Fantastic Four
The Fantastic Four is a fictional superhero
A superhero is a type of stock character, possessing "extraordinary or superhuman powers", dedicated to protecting the public. Since the debut of the prototypical superhero Superman in 1938, stories of superheroes — ranging from brief episodic adventures to continuing years-long sagas —...

 team appearing in comic book
Comic book
A comic book or comicbook is a magazine made up of comics, narrative artwork in the form of separate panels that represent individual scenes, often accompanied by dialog as well as including...

s published by Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics
Marvel Worldwide, Inc., commonly referred to as Marvel Comics and formerly Marvel Publishing, Inc. and Marvel Comics Group, is an American company that publishes comic books and related media...

. The group debuted in The Fantastic Four #1 (November 1961), which helped to usher in a new level of realism in the medium
Mass media
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. The Fantastic Four was the first superhero team created by writer-editor Stan Lee
Stan Lee
Stan Lee is an American comic book writer, editor, actor, producer, publisher, television personality, and the former president and chairman of Marvel Comics....

 and artist and co-plotter Jack Kirby
Jack Kirby
Jack Kirby , born Jacob Kurtzberg, was an American comic book artist, writer and editor regarded by historians and fans as one of the major innovators and most influential creators in the comic book medium....

, who developed a collaborative approach to creating comics with this title that they would use from then on.

I promise you, I will do everything in my power until there's not a breath left in me. You're going to be Ben again.

Victor is not that bad. He's just... larger than life.

You need to control yourself, and think before you act.

A few days in space. What's the worst that could happen?

Ben Grimm is a genuine American hero.

Exposure to a high energy cosmic storm could advance our knowledge of planetary life.

I found a broken gasket from space.

Time for your lesson - Chem 101. What happens when you rapidly cool hot metal?

That's my nose, genius. These are my lips.

You really think those people out there care about you? You're just a fad to them, Johnny!