Every Man a King
"Every Man a King" is a song connected with Louisiana's governor and senator
United States Senate
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 Huey Long
Huey Long
Huey Pierce Long, Jr. , nicknamed The Kingfish, served as the 40th Governor of Louisiana from 1928–1932 and as a U.S. Senator from 1932 to 1935. A Democrat, he was noted for his radical populist policies. Though a backer of Franklin D...

. Long was known for his political slogan "Every man a king," which was the title of his autobiography and the catch-phrase of his Share Our Wealth
Share Our Wealth
Share Our Wealth was a movement begun during the Great Depression by Huey Long, a governor and later United States Senator from Louisiana.-Major provisions of "Share Our Wealth":The key planks of the Share Our Wealth platform included:...

 proposal during the Great Depression
Great Depression
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Writing and arrangement

The song was co-written in 1935 by Huey Long and Castro Carazo; Carazo was the band director of Louisiana State University
Louisiana State University
Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College, most often referred to as Louisiana State University, or LSU, is a public coeducational university located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The University was founded in 1853 in what is now known as Pineville, Louisiana, under the name...

, a former orchestra leader at the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans brought to LSU by Long himself.

An arrangement
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 of the song was recorded by Randy Newman
Randy Newman
Randall Stuart "Randy" Newman is an American singer-songwriter, arranger, composer, and pianist who is known for his mordant pop songs and for film scores....

 for his 1974 album
1974 in music
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 Good Old Boys. The song was featured in the opening credits of the 1983 movie The Survivors, starring Walter Matthau
Walter Matthau
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, Robin Williams
Robin Williams
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 and Jerry Reed
Jerry Reed
Jerry Reed Hubbard , known professionally as Jerry Reed, was an American country music singer, innovative guitarist, songwriter, and actor who appeared in more than a dozen films...

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