Cinderella Stamp Club
The Cinderella Stamp Club was founded on 5 June 1959 in London, England, and is an association of philatelists, amateur and professional, whose interests lie in local stamps, telegraph stamp
Telegraph stamp
Telegraph stamps are stamps intended solely for the prepayment of telegraph fees. The customer completed a telegraph form before handing it with payment to the clerk who applied a telegraph stamp and cancelled it to show that payment had been made...

s, railway stamp
Railway stamp
In philately a railway stamp is a stamp issued to pay the cost of the conveyance of a letter or parcel by rail.A wide variety of railway stamps have been issued by different countries and by private and state railways...

s, revenue stamp
Revenue stamp
A revenue stamp, tax stamp or fiscal stamp is a adhesive label used to collect taxes or fees on documents, tobacco, alcoholic drinks, drugs and medicines, playing cards, hunting licenses, firearm registration, and many other things...

s, fiscals, forgeries, bogus and phantom issues, Christmas
Christmas Seal
Christmas Seals are labels placed on mail during the Christmas season to raise funds and awareness for charitable programs.They have become particularly associated with lung diseases such as tuberculosis, and with child welfare...

, Red Cross, TB and other charity seals
Charity label
A charity label is a label resembling a postage stamp, sold by charities to raise funds. They are generally intended to be used on mail, as a way of advertising the sender's support of the charity's cause....

, registration labels, advertisement and poster stamp
Poster stamp
The poster stamp was an advertising label, a little larger than most postage stamps, that originated in the mid-19th century and quickly became a collecting craze, growing in popularity up until World War One and then declining by World War Two until they are now almost forgotten except by...

s and many other items - all of which are the so-called "Cinderellas of Philately".


The club publishes a quarterly journal, The Cinderella Philatelist and at the end of 2008 had a membership of nearly 500, of which over 150 were outside the UK.

The major stamp catalogues do not usually list cinderella stamps, except in the back of the book and the club has published many works of reference, often written by members, on areas where little else has been written. The diverse subjects have included the philately
Philately is the study of stamps and postal history and other related items. Philately involves more than just stamp collecting, which does not necessarily involve the study of stamps. It is possible to be a philatelist without owning any stamps...

 of the British Empire Exhibition
British Empire Exhibition
The British Empire Exhibition was a colonial exhibition held at Wembley, Middlesex in 1924 and 1925.-History:It was opened by King George V on St George's Day, 23 April 1924. The British Empire contained 58 countries at that time, and only Gambia and Gibraltar did not take part...

 and the Red Cross Vignettes of Gaston Fontanille, or Delandre
Gaston Fontanille , also known just as Delandre, was a French entrepreneur and conman born in Valence, the son of a Magistrate.-The Delandre Vignettes:...

 as he preferred to be called.

The Club operates four study groups: British Private Posts, World War 1, World War 2 and Telegraph & Telephone. Each group publishes a quarterly newsletter which is incorporated into The Cinderella Philatelist.

Notable members include the brothers Charles and Francis Kiddle
Francis Kiddle
Francis Kiddle is a distinguished philatelist who has achieved an international reputation in the field of philatelic literature and cinderella philately.-Philately:...

 who have authored several of the club's handbooks.


The Club is a member of The Association of British Philatelic Societies and is also affiliated to the American Philatelic Society
American Philatelic Society
The American Philatelic Society is the largest nonprofit stamp collecting and organization of philately in the world, with almost 44,000 members from 110 countries...


Handbooks by number

  1. The Literature on Cinderella Philately by H.E. Tester, 1972.
  2. The Finnish Shipping Companies and their Stamps by G.W. Connell, 1972.
  3. Forgeries of China's "large dragons" 1878 by James Negus
    James Negus
    James Negus was a British philatelist and book editor.-Early life:Negus was a student of chemistry and then a civil servant...

    , 1978.
  4. United Kingdom Savings Stamps, Labels and Coupons: A survey of small savings available to the working classes of Great Britain and Northern Ireland including a detailed listing of labels, coupons and stamps issued on a national basis by Lionel D. Jones, 1979.
  5. Collecting Seals and Labels by Charles D. Rabinovitz, 1982.
  6. Index to The Cinderella Philatelist 1961-1985 and to The Private Post 1977-1985 by Ian D. Crane, 1986. ISBN 0950381128
  7. Great Britain: The stamps of the circular delivery companies and their forgeries by Christopher G. Harman, 1990.
  8. Great Britain Commemorative Labels pre 1950 - A Catalogue by Chris Chatfield, 1991. ISBN 0950381136
  9. Christmas Charity Posts - The first decade: 1981-1990 by W.J.D. Annand, 1993. ISBN 1858290198
  10. Great Britain. British Empire Exhibition Wembley 1924-1925 Publicity Labels by Alan D. Sabey, 1994. ISBN 1858290406 (Supplement 1996 ISBN 1858290430)
  11. Images of the Great War Volume III, an illustrated catalogue of Delandre
    Gaston Fontanille , also known just as Delandre, was a French entrepreneur and conman born in Valence, the son of a Magistrate.-The Delandre Vignettes:...

    ’s Red Cross Vignettes 1914-1917
    by Walter Schmidt & Charles Kiddle. ISBN 0952465507
  12. Publications by Editions Delandre by Charles Kiddle.
  13. Images of the Great War Volume IV, an illustrated catalogue of Delandre’s Vignettes other than Military and Red Cross 1914-1917 by Walter Schmidt & Charles Kiddle.
  14. Index to the Cinderella Philatelist from 1986 to 2000 (Volumes 26-40) by Michael James.


  • The Bulletin of the Fiscal Philatelic Society
    Fiscal Philatelic Society
    The Fiscal Philatelic Society was an early twentieth century philatelic society that is seen as a predecessor to today's Cinderella Stamp Club and The Revenue Society...

    Vols 1-11, 1908-1928
    (Reprint 1980)
  • Cumulative Index to The Bulletin of the Fiscal Philatelic Society; Volumes 1-2; 1908-1928 Cinderella Stamp Club, 1982.

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