal
    The Pennsylvania and Ohio Canal, also known as the P & O Canal, the Cross Cut Canal and the Mahoning Canal was a shipping canal which operated from 1840 until 1877...

  • Sandy and Beaver Canal
    Sandy and Beaver Canal
    The Sandy and Beaver Canal ran from the Ohio and Erie Canal at Bolivar, Ohio, to the Ohio River at Glasgow, Pennsylvania. It had 90 locks, was chartered in 1828 and completed in 1848. However, the middle section of the canal had many problems from the beginning and fell into disrepair...

  • Wabash and Erie Canal
    Wabash and Erie Canal
    The Wabash and Erie Canal was a shipping canal that linked the Great Lakes to the Ohio River via an artificial waterway. The canal provided traders with access from the Great Lakes all the way to the Gulf of Mexico...

  • Walhonding Canal
    Walhonding Canal
    The Walhonding Canal was a canal in Coshocton County, Ohio that was used as a feeder canal for the Ohio and Erie Canal. A small canal, at only long, it was wholly contained within Coshocton County, following the Mohican River from Cavallo south to the confluence with the Kokosing River, which...

  • Warren County Canal
    Warren County Canal
    The Warren County Canal was a branch of the Miami and Erie Canal in southwestern Ohio about in length that connected the Warren County seat of Lebanon to the main canal at Middletown in the mid-19th century. Lebanon was at the crossroads of two major roads, the highway from Cincinnati to Columbus...

     - Branch of Miami Erie Canal

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