Lionel Fulcher
Lionel William Fulcher B.Sc. (1865 - 1945) was a British philatelist who co-edited, with Stanley Phillips
Stanley Phillips
Frederick Stanley Phillips was a British philatelist and prolific philatelic author who signed the Roll of Distinguished Philatelists at Folkestone in 1937....

, Gibbons Stamp Monthly
Gibbons Stamp Monthly
Gibbons Stamp Monthly is a leading British philatelic magazine which can trace its roots back to 1890. GSM is published by the famous stamps and collectables firm of Stanley Gibbons and each issue includes updates to their various catalogues....

, was Vice President of the International Philatelic Union
International Philatelic Union
The International Philatelic Union, formed 1881, was an early international philatelic organisation formed for the study of stamps and the promotion of philately generally...

 and was a key figure in the Fiscal Philatelic Society
Fiscal Philatelic Society
The Fiscal Philatelic Society was an early twentieth century philatelic society that is seen as a predecessor to today's Cinderella Stamp Club and The Revenue Society...

. He was an expert on the early stamps of Japan and also studied Venezuela, Peru, Nicaragua, Papal States and Norway.

He was for a time the editor of Morley's Philatelic Journal, A Monthly Paper For Collectors of Postage, Revenue, Telegraph and Railway stamps and also of the Philatelic Record.

Fulcher was a member of the Royal Philatelic Society London from 1901 where he also became the Honorary Librarian and was a frequent exhibitor at meetings.

In 1921, Fulcher was entered on the Roll of Distinguished Philatelists
Roll of Distinguished Philatelists
The Roll of Distinguished Philatelists is a philatelic award of international scale, created by the Philatelic Congress of Great Britain in 1921...


Outside philately

Professionally, Fulcher was employed as an Assistant Keeper at the Science Museum, South Kensington, retiring in 1928.


  • Catalogue of the revenue stamps of Spain and Colonies, including the American occupation and revolutionary issues. London: Walter Morley
    Walter Morley
    Walter Morley was a pioneering English philatelist, stamp dealer and philatelic author.The first address known for Morley is 186 West Green Road, Tottenham, London N. In 1898 his address is given as 15 Brownhill Gardens, Hither Green, Catford, London S.E...

    , 1902.
  • Roman States. Philatelic Record, 1912.
  • The Postage Stamps of Venezuela. (Reprinted from the London Philatelist.) [With plates.]. London: L. Fulcher & T.W. Hall, 1924. (With T.W. Hall)
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