Clogher is a village
A village is a clustered human settlement or community, larger than a hamlet with the population ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand , Though often located in rural areas, the term urban village is also applied to certain urban neighbourhoods, such as the West Village in Manhattan, New...

 in County Tyrone
County Tyrone
Historically Tyrone stretched as far north as Lough Foyle, and comprised part of modern day County Londonderry east of the River Foyle. The majority of County Londonderry was carved out of Tyrone between 1610-1620 when that land went to the Guilds of London to set up profit making schemes based on...

, Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland is one of the four countries of the United Kingdom. Situated in the north-east of the island of Ireland, it shares a border with the Republic of Ireland to the south and west...

. It lies on the River Blackwater
River Blackwater, Northern Ireland
The River Blackwater is a river in County Armagh and County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, as well as County Monaghan and County Cavan in Republic of Ireland, which has its source to the north of Fivemiletown, County Tyrone...

, 18 miles (29 km) south of Omagh
Omagh is the county town of County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. It is situated where the rivers Drumragh and Camowen meet to form the Strule. The town, which is the largest in the county, had a population of 19,910 at the 2001 Census. Omagh also contains the headquarters of Omagh District Council and...

. The United Kingdom Census of 2001
United Kingdom Census 2001
A nationwide census, known as Census 2001, was conducted in the United Kingdom on Sunday, 29 April 2001. This was the 20th UK Census and recorded a resident population of 58,789,194....

 recorded a population of 309.


The name Clochar refers to something made of stone; probably on the site of the medieval monastery or a nearby ringfort
Ringforts are circular fortified settlements that were mostly built during the Iron Age , although some were built as late as the Early Middle Ages . They are found in Northern Europe, especially in Ireland...

. Archaeological remains from before the fifth century have been found in the vicinity. Clogher is said to have been the location of a gold pagan idol named Cermand Cestach
Cermand Cestach
Cermand Cestach was the name of a gold-covered pagan idol which stood in Clogher Cathedral, County Tyrone, Ireland until medieval times. Alternative spellings are "Cermand Celstach", "Cermaed Celsetacht", "Kermand Kelstach", "Kerman Kelstach" and the Giant Ermand Kelstach.-Historical references:The...

Mac Cairthinn of Clogher founded a monastery at the site, which the Synod of Rathbreasail
Synod of Rathbreasail
The Synod of Ráth Breasail took place in Ireland in 1111. It marked the transition of the Irish church from a monastic to a diocesan and parish-based church...

 recognised as an episcopal see. The Cathedral Church
A cathedral is a Christian church that contains the seat of a bishop...

 of Saint Macartan in the village is now one of two cathedrals of the Church of Ireland diocese of Clogher
Diocese of Clogher (Church of Ireland)
The Diocese of Clogher is a diocese of the Church of Ireland in the north of Ireland. It is in the ecclesiastical province of Armagh. It covers a rural area on the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland including much of south west Ulster, taking in most of counties Fermanagh...

; the other is at Enniskillen
Enniskillen is a town in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. It is located almost exactly in the centre of the county between the Upper and Lower sections of Lough Erne. It had a population of 13,599 in the 2001 Census...

. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Clogher
Roman Catholic Diocese of Clogher
The Roman Catholic Diocese of Clogher was formed in 1111 at the Synod of Rathbreasail as the see for the Kingdom of Uí Chremthainn. The Diocese consists of County Monaghan, much of County Fermanagh with parts of Counties Tyrone, and Donegal...

 has its cathedral in Monaghan
Monaghan is the county town of County Monaghan in Ireland. Its population at the 2006 census stood at 7,811 . The town is located on the main road, the N2 road, from Dublin north to both Derry and Letterkenny.-Toponym:...


The "City of Clogher
Clogher (Parliament of Ireland constituency)
Clogher was a borough constituency in the Irish House of Commons until 1800. It represented the "city" of Clogher in County Tyrone. The city, actually no more than a village, gained its importance as the site of the cathedral of the Church of Ireland diocese of Clogher. The constituency was a...

" was a rotten borough
Rotten borough
A "rotten", "decayed" or pocket borough was a parliamentary borough or constituency in the United Kingdom that had a very small electorate and could be used by a patron to gain undue and unrepresentative influence within Parliament....

 in the Parliament of Ireland
Parliament of Ireland
The Parliament of Ireland was a legislature that existed in Dublin from 1297 until 1800. In its early mediaeval period during the Lordship of Ireland it consisted of either two or three chambers: the House of Commons, elected by a very restricted suffrage, the House of Lords in which the lords...

 in the gift of the Protestant bishop. The village also gives its name to the Barony of Clogher, one of the original four baronies
Barony (Ireland)
In Ireland, a barony is a historical subdivision of a county. They were created, like the counties, in the centuries after the Norman invasion, and were analogous to the hundreds into which the counties of England were divided. In early use they were also called cantreds...

 of County Tyrone.


Clogher railway station (on the narrow gauge Clogher Valley Railway
Clogher Valley Railway
The Clogher Valley Railway was a 37 mile long narrow gauge railway in County Tyrone and County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. It opened in May 1887 and closed on 1 January 1942 .-Route:...

) opened on 2 May 1887, but finally closed on 1 January 1942.


  • Clogher Cricket Club plays in the NCU Senior League
    NCU Senior League
    The Northern Cricket Union Senior League is the provincial cricket league within the NCU jurisdiction in Ireland, which covers counties Antrim, Armagh, Down and south Tyrone of Northern Ireland. The league was formed in 1897 and is currently divided into four sections, namely the Premier League,...

  • Clogher Éire Óg
    Clogher Éire Óg
    Clogher Éire Óg is a Gaelic Athletic Association club. The club is based in Clogher in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland.The present club is in existence since 1938. A Team existed in Clogher for a brief period in 1907-08. Clogher were a strong force in West Tyrone competitions in the period...

     is the local Gaelic Athletic Association
    Gaelic Athletic Association
    The Gaelic Athletic Association is an amateur Irish and international cultural and sporting organisation focused primarily on promoting Gaelic games, which include the traditional Irish sports of hurling, camogie, Gaelic football, handball and rounders...



  • Some biographers of Jonathan Swift
    Jonathan Swift
    Jonathan Swift was an Irish satirist, essayist, political pamphleteer , poet and cleric who became Dean of St...

     have claimed that Swift married Esther Johnson
    Esther Johnson
    Esther Johnson was the English friend of Jonathan Swift, known as "Stella".Newfoundland-born author Trudy J. Morgan-Cole wrote a novel in 2006 detailing fictionalized portions of the Swift/Johnson friendship in The Violent Friendship of Esther Johnson...

    , known as Stella, in the deanery garden at Clogher in 1716.
  • Brigadier Juan Mackenna
    Juan Mackenna
    Brigadier Juan Mackenna was an Irish-born, Chilean military officer and hero of the Chilean War of Independence. He is considered to have been the creator of the Corps of Military Engineers of the Chilean Army....

     was born in Clogher in 1771. He was a hero of the Chilean War of Independence and the creator of the Corps of Military Engineers of the Chilean Army
    Chilean Army
    The Chilean Army is the land arm of the Military of Chile. This 45,000-person army is organized into seven divisions, a special operations brigade and an air brigade....

  • The novelist William Carleton
    William Carleton
    William Carleton was an Irish novelist.Carleton's father was a Roman Catholic tenant farmer, who supported fourteen children on as many acres, and young Carleton passed his early life among scenes similar to those he later described in his books...

     was born in the nearby townland
    A townland or bally is a small geographical division of land used in Ireland. The townland system is of Gaelic origin—most townlands are believed to pre-date the Norman invasion and most have names derived from the Irish language...

     of Prillisk in 1794.
  • Retailer Timothy Eaton
    Timothy Eaton
    Timothy Eaton was a Canadian businessman who founded the Eaton's department store, one of the most important retail businesses in Canada's history.-Early life and family:...

     was born in Clogher in 1834.
  • Professional soccer player Dermot McCaffrey
    Dermot McCaffrey
    Dermot McCaffrey is a Northern Irish footballer, currently with Dungannon Swifts.McCaffrey spent his childhood in Clogher, County Tyrone, and he started his professional career with Scottish club Hibs. McCaffrey made only one appearance for the Hibs first team, in which he was sent off...

     of Falkirk FC grew up in Clogher and lived his childhood years there.
  • Bonanza King
    Bonanza Kings
    The Bonanza Kings, also called the Silver Kings, was a nickname given to the four men who started a stock brokerage called Flood and O'Brien, more commonly known as the Bonanza Firm...

     James Graham Fair
    James Graham Fair
    James Graham Fair was the overnight millionaire part-owner of the Comstock Lode, a United States Senator and a colorful real estate and railroad speculator.-Early life:...

    , born in 1831


  • Carntall Primary School
  • Clogher Regional Primary School
  • St. MacCartain's Convent Primary School

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