Blueblood (album)
Blueblood is the sixth full-length album released by indie rock
Indie rock
Indie rock is a genre of alternative rock that originated in the United Kingdom and the United States in the 1980s. Indie rock is extremely diverse, with sub-genres that include lo-fi, post-rock, math rock, indie pop, dream pop, noise rock, space rock, sadcore, riot grrrl and emo, among others...

 band Silkworm
Silkworm (band)
Silkworm was an indie rock band active from 1987 to 2005.The members were Tim Midgett, Joel RL Phelps, Andy Cohen, and Michael Dahlquist. Phelps left the band in 1994. Matt Kadane of Bedhead and The New Year played keyboards on Italian Platinum and It'll Be Cool...

. Unlike other Silkworm releases, it was not recorded by their long-time engineer Steve Albini, though he is credited with mixing the record (he would record the band again on their next album Lifestyle). It is the band's first album released on Touch and Go Records
Touch and Go Records
Touch and Go Records is an independent record label based in Chicago, Illinois, USA.After its genesis as a hand-made fanzine in 1979, it grew into one of the key record labels in the American 1980s alternative and underground rock scenes, Touch & Go carved out a reputation for releasing adventurous...


Track listing

  1. Eff -- (3:46)
  2. I Must Prepare (Tablecloth Tint) -- (2:47)
  3. Said It Too Late -- (2:44)
  4. Redeye -- (2:11)
  5. Empty Elevator Shaft -- (3:41)
  6. Beyond Repair -- (5:21)
  7. Tonight We're Meat -- (4:34)
  8. Ritz Dance -- (4:09)
  9. Pearly Gates -- (2:36)
  10. Clean'd Me Out -- (2:47)


  • Andy Cohen—Guitar, Vocals
  • Michael Dahlquist
    Michael Dahlquist
    Michael Dahlquist was a drummer in the Seattle band Silkworm.-Early years:Dahlquist was born at Swedish Hospital in Seattle, Washington. He spent his childhood in Bothell, a nearby town, and many vacations were spent at his grandmother's ranch in Livingston, Montana...

    -- Drums, Vocals
  • Tim Midgett—Bass, Baritone Guitar, Vocals
  • Brett Gossman—Keyboards
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