Fiscal Philatelic Society
The Fiscal Philatelic Society (11 January 1902-1928) was an early twentieth century philatelic society that is seen as a predecessor to today's Cinderella Stamp Club
Cinderella Stamp Club
The Cinderella Stamp Club was founded on 5 June 1959 in London, England, and is an association of philatelists, amateur and professional, whose interests lie in local stamps, telegraph stamps, railway stamps, revenue stamps, fiscals, forgeries, bogus and phantom issues, Christmas, Red Cross, TB and...

and The Revenue Society
Revenue Society
The Revenue Society was formed in 1990 and is the only international philatelic society which covers revenue stamps of the whole world...

. The principal object of the society was the study of fiscal and revenue stamp
Revenue stamp
A revenue stamp, tax stamp or fiscal stamp is a adhesive label used to collect taxes or fees on documents, tobacco, alcoholic drinks, drugs and medicines, playing cards, hunting licenses, firearm registration, and many other things...



The objects of the society were:

(a) To encourage and advance the study of Fiscals and Revenue Stamps of all Countries.

(b) To compile Catalogues of Fiscals.

(c) To draw together all interested in these stamps.

(d) To form a Library for the use of the Members.

(e) To facilitate the exchange of duplicates among members.

(f) To appoint corresponding Members and Societies in various countries for the exchange and circulation of information respecting Revenue Stamps.

In 1911 the objects of the society were extended to include local stamps and railway stamp
Railway stamp
In philately a railway stamp is a stamp issued to pay the cost of the conveyance of a letter or parcel by rail.A wide variety of railway stamps have been issued by different countries and by private and state railways...


Activities and history

The society was instrumental in collating information about the latest revenue stamps which was published in their journal The Bulletin.

From 1 January 1920 the society became the Fiscal and Local Stamp Section of the International Philatelic Union
International Philatelic Union
The International Philatelic Union, formed 1881, was an early international philatelic organisation formed for the study of stamps and the promotion of philately generally...


By 1928 the society had ceased to exist, possibly reflecting a declining interest in revenue stamps that started around the end of World War I and continued until a revival that started in the 1970s. By then the society had been replaced by The Cinderella Stamp Club and, later, The Revenue Society.


Although small, the society was notable for its distinguished membership which included many of the most prominent names in British philately in the first decades of the twentieth century and shows a high correlation with Schofield's Who Was Who in British Philately. Members included, among others:

  • Thomas Allen
  • E.D. Bacon
    Edward Denny Bacon
    Sir Edward Denny Bacon was a British philatelist who helped the enlargement and mounting of collections possessed by rich collectors of his time and became the curator of the Royal Philatelic Collection between 1913 and 1938.- Early life :Edward Bacon was the son of a malt producer of London,...

  • Maj. K.M. Beaumont RDP
  • Walter Beckton RDP
  • Louis Bradbury RDP
  • William Wilmot Corfield
    Wilmot Corfield
    William Wilmot Corfield was a British philatelist who was an important figure in Anglo-Indian philately. He was an accountant by profession.-Early life:Corfield was born in Birmingham in 1859 and educated at King Edward's School...

  • C.S.F. Crofton
    C. S. F. Crofton
    Charles Stanhope Foster Crofton was a British philatelist and a member of the Indian Civil Service.-Early life:Crofton was the only son of Major Henry Crofton R.A. . He was educated at Harrow and Trinity College, Cambridge.-Philately:Crofton specialised in the philately of India and Ceylon...

  • Alfred Forbin
    Alfred Forbin
    Alfred J. Forbin was a pioneering French stamp dealer who wrote an all-world catalogue of revenue stamps that has never been surpassed.- Stamp dealing :...

  • Lionel Fulcher
    Lionel Fulcher
    Lionel William Fulcher B.Sc. was a British philatelist who co-edited, with Stanley Phillips, Gibbons Stamp Monthly, was Vice President of the International Philatelic Union and was a key figure in the Fiscal Philatelic Society...

  • Frank Godden RDP
  • William F. Hadlow RDP
  • Thomas William Hall RDP
  • H.F. Johnson
    Johnny Johnson (philatelist)
    Herbert Frederick "Johnny" Johnson was British stamp dealer and philatelist who was a key figure in the early years of the Junior Philatelic Society and a close colleague of Fred Melville.- Organised philately :A larger-than-life figure, Johnny earned the nickname "the dynamo" for his energetic...

  • A.B. Kay (Co-founder of Bridger & Kay)
  • Dr. J.A. Legrand
    Jacques Legrand (philatelist)
    Dr. Jacques Amable Legrand was one of the first collectors of French stamps in the nineteenth century and one of the first organizers and scholars of philately in France as a serious topic of study. He used the pseudonym of Dr...

  • Oswald Marsh
    Oswald Marsh
    Oswald Marsh was a London stamp dealer who specialised in cut-outs. Many Marsh covers have addresses created using addressograph plates. Oswald Marsh was not related to Victor Marsh.- Stamp dealing :...

  • Fred Melville
    Fred Melville
    Frederick John Melville was a British philatelist, prolific philatelic author and founder of The Junior Philatelic Society. He was also a founder in 1907 of the Philatelic Literature Society...

  • Jean-Baptiste Moens
    Jean-Baptiste Moëns
    Jean-Baptiste Philippe Constant Moens was a Belgian philatelist recognized as the first dealer in stamps for collectors. He was one of the original philatelic journalists.- Youth :...

  • Walter Morley
    Walter Morley
    Walter Morley was a pioneering English philatelist, stamp dealer and philatelic author.The first address known for Morley is 186 West Green Road, Tottenham, London N. In 1898 his address is given as 15 Brownhill Gardens, Hither Green, Catford, London S.E...

  • Charles Nissen
    Charles Nissen
    Charles Nissen was a philatelist, and stamp dealer who discovered the famous stock exchange forgery and wrote, with Bertram McGowan, the definitive book on the plating of the Penny Black.-The Royal Philatelic Collection:...

  • Herbert Rooke Oldfield RDP
  • Percival Loines Pemberton
    Percival Loines Pemberton
    Percival Loines Pemberton , Pem to his friends, was a British philatelist and stamp dealer who signed the Roll of Distinguished Philatelists in 1921...

  • Judge Frederick Philbrick
    Frederick Philbrick
    Frederick Adolphus Philbrick was a lawyer and an early British philatelist.He was one of the founders of the "Philatelic Society, London", which later became the Royal Philatelic Society London...

  • Alexander Joseph Sefi RDP
  • James Benjamin Seymour
    James Benjamin Seymour
    James Benjamin Seymour , of Great Britain, was a philatelist who created an award winning collection, and who wrote some of the key works in British philately.-Collecting interests:...

  • John Stanley Telfer RDP
  • Arthur John Warren RDP
  • Robert Blake Yardley RDP

RDP = Roll of Distinguished Philatelists
Roll of Distinguished Philatelists
The Roll of Distinguished Philatelists is a philatelic award of international scale, created by the Philatelic Congress of Great Britain in 1921...


  • The Bulletin of the Fiscal Philatelic Society, Vols. I & II. (Reprinted in one volume by the Cinderella Stamp Club, London, 1980)
  • May, O. Egyptian interpostals or official local stamps. Published for the Fiscal Philatelic Society by Bridger & Kay, 1915.
  • Various catalogues of revenue stamps.
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