Brandenburger Gold Coast
The Brandenburger Gold Coast, later Prussian Gold Coast, was a part of the Gold Coast
Gold Coast (region)
The Gold Coast was the region of West Africa which is now the nation of Ghana. Early uses of the term refer literally to the coast and not the interior. It was not until the 19th century that the term came to refer to areas that are far from the coast...

. The Brandenburg
Brandenburg-Prussia is the historiographic denomination for the Early Modern realm of the Brandenburgian Hohenzollerns between 1618 and 1701. Based in the Electorate of Brandenburg, the main branch of the Hohenzollern intermarried with the branch ruling the Duchy of Prussia, and secured succession...

 colony existed from 1682 to 1717.

Brandenburger Gold Coast

Since May 1682 a chartered company
Chartered company
A chartered company is an association formed by investors or shareholders for the purpose of trade, exploration and colonization.- History :...

 from the margravial electorate
The Prince-electors of the Holy Roman Empire were the members of the electoral college of the Holy Roman Empire, having the function of electing the Roman king or, from the middle of the 16th century onwards, directly the Holy Roman Emperor.The heir-apparent to a prince-elector was known as an...

 of Kur-Brandenburg
Margraviate of Brandenburg
The Margraviate of Brandenburg was a major principality of the Holy Roman Empire from 1157 to 1806. Also known as the March of Brandenburg , it played a pivotal role in the history of Germany and Central Europe....

, the core of the later Prussian kingdom
Prussia was a German kingdom and historic state originating out of the Duchy of Prussia and the Margraviate of Brandenburg. For centuries, the House of Hohenzollern ruled Prussia, successfully expanding its size by way of an unusually well-organized and effective army. Prussia shaped the history...

, the Brandenburg African Company (Kurfurstliche Afrikanisch-Brandenburgische Compagnie), founded 1682, established a small West African colony consisting of two Gold Coast settlements on the Gulf of Guinea
Gulf of Guinea
The Gulf of Guinea is the northeasternmost part of the tropical Atlantic Ocean between Cape Lopez in Gabon, north and west to Cape Palmas in Liberia. The intersection of the Equator and Prime Meridian is in the gulf....

, around Cape Three Points
Cape Three Points
Cape Three Points is a small peninsula in the Western Region of Ghana, West Africa.Forming the southernmost tip of Ghana, it is located between the coastal towns of Dixcove and Princes Town, Ghana...

 in present Ghana
Ghana , officially the Republic of Ghana, is a country located in West Africa. It is bordered by Côte d'Ivoire to the west, Burkina Faso to the north, Togo to the east, and the Gulf of Guinea to the south...

  • Groß Friedrichsburg, now Pokesu: (1682–1717), which became the capital.
  • Fort Dorothea, now Akwida: (April 1684–1687, 1698–1711, April 1712–1717), which in 1687–1698 the Dutch
    The Netherlands is a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, located mainly in North-West Europe and with several islands in the Caribbean. Mainland Netherlands borders the North Sea to the north and west, Belgium to the south, and Germany to the east, and shares maritime borders...


German governors during the Brandenburger era

  • May 1682–1683 - Philip Peterson Blonck
  • 1683–1684 - Nathaniel Dillinger
  • 1684–1686 - Karl Konstantin von Schnitter
  • 1686–1691 - Johann Niemann

Prussian Gold Coast

On 15 January 1701 the small colony was renamed Prussian Gold Coast Settlements, three days before the Elector of Brandenburg and Duke of Prussia crowned himself King in Prussia
King in Prussia
King in Prussia was a title used by the Electors of Brandenburg from 1701 to 1772. Subsequently they used the title King of Prussia....

From 1711 to April 1712 the Dutch occupied Fort Dorothea again.

In 1717 the colony was physically abandoned by Prussia, so that 1717–1724 John Konny (or in Dutch Jan Conny) was able to occupy Groß Friedrichsburg, from 1721 in opposition to Dutch rule.

In 1721 the rights to the colony were sold to the Dutch, who renamed it Hollandia, as part of their larger Dutch Gold Coast
Dutch Gold Coast
The Dutch Gold Coast or Dutch Guinea, officially Dutch possessions on the Coast of Guinea was a portion of coastal West Africa that was gradually colonized by the Dutch, beginning in 1598...


Governors during the Prussian era

  • 1701–1704 - Adriaan Grobbe
  • 1704–1706 - Johann Münz
  • 1706–1709 - Heinrich Lamy
  • 1709–1710 - Frans de Lange
  • 1710–1716 - Nicholas Dubois
  • 1716–1717 - Anton Günther van der Menden
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