Blue blood
Blue blood may refer to:
  • Nobility or social prominence


  • "Blue Blood", a song by Foals from the album Total Life Forever
    Total Life Forever
    Total Life Forever is the second studio album by British indie rock band Foals, released on 10 May 2010 through Transgressive Records. Prior to the album's release, the band described it as souding "like the dream of an eagle dying". It was produced by Luke Smith, and was recorded at Svenska...

  • Blue Blood, an EP by Atrocity
    Atrocity (band)
    Atrocity is a German Heavy Metal band formed in Ludwigsburg.-History:First started in 1985 as Instigators and playing grindcore, Atrocity arose as a death metal band with their debut EP, Blue Blood, in 1989, followed soon by Hallucinations, a concept album about drug use...

  • Blue Blood (James Blood Ulmer album)
    Blue Blood (James Blood Ulmer album)
    Blue Blood is an album by American guitarist James Blood Ulmer recorded in 2000 and released on Bill Laswell's Innerhythmic label in 2001. The album features performances by Ulmer with Laswell, Bernie Worrell, Jerome Brailey, and Amina Claudine Myers....

    , 2001
  • Blueblood (album)
    Blueblood (album)
    Blueblood is the sixth full-length album released by indie rock band Silkworm. Unlike other Silkworm releases, it was not recorded by their long-time engineer Steve Albini, though he is credited with mixing the record...

    , a 1998 album by Silkworm
  • Blue Blood (X Japan album), 1989


  • Blue Blood, novels by:
    • Craig Unger
      Craig Unger
      Craig Unger is an American journalist and writer. He grew up in Dallas, Texas, and attended Harvard University. His most recent book is The Fall of the House of Bush, about the internal feud in the Bush family and the rise and collusion of the neoconservative and Christian right in Republican party...

      , American journalist and writer
    • Edward Conlon
      Edward Conlon
      Edward W. Conlon is an author and former New York Police Department officer.-Biography:Born in the Bronx, Conlon spent most of his childhood in nearby Yonkers. He attended Regis High School and graduated from Harvard in 1987 before joining the force in 1995...

       (born 1965), New York police officer and author
    • Melissa de la Cruz
      Melissa de la Cruz
      Melissa de la Cruz is an American author, known for her work in young-adult fiction. Her works include the Au Pair series of novels and the Blue Bloods series.-Biography:...

       (born 1971), American author
    • Joe Budden
      Joe Budden
      -Early life:Budden was born in Spanish Harlem, but lived in Queens until he was 12 and from there moved to Jersey City, New Jersey. He is one of five boys...

      , singer/songwriter
  • Blue Blood, a play by Georgia Douglas Johnson
    Georgia Douglas Johnson
    Georgia Blanche Douglas Camp Johnson better known as Georgia Douglas Johnson was an American poet and a member of the Harlem Renaissance.-Early life and education:...


  • Blue Blood (film)
    Blue Blood (film)
    Blue Blood is a documentary film that was released in UK cinemas in 2007 and showed on BBC2's Storyville in 2008. The film follows the paths of five students from Oxford University as they try to make it onto the Oxford University Amateur Boxing Club Varsity squad...

    , a 2006 film directed by Stevan Riley
  • Blue Blood Denim
    Blue Blood Denim
    Blue Blood Denim is a Dutch designer jeans brand established in 2002 by Jason Denham and Steve te Pas. Steve te Pas is responsible for bringing Evisu jeans from Japan to Europe.Its logo is a lobster, and its motto is "For Our Friends"....

    , a Dutch brand of luxury jeans
  • Blue Bloods (TV series)
    Blue Bloods (TV series)
    Blue Bloods is an American police procedural/drama series on CBS, filmed on location in New York City. The show premiered on September 24, 2010, with episodes airing on Fridays at 10:00 pm Eastern and Pacific/9:00 PM Central and Mountain....

    , a 2010 drama series on CBS
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