Henrik Lund (painter)
Henrik Louis Lund was a Norwegian painter and graphic artist.

He was born in Bergen
Bergen is the second largest city in Norway with a population of as of , . Bergen is the administrative centre of Hordaland county. Greater Bergen or Bergen Metropolitan Area as defined by Statistics Norway, has a population of as of , ....

 as a son of lieutenant colonel Henrik Louis Bull Lund (1838–1891) and pianist Birgitte Charlotte Carlsen (1843–1913). His sister was composer Signe Lund. He spent much of his young days at sea, and probably had a naval career in mind. However, he was not admitted to the Norwegian Naval Academy
Norwegian Naval Academy
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He moved to Kristiania
Oslo is a municipality, as well as the capital and most populous city in Norway. As a municipality , it was established on 1 January 1838. Founded around 1048 by King Harald III of Norway, the city was largely destroyed by fire in 1624. The city was moved under the reign of Denmark–Norway's King...

 where he met painting student Per Deberitz, who was a student of Hans Gude
Hans Gude
Hans Fredrik Gude was a Norwegian romanticist painter and is considered along with Johan Christian Dahl to be one of Norway's foremost landscape painters...

 and who probably turned Lund's interest to this profession. He was a pupil of Harriet Backer
Harriet Backer
Harriet Backer was a Norwegian painter who achieved recognition in her own time and was a pioneer among female artists both in the Nordic countries and in Europe generally...

 (1899), debuted the same year, and studied further by Johan Nordhagen
Johan Nordhagen
Johan Nordhagen was a Norwegian painter and artist.-Childhood:Johan Nordhagen grew up in the cotters place of Nordhagen under the farm of Flisaker. His father was from Grue, and had his relatives in Finland. He worked as a cartwheel-maker. His mother Ahlis was from Veldre...

 (1903). Lund had his first exhibit in 1899 and his first Autumn Exhibit
Høstutstillingen or Statens kunstutstilling is an annual art exhibition in Oslo, Norway. The exhibition is Norway's largest marking of contemporary art and takes place each autumn. It is arranged by Norske Billedkunstnere . The exhibition is set up on the basis of free submission...

 in 1901. He lived in Paris
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 (1905, 1920-21), he exhibited in Berlin
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 (1908). He lived in Copenhagen from 1904 to 1909, and broke through here. He held several notable exhibitions, including "The Six" in Berlin and Copenhagen in 1911.

He belonged to a group of young painters at the beginning of the 1900s was called Neo-Impressionists. He befriended such painters as Ludvig Karsten
Ludvig Karsten
Ludvig Karsten was a Norwegian painter. He was a neo-impressionist influenced by Edvard Munch, Henri Matisse and the contemporary French painting. He first participated at the Autumn exhibition in Kristiania in 1901, and had his first separate exhibition in 1904...

, Søren Onsager, Bernhard Folkestad , Arne Kavli, Theodor Laureng and Anders Svarstad, and drew inspiration from Ludvig Karsten, Edvard Munch
Edvard Munch
Edvard Munch was a Norwegian Symbolist painter, printmaker and an important forerunner of expressionist art. His best-known composition, The Scream, is part of a series The Frieze of Life, in which Munch explored the themes of love, fear, death, melancholia, and anxiety.- Childhood :Edvard Munch...

 and Christian Krohg
Christian Krohg
Christian Krohg , was a Norwegian naturalist painter, illustrator, author and journalist.-Life and career:...


In the years before the First World War began, Lund are interested in pure landscapes, open and airy impressions of nature. He found motifs in the Oslo Fjord, Holmsbu
Holmsbu is a village in the municipality of Hurum, Norway, located by the Drammensfjord. Its population is 351.The seaport village received city rights in 1847. It lost its rights January 1, 1964....

 and Nordland
is a county in Norway in the North Norway region, bordering Troms in the north, Nord-Trøndelag in the south, Norrbottens län in Sweden to the east, Västerbottens län to the southeast, and the Atlantic Ocean to the west. The county was formerly known as Nordlandene amt. The county administration is...

, but first and foremost on their summer place near Kragerø
is a town and municipality in Telemark county, Norway. It is part of the traditional region of Vestmar. The administrative centre of the municipality is the town of Kragerø....

 on Skåtøy
Skåtøy is a the largest island in Kragerø municipality in Telemark county, Norway.Skåtøy was formerly a municipality. Skåtøy was separated from Sannidal January 1, 1882. It was merged with Kragerø January 1, 1960....

. He had a special affinity towards landscapes and portrait painting
Portrait painting
Portrait painting is a genre in painting, where the intent is to depict the visual appearance of the subject. Beside human beings, animals, pets and even inanimate objects can be chosen as the subject for a portrait...

. However, both as a painter and printmaker, he is primarily known for his portraits. He painted many of the leading men and women in business, culture and politics.

Lund was also a skilled administrator and a persistent advocate for their artist colleagues. Over the years he held a variety of administrative tasks both at home and abroad. In 1911 he held an exhibition of young Norwegian art ("The six") at Cassirer in Berlin and Copenhagen. In 1912, he took a large Scandinavian touring exhibition in the United States
United States
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. He served on the art jury for the anniversary exhibition at Frogner
Frogner is a borough of the city of Oslo, Norway. In addition to traditional Frogner, the borough incorporates Bygdøy, Uranienborg and Majorstuen....

 (1914). He was chairman of the Association of Norwegian Printmakers (1919-1925). One of his last assignments was as a juror at an exhibition in Pittsburgh during 1935.

His works can be found in the National Gallery of Norway
National Gallery of Norway
The National Gallery of Norway is a gallery in Oslo, Norway. Since 2003 it is administratively a part of the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design.-History:...

 in Oslo which owns 13 of his pictures, the Norwegian Parliament and the National Theatre
The National Theatre in Oslo is one of Norway's largest and most prominent venues for performance of dramatic arts.The theatre had its first performance on 1 September 1899 but can trace its origins to Christiania Theatre, which was founded in 1829...

, among others.

Personal life

His sister was the composer and pianist Signe Lund (1868-1950). In 1900, he married Gunbjør (g) Olsen (1880-1965). He was the father-in-law of art historian Johan Henrik Langaard (1899-1988). He died in December 1935 in Oslo.
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