Blue Blood (film)
Blue Blood is a documentary film that was released in UK cinemas in 2007 and showed on BBC2's Storyville in 2008. The film follows the paths of five students from Oxford University as they try to make it onto the Oxford University Amateur Boxing Club
Oxford University Amateur Boxing Club
The Oxford University Amateur Boxing Club is the boxing club of the University of Oxford, England, located in Oxford. The club was founded in 1881. It is the second oldest active amateur boxing club in the UK...

 Varsity squad. Those who do will get to face off against students from the University of Cambridge
University of Cambridge
The University of Cambridge is a public research university located in Cambridge, United Kingdom. It is the second-oldest university in both the United Kingdom and the English-speaking world , and the seventh-oldest globally...

 and earn the right to call themselves a "Blue".

The film was nominated for the Variety Magazine New Documentary Award and for Best Film in the 2008 Evening Standard Film Awards. Director, Stevan Riley, was nominated for Best British Newcomer in the London Critics Circle Awards 2008.

The film was shot and edited by the director Stevan Riley. The film was produced by Rafael Marmor and Stevan Riley.

Legal Issues

Amusingly, the film's cover and DVD case used (without permission: or more accurately, permission given only for posters and only with credit given, neither of which conditions were adhered to) an image of the Oxford skyline taken by a former Oxford University student.

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