Johnny Johnson (philatelist)
Herbert Frederick "Johnny" Johnson (1884 - 20 April 1966) was British stamp dealer
Stamp dealer
A stamp dealer is a company or an individual who deals in postage stamps and philatelic products. It also includes individuals who sell postage stamps for day to day use or official stamps for use on court documents.-Stamps on Approval Basis:...

 and philatelist who was a key figure in the early years of the Junior Philatelic Society (subsequently to become the National Philatelic Society
National Philatelic Society
The National Philatelic Society is one of two national philatelic societies in Great Britain. The other is the Royal Philatelic Society London.- History :...

) and a close colleague of Fred Melville
Fred Melville
Frederick John Melville was a British philatelist, prolific philatelic author and founder of The Junior Philatelic Society. He was also a founder in 1907 of the Philatelic Literature Society...


Organised philately

A larger-than-life figure, Johnny earned the nickname "the dynamo" for his energetic efforts in organised philately. He was chief organiser of the Imperial Stamp Exhibition, 1908, the Jubilee International Exhibition, London 1912 and Secretary of the International Exhibition, London 1923.

Johnson joined the J.P.S. in 1900, aged 16, and remained a member until his death. During this time he occupied most of the offices of the society, including Exchange Superintendent, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President and President. The success of the J.P.S. in its early years has been attributed to the partnership between Melville as propagandist and writer, and Johnson as businessman and organiser.

In 1907, Johnson was a founder member of the Philatelic Literature Society
Philatelic Literature Society
The Philatelic Literature Society was a short-lived society to promote the cause of philatelic literature among philatelists at a time when information about philately could be hard to obtain and philatelic books expensive.-Formation:...


Johnny was a fixture at the society's headquarters at 44 Fleet Street, London, as well as in local taverns, and he claimed that he was known to every cab driver in London.


Although Johnny published little of his own work, he was well known as a knowledgeable philatelist and he greatly assisted Dr Harry Osborne
Harry Osborne (philatelist)
Harry Osborne MD was a British philatelist who wrote several important works on classic British stamps and signed the Roll of Distinguished Philatelists in 1954....

 with his masterful "British Line-Engraved Stamps - Twopence Blue, Studies of Plates 1 to 15" and J.B. Seymour
James Benjamin Seymour
James Benjamin Seymour , of Great Britain, was a philatelist who created an award winning collection, and who wrote some of the key works in British philately.-Collecting interests:...

 with "Stamps of Great Britain", parts I & II. He was also the publisher of the J.P.S.'s journal Stamp Lover as well as numerous philatelic books.


  • "Brunei, 1907-1924; a study of vignette plate 1" in Stamp Collectors' Coronation Annual.
  • Circular Delivery Companies Stamps, Part 4. With Fred Melville & Bertram McGowan
    Bertram McGowan
    Bertram McGowan was a Scottish solicitor and philatelist who specialised in Chile and the Postage stamps and postal history of Great Britain, especially Great Britain used abroad....

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