Guatemala National Prize in Literature
The Miguel Ángel Asturias National Prize in Literature (officially in Spanish language
Spanish language
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: Premio Nacional de Literatura "Miguel Ángel Asturias") is the most important literary award
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 in Guatemala
Guatemala is a country in Central America bordered by Mexico to the north and west, the Pacific Ocean to the southwest, Belize to the northeast, the Caribbean to the east, and Honduras and El Salvador to the southeast...

. Sometimes referred to as the "National Literary Prize", it is dedicated to the memory of the Guatemalan writer, statesman, and Nobel Prize winner Miguel Ángel Asturias
Miguel Ángel Asturias
Miguel Ángel Asturias Rosales was a Nobel Prize–winning Guatemalan poet, novelist, playwright, journalist and diplomat...

 and is a one-time only award that recognizes an individual writer's body of work.

The Guatemalan National Prize in Literature has been given annually since 1988 by the Ministerio de Cultura y Deportes (Ministry of Culture and Sports) at ceremonies in the Palacio Nacional de la Cultura (National Palace of Culture). The winner receives a gold medal plus a cash award of 50 thousand quetzales
Guatemalan quetzal
The quetzal is the currency of Guatemala. It is named after the national bird of Guatemala, the Resplendent Quetzal. In ancient Mayan culture, the quetzal bird's tail feathers were used as currency. It is divided into 100 cents, called centavos in standard Spanish or lenes in Guatemalan slang...


Past winners of the Miguel Ángel Asturias National Literature Prize

1988 - Luis Alfredo Arango
Luis Alfredo Arango
Luis Alfredo Arango is a poet. In 1988 he was awarded the Guatemala National Prize in Literature.- Biography :...

 - (1935-2001)
1989 - Carlos Solórzano
Carlos Solórzano
Carlos Solórzano is a Guatemalan born Mexican playwright. He is considered one of the most important playwrights in Guatemalan history...

 - (born 1922)
1990 - Otto-Raúl González
Otto-Raúl González
Otto-Raúl González was a Guatemalan writer, poet, and lawyer. A longtime communist ideologue, during the social revolution of the administration of Jacobo Arbenz he was appointed undersecretary of the land reform program. González welcomed Che Guevara to Guatemala and gave him a government job...

 - (1921-2007)
1991 - Dante Liano - (born 1948)
1992 - Enrique Juárez Toledo - (1910-1999)
1993 - Mario Monteforte Toledo
Mario Monteforte Toledo
Mario Monteforte Toledo was a Guatemalan writer, dramatist, and politician. Born in Guatemala City, he played important roles in the governments of both Juan José Arévalo and Jacobo Arbenz, including periods as Ambassador to the United Nations between 1946 and 1947, as a deputy in the National...

 - (1911-2003)
1994 - Luz Méndez de la Vega - (born 1919)
1995 - Miguel Ángel Vásquez - (born 1922)
1996 - Margarita Carrera - (born 1929)
1997 - Augusto Monterroso
Augusto Monterroso
"The Dinosaur" redirects here. For the song by Was , see Walk the Dinosaur. For other uses, see Dinosaur Augusto Monterroso Bonilla was a Guatemalan writer.-Life:...

 - (1921-2003)
1998 - Francisco Morales Santos - (born 1940)
1999 - Mario Alberto Carrera - (born 1945)
2000 - Ana María Rodas
Ana María Rodas
Ana Maria Rodas is a Guatemalan journalist and poet. Rodas published her first book of poems in 1973. In 1990, she received first prize in poetry from the Certamen de Juegos Florales Mexico, Centroamerica y el Caribe. In 2000, she was awarded the Guatemala National Prize in Literature.-External...

 - (born 1937)
2001 - Isabel de los Ángeles Ruano - (born 1945)
2002 - Julio Fausto Aguilera - (born 1929)
2003 - Humberto Ak'abal, declined - (born 1952)
2004 - Rodrigo Rey Rosa
Rodrigo Rey Rosa
Rodrigo Rey Rosa is a Guatemalan writer.-Professional life:Not a lot is known about Rey Rosa's professional life until after he emigrated to New York after finishing his studies in Guatemala. Rey Rosa has based many of his writings and stories on legends and myths that are indigenous to Latin...

 - (born 1958)
2005 - Carlos Navarrete - (born 1931)
2006 - Marco Antonio Flores - (born 1937)
2007 - Mario Roberto Morales - (born 1947)
2008 - Arturo Arias
Arturo Arias
Arturo Arias is a Guatemalan novelist and critic, who is currently a professor of 20th-century Spanish-American Literature at the University of Texas at Austin...

 - (born 1950)
2009 - Gerardo Guinea Diez - (born 1955)
2010 - Enrique Noriega - (1949)
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