Alberta Order of Excellence
The Alberta Order of Excellence is a civilian
A civilian under international humanitarian law is a person who is not a member of his or her country's armed forces or other militia. Civilians are distinct from combatants. They are afforded a degree of legal protection from the effects of war and military occupation...

An award is something given to a person or a group of people to recognize excellence in a certain field; a certificate of excellence. Awards are often signifiedby trophies, titles, certificates, commemorative plaques, medals, badges, pins, or ribbons...

 for merit in the Canadian province
Provinces and territories of Canada
The provinces and territories of Canada combine to make up the world's second-largest country by area. There are ten provinces and three territories...

 of Alberta
Alberta is a province of Canada. It had an estimated population of 3.7 million in 2010 making it the most populous of Canada's three prairie provinces...

. Instituted in 1979 when Lieutenant Governor
Lieutenant Governor of Alberta
The Lieutenant Governor of Alberta is the viceregal representative in Alberta of the Canadian monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, who operates distinctly within the province but is also shared equally with the nine other jurisdictions of Canada and resides predominantly in her oldest realm, the United...

 Frank C. Lynch-Staunton
Frank C. Lynch-Staunton
Francis Charles "Frank" Lynch-Staunton, was the 11th Lieutenant Governor of Alberta from 1979 to 1985.-Biography:...

 granted Royal Assent
Royal Assent
The granting of royal assent refers to the method by which any constitutional monarch formally approves and promulgates an act of his or her nation's parliament, thus making it a law...

 to the Alberta Order of Excellence Act, the order is administered by the Governor-in-Council
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 and is intended to honour current or former Alberta residents for conspicuous achievements in any field, being thus described as the highest honour amongst all others conferred by the Alberta Crown
Monarchy in Alberta
By the arrangements of the Canadian federation, Canada's monarchy operates in Alberta as the core of the province's Westminster-style parliamentary democracy. As such, the Crown within Alberta's jurisdiction is referred to as the Crown in Right of Alberta, Her Majesty in Right of Alberta, or The...


Structure and appointment

The Alberta Order of Excellence is intended to honour any current or former long-time resident of Alberta
Alberta is a province of Canada. It had an estimated population of 3.7 million in 2010 making it the most populous of Canada's three prairie provinces...

 who has demonstrated a high level of individual excellence and achievement in any field, having "rendered service of the greatest distinction and of singular excellence for or on behalf of the residents of Alberta." Canadian citizenship is a requirement, and those who are elected or appointed members of a governmental body are ineligible as long as they hold office. Only 10 people may be inducted each year, though a nomination may remain up for consideration by the council for seven years.

The process of finding qualified individuals begins with submissions from the public to the Council of the Alberta Order of Excellence, which consists of six individuals without prequalification appointed by the lieutenant governor and meets once yearly to make its selected recommendations to the viceroy each June; posthumous nominations are not accepted. The lieutenant governor, who is ex officio a member and the Chancellor of the Alberta Order of Excellence and remains a member following his or her departure from viceregal office, then makes all appointments into the fellowship's single grade of membership by letters patent
Letters patent
Letters patent are a type of legal instrument in the form of a published written order issued by a monarch or president, generally granting an office, right, monopoly, title, or status to a person or corporation...

 bearing the viceroyal sign-manual
Royal sign-manual
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 and the Great Seal of the province. Thereafter, the new members are entitled to use the post-nominal letters
Post-nominal letters
Post-nominal letters, also called post-nominal initials, post-nominal titles or designatory letters, are letters placed after the name of a person to indicate that the individual holds a position, educational degree, accreditation, office, or honour. An individual may use several different sets of...

 AOE and have their portrait added to two galleries, one each at the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium
Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium
The Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium is a performing arts, culture and community facility, located in Edmonton, Alberta.-General information and history:...

 and Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium
Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium
The Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium is a performing arts, culture and community facility located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.The auditorium was built in 1955 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Alberta...



Upon admission into the Alberta Order of Excellence, in a ceremony held at Government House
Government House (Alberta)
Government House is the former official residence of the lieutenant governors of Alberta, currently retained for ceremonial events and entertaining.The property for the house was purchased by the Province of Alberta in 1910, as well as the surrounding area...

 in Edmonton
Edmonton is the capital of the Canadian province of Alberta and is the province's second-largest city. Edmonton is located on the North Saskatchewan River and is the centre of the Edmonton Capital Region, which is surrounded by the central region of the province.The city and its census...

, members are presented with the order's insignia. According to Insignia Regulation, which stipulates the design of the order's badges and ribbon and how they are worn, the main emblem of the order is a 51 millimetres (2 in) wide gold
Gold is a chemical element with the symbol Au and an atomic number of 79. Gold is a dense, soft, shiny, malleable and ductile metal. Pure gold has a bright yellow color and luster traditionally considered attractive, which it maintains without oxidizing in air or water. Chemically, gold is a...

 medallion in the form of a cross pattée
Cross pattée
A cross pattée is a type of cross which has arms narrow at the centre, and broader at the perimeter. An early English example from the start of the age of heraldry proper A cross pattée (or "cross patty", known also as "cross formée/formy") is a type of cross which has arms narrow at the...

, with the equidistant arms consisting of a transparent blue enamel
Vitreous enamel
Vitreous enamel, also porcelain enamel in U.S. English, is a material made by fusing powdered glass to a substrate by firing, usually between 750 and 850 °C...

 over gold patterned to resemble prairie
Prairies are considered part of the temperate grasslands, savannas, and shrublands biome by ecologists, based on similar temperate climates, moderate rainfall, and grasses, herbs, and shrubs, rather than trees, as the dominant vegetation type...

Wheat is a cereal grain, originally from the Levant region of the Near East, but now cultivated worldwide. In 2007 world production of wheat was 607 million tons, making it the third most-produced cereal after maize and rice...

. This cross is layered between a burnished gold disk bearing roses and rose leaves, and another roundel with the coat of arms of Alberta
Coat of arms of Alberta
The original coat of arms of Alberta was granted to Alberta by a Royal Warrant of King Edward VII on 30 May 1907. The shield is also featured on the flag of Alberta.-History:...

 on a red enamel background, surrounded by a white circle bearing the words The Alberta Order of Excellence. On the reverse is a maple leaf supported by a sheaf of wheat. The ribbon is patterned with vertical stripes in blue, burgundy, white, and gold, reflecting the colours within the provincial coat of arms; men wear the medallion suspended from this ribbon at the collar, while women carry theirs on a ribbon bow at the left chest. Members will also receive for wear on casual clothing a lapel pin.

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