• Catelli i Fiorani, a defunct Italian motorcycle maker bought by Fusi
    A. Fusi & Co., S.p.A. Milano is an historic brand of motorcycles.Achille Fusi was a trader of FN motorcycles. In 1932 he started building motorcycles under the RAS brand name, mainly with FN parts. They had 175 cc JAP engines made under licence in Italy and Burman gearboxes made under licence by...

  • CF, the IATA code for City Airline
    City Airline
    City Airline was a regional airline based in the Air Cargo Building on the grounds of Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport in Landvetter, Härryda Municipality, Sweden. It was privately owned and operated a medium-sized European network from its main base at Landvetter. The airline was wholly owned by...

  • Consolidated Freightways
    Consolidated Freightways
    Consolidated Freightways , based in Washington State was the 3rd biggest trucking company in the US. In the 1930s they started their own truck manufacturing operation, Freightliner, now part of Daimler AG. In 1989, Consolidated Freightways purchased Emery Worldwide...

    , a former trucking company in the United States


  • Cash flow
    Cash flow
    Cash flow is the movement of money into or out of a business, project, or financial product. It is usually measured during a specified, finite period of time. Measurement of cash flow can be used for calculating other parameters that give information on a company's value and situation.Cash flow...

    , the ability of a business to fulfil its obligations
  • Conversion Factor, a synonym for Exposure at default (EAD)
    Exposure at default (EAD)
    Exposure at default is a parameter used in the calculation of economic capital or regulatory capital under Basel II for a banking institution...

     in Basel II


  • cf.
    cf., an abbreviation for the Latin word confer , literally meaning "bring together", is used to refer to other material or ideas which may provide similar or different information or arguments. It is mainly used in scholarly contexts, such as in academic or legal texts...

    , an abbreviation for the Latin word confer, meaning "compare" or "consult"


  • Chaplain to the Forces
    Royal Army Chaplains' Department
    The Royal Army Chaplains' Department is an all-officer corps that provides ordained clergy to minister to the British Army.As of 2007, there are about 280 serving regular chaplains in the British Army; these can belong to either one of several Christian churches, or to the Jewish faith, although...

    ; in Britain and some Commonwealth nations, "CF" are post-nominal initials for army chaplains
  • Canadian Forces
    Canadian Forces
    The Canadian Forces , officially the Canadian Armed Forces , are the unified armed forces of Canada, as constituted by the National Defence Act, which states: "The Canadian Forces are the armed forces of Her Majesty raised by Canada and consist of one Service called the Canadian Armed Forces."...

    , armed forces of Canada


  • Californium
    Californium is a radioactive metallic chemical element with the symbol Cf and atomic number 98. The element was first made in the laboratory in 1950 by bombarding curium with alpha particles at the University of California, Berkeley. It is the ninth member of the actinide series and was the...

    , a radioactive chemical element
  • Conductivity factor
    Conductivity Factor
    The conductivity factor of dissolved salts in a given solution is a measurement of conductivity. Using the electrical conductivity between two electrodes in a water solution, the level of dissolved solids in that solution can be measured. Measurements can then be used to dose the solution with the...

    , the level of dissolved salts in a solution


  • Cardiac failure, the inability of the heart to work as a pump
  • Cerebrospinal fluid
    Cerebrospinal fluid
    Cerebrospinal fluid , Liquor cerebrospinalis, is a clear, colorless, bodily fluid, that occupies the subarachnoid space and the ventricular system around and inside the brain and spinal cord...

    , a clear bodily fluid found around and inside the brain
  • Cystic fibrosis
    Cystic fibrosis
    Cystic fibrosis is a recessive genetic disease affecting most critically the lungs, and also the pancreas, liver, and intestine...

    , a hereditary disease affecting the exocrine (mucus) glands


  • Cardiff
    Cardiff is the capital, largest city and most populous county of Wales and the 10th largest city in the United Kingdom. The city is Wales' chief commercial centre, the base for most national cultural and sporting institutions, the Welsh national media, and the seat of the National Assembly for...

    : CF is the United Kingdom post code for the region in southern Wales served by Cardiff
  • Central African Republic
    Central African Republic
    The Central African Republic , is a landlocked country in Central Africa. It borders Chad in the north, Sudan in the north east, South Sudan in the east, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Republic of the Congo in the south, and Cameroon in the west. The CAR covers a land area of about ,...

    , 2-letter ISO country code
  • Congo français ("French Congo"), FIPS Pub 10-4 and obsolete NATO country code for Republic of the Congo
    Republic of the Congo
    The Republic of the Congo , sometimes known locally as Congo-Brazzaville, is a state in Central Africa. It is bordered by Gabon, Cameroon, the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo , the Angolan exclave province of Cabinda, and the Gulf of Guinea.The region was dominated by...


  • Calgary Flames
    Calgary Flames
    The Calgary Flames are a professional ice hockey team based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. They are members of the Northwest Division of the Western Conference of the National Hockey League . The club is the third major-professional ice hockey team to represent the city of Calgary, following the...

    , NHL ice hockey team
  • Canopy formation
    Canopy formation
    A canopy formation is a formation built by parachutists by flying their parachutes in proximity to each other and then taking grips on other jumpers' parachutes....

    , a discipline in parachuting
  • Center field(er)
    Center fielder
    A center fielder, abbreviated CF, is the outfielder in baseball who plays defense in center field – the baseball fielding position between left field and right field...

    , a defensive position in baseball
  • Centre forward (Striker
    Forwards, also known as strikers, are the players on a team in association football who play nearest to the opposing team's goal, and are therefore principally responsible for scoring goals...

    ), an attacking position in Association football
  • Club de Fútbol, a common part of names of Football team
    Football team
    A football team is the collective name given to a group of players selected together in the various team sports known as football.Such teams could be selected to play in an against an opposing team, to represent a football club, group, state or nation, an All-star team or even selected as a...

    s/clubs from Spain and Latin America


  • .cf
    .cf is the Internet country code top-level domain for the Central African Republic. It is administered by the Central African Society of Telecommunications....

    , the Top-Level Domain for Central African Republic
  • .NET Compact Framework
    .NET Compact Framework
    The Microsoft .NET Compact Framework is a version of the .NET Framework that is designed to run on resource constrained mobile/embedded devices such as personal digital assistants , mobile phones, factory controllers, set-top boxes, etc...

    , a version of the .NET Framework for mobile and embedded devices
  • ATI CrossFire
    ATI CrossFire
    AMD CrossFireX is a brand name for the multi-GPU solution by Advanced Micro Devices, originally developed by ATI Technologies. The technology allows up to four GPUs to be used in a single computer to improve graphics performance.-First-generation:CrossFire was first made available to the public...

    , a method for combining graphic cards
  • Carry flag
    Carry flag
    In computer processors the carry flag is a single bit in a system status register used to indicate when an arithmetic carry or borrow has been generated out of the most significant ALU bit position...

    , indication of arithmetic carry on processors
  • ColdFusion
    In computing, ColdFusion is the name of a commercial rapid application development platform invented by Jeremy and JJ Allaire in 1995. ColdFusion was originally designed to make it easier to connect simple HTML pages to a database, by version 2 it had...

    , a WWW programming language
  • Collaborative filtering
    Collaborative filtering
    Collaborative filtering is the process of filtering for information or patterns using techniques involving collaboration among multiple agents, viewpoints, data sources, etc. Applications of collaborative filtering typically involve very large data sets...

    , a method of making predictions by collecting information from many users
  • CompactFlash
    CompactFlash is a mass storage device format used in portable electronic devices. Most CompactFlash devices contain flash memory in a standardized enclosure. The format was first specified and produced by SanDisk in 1994...

    , a type of memory card
  • Consolidation function that is used in computer science
    Computer science
    Computer science or computing science is the study of the theoretical foundations of information and computation and of practical techniques for their implementation and application in computer systems...

  • Core Foundation
    Core Foundation
    Core Foundation is a C application programming interface in Mac OS X & iOS, and is a mix of low-level routines and wrapper functions...

    , a C application programming interface (API) in Mac OS X
  • Coupling Facility
    Coupling Facility
    In IBM mainframe computers, a Coupling Facility or CF is a piece of computer hardware which allows multiple processors to access the same data.A Parallel Sysplex relies on one or more Coupling Facilities...

    , an IBM mainframe feature
  • Cross Fusion, in the Mega Man videogame series
  • Freescale ColdFire
    Freescale ColdFire
    The Freescale ColdFire is a microprocessor that derives from the Motorola 68000 family architecture, manufactured for embedded systems development by Freescale Semiconductor .-Instruction set:...

    , a Motorola 68000 family microcontroller
  • NetCDF#Climate Forecast metadata conventions for earth science data
  •, an online computing messageboard


  • Carbon fiber
    Carbon fiber
    Carbon fiber, alternatively graphite fiber, carbon graphite or CF, is a material consisting of fibers about 5–10 μm in diameter and composed mostly of carbon atoms. The carbon atoms are bonded together in crystals that are more or less aligned parallel to the long axis of the fiber...

    , a strong, lightweight material used in many applications
  • Carboxyfluorescein
    Carboxyfluorescein refers to two fluorescent dyes with an excitation and emission of 492/517 nm, respectively. They are commonly used as a tracer agents. The dyes are membrane-impermeant and can be loaded into cells by microinjection or scrape loading. It can be incorporated into liposomes,...

    , a fluorescent dye
  • CF card, a sort of digital media storage in small dimension
  • Color filter, a way to color light
  • Compact fluorescent lamp
    Compact fluorescent lamp
    A compact fluorescent lamp , also called compact fluorescent light, energy-saving light, and compact fluorescent tube, is a fluorescent lamp designed to replace an incandescent lamp; some types fit into light fixtures formerly used for incandescent lamps...

  • Vacuum flange#CF (Conflat), a type of flange commonly used in high and ultra high vacuum systems


  • Cantus firmus
    Cantus firmus
    In music, a cantus firmus is a pre-existing melody forming the basis of a polyphonic composition.The plural of this Latin term is , though the corrupt form canti firmi is also attested...

    , in musical compositions
  • Captain Falcon
    Captain Falcon
    Douglas Jay Falcon, better known by his alias, , is a playable character in the racing video game series F-Zero. He first appeared in F-Zero, and has been called the poster boy of the F-Zero franchise. Nintendo first envisioned Captain Falcon as a flagship character to represent the release of a...

    , a Nintendo character
  • Captain Flamingo
    Captain Flamingo
    Captain Flamingo is a Canadian animated television series, which chronicles the adventures of the protagonist and main character Milo Powell Captain Flamingo is a Canadian animated television series, which chronicles the adventures of the protagonist and main character Milo Powell Captain Flamingo...

    , a Canadian animated television series
  • Carpathian Forest
    Carpathian Forest
    Carpathian Forest is a Norwegian black metal band formed by Nattefrost and Nordavind in 1990.-Biography:Carpathian Forest emerged with the demo tape "Bloodlust and Perversion" in 1992. In 1993 the band released a second demo: Journey Through the Cold Moors of Svarttjern...

    , a Norwegian black metal band
  • Celtic Frost
    Celtic Frost
    Celtic Frost was a metal band from Zürich, Switzerland. They are known for their heavy influence on the extreme metal genres. The group was first active from 1984 to 1993, and re-formed in 2001. Following Tom Gabriel Fischer's departure in 2008, Celtic Frost decided to break up again...

    , a Swiss heavy metal band
  • CF, an International Telecommunications Union callsign prefix for Canada
  • Child Foundation
    Child Foundation
    Child Foundation was established in 1994 and is an international non-profit organization with the objective of helping children stay in school....

    , an international charity institute
  • Childfree
    Childfree also known as "voluntary childlessness" is a form of childlessness. The term was coined in the English language late in the 20th century and is used to describe people who have made a personal decision not to have children. The term childfree also describes domestic and urban...

    , denotes people who do not have, and do not desire, children
  • Codice Fiscale (fiscal code), an Italian
    Italy , officially the Italian Republic languages]] under the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages. In each of these, Italy's official name is as follows:;;;;;;;;), is a unitary parliamentary republic in South-Central Europe. To the north it borders France, Switzerland, Austria and...

     tax identification number
  • "Commercial Filming", a term commonly used for celebrity endorsements of commercial products in Korea
    Korea ) is an East Asian geographic region that is currently divided into two separate sovereign states — North Korea and South Korea. Located on the Korean Peninsula, Korea is bordered by the People's Republic of China to the northwest, Russia to the northeast, and is separated from Japan to the...

  • Commonwealth Foundation for Public Policy Alternatives
    Commonwealth Foundation for Public Policy Alternatives
    The Commonwealth Foundation for Public Policy Alternatives is an independent, non-profit research and educational institute based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania...

    , a Pennsylvania free market think tank
  • Conservative Future
    Conservative Future
    Conservative Future, abbreviated to CF, is the youth movement of the Conservative Party in the United Kingdom for members aged up to 30 years old.Founded in 1998, Conservative Future is the largest political organisation on British campuses...

    , youth movement of the British Conservative Party
  • Future GPX Cyber Formula
    Future GPX Cyber Formula
    is a 37-episode anime television series by Sunrise . It originally aired in Japan between March 15, 1991 and December 20, 1991. It was then followed by 4 more OVA sequels, making it one of longest running original anime franchises that was not originated from a manga or novel...

    , a Japanese anime series
  • Cubital fossa
    Cubital fossa
    The cubital fossa is the triangular area on the anterior view of the elbow of a human or other hominid animal. It is colloquially known as the "elbow pit".-Boundaries:...

    , the hollow seen in the anterior part of the elbow, colloquially known as the "elbow pit".
  • CrossFire, an online multiplayer first-person shooter game.
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