2010 Slovenia floods
The 2010 Slovenia floods, on the weekend of 17–19 September 2010, were caused by heavy rain
Rain is liquid precipitation, as opposed to non-liquid kinds of precipitation such as snow, hail and sleet. Rain requires the presence of a thick layer of the atmosphere to have temperatures above the melting point of water near and above the Earth's surface...

s in Slovenia
Slovenia , officially the Republic of Slovenia , is a country in Central and Southeastern Europe touching the Alps and bordering the Mediterranean. Slovenia borders Italy to the west, Croatia to the south and east, Hungary to the northeast, and Austria to the north, and also has a small portion of...

, resulting in one of the worst flood
A flood is an overflow of an expanse of water that submerges land. The EU Floods directive defines a flood as a temporary covering by water of land not normally covered by water...

s in the country's history. Among the regions affected were the capital Ljubljana
Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia and its largest city. It is the centre of the City Municipality of Ljubljana. It is located in the centre of the country in the Ljubljana Basin, and is a mid-sized city of some 270,000 inhabitants...

, the Zasavje
The Central Sava Valley is a region in central Slovenia. The region consists of five municipalities: Zagorje ob Savi, Trbovlje, Hrastnik, Litija, and Šmartno pri Litiji...

 region, Laško
Laško is a spa town and municipality in eastern Slovenia. Traditionally the area was part of the Lower Styria region. The municipality is now included in the Savinja statistical region. The town is located at the foothills of the Hum hill on the Savinja River. It is first mentioned in written...

, the Slovenian Littoral
Slovenian Littoral
The Slovenian Littoral is a historical region of Slovenia. Its name recalls the historical Habsburg crown land of the Austrian Littoral, of which the Slovenian Littoral was a part....

 and the Lower Carniola
Lower Carniola
Lower Carniola was a kreis of the historical Habsburg crown land of Carniola from 1849 till 1919 and is nowadays a traditional region of Slovenia. Its center is Novo Mesto, while other urban centers include Kočevje, Grosuplje, Krško, Trebnje, Mirna, Črnomelj, Semič, and Metlika.-See also:* Upper...

 region. Initial damage was estimated to reach €15 million. Three people were killed.

In Ljubljana, the river Gradaščica

 – together with the Mali graben
Mali graben
Mali graben is an artificial mitigation canal of the Gradaščica river and the largest affluent of the Ljubljanica. It has been dug due to the frequent flooding of the Trnovo district of Ljubljana...

 stream – flooded several parts of the Vič Community Quarter, and record water levels were reached. Several transformers were shut down to prevent accidents, leaving some 3,000 people without electricity.

In Zagorje ob Savi
Zagorje ob Savi
Zagorje ob Savi is a town and a municipality in central Slovenia. It is located in the valley of Medija Creek, a minor left-bank tributary of the Sava River, east of Ljubljana southwest of Celje, and west of Trbovlje. Traditionally the area was part of the Upper Carniola region. The entire...

, a great part of the town was flooded by the Sava river and several landslide
A landslide or landslip is a geological phenomenon which includes a wide range of ground movement, such as rockfalls, deep failure of slopes and shallow debris flows, which can occur in offshore, coastal and onshore environments...

s were reported.

The town of Laško was flooded by the Savinja
The Savinja is a river in northeast Slovenia which flows mostly in the Upper and Lower Savinja valley and through the cities of Celje and Laško. The Savinja is the main river of the Savinja Alps . It flows into Sava River at the town of Zidani Most. It has often flooded, such as in the 1960s,...

 river and road connections were cut by the flood waters.

In the Littoral region, the Rižana
Rižana is a settlement in the Koper Municipality in the Littoral region of Slovenia.-External links:*...

 and Dragonja
Dragonja is a river in Slovenia, in the northern part of the Istrian peninsula. It is the third longest river in Istria, after Raša and Mirna.The river is in length and flows into the Gulf of Piran....

 rivers flooded several roads, closing all three border crossings with Croatia
Croatia , officially the Republic of Croatia , is a unitary democratic parliamentary republic in Europe at the crossroads of the Mitteleuropa, the Balkans, and the Mediterranean. Its capital and largest city is Zagreb. The country is divided into 20 counties and the city of Zagreb. Croatia covers ...

 in the region. Parts of Portorož Airport
Portorož Airport
-Airport Services:Although relatively small, a wide-variety of services are offered at Portorož Airport:modern airport facilities including technical and fuel service, services under contract , panoramic flights, business charter flights, a flight school, parachute jumping, minibus transfer, a...

 and the Sečovlje salt fields were flooded as well. Vipava river
Vipava River
The Vipava or Vipacco or Wipbach / Wippach is a river that flows through western Slovenia and northeast Italy...

 was flooding in the northern Littoral.

The Sava, Krka
Krka (Slovenia)
The Krka is a river in the historic Lower Carniola region of Slovenia, a right tributary of the Sava.It sources at Gradiček near the village of Krka, about southwest of Ivančna Gorica and around southeast of Ljubljana, before flowing southeast...

 and Kolpa rivers flooded in the Lower Carniola. The towns of Krško
Krško is a town and municipality in eastern Slovenia. The town lies on the Sava River. The area is traditionally divided between Lower Styria and Lower Carniola...

, Brežice
Brežice is a city and municipality in eastern Slovenia in the Lower Sava Valley, near the Croatian border. The area was traditionally divided between Lower Styria and Lower Carniola...

 and Otočec
Otočec is a settlement on the left bank of the river Krka in the Novo Mesto municipality in southeastern Slovenia. It used to be known as the market town of Šentpeter...

 were partially flooded.

In Upper Carniola
Upper Carniola
Upper Carniola is a traditional region of Slovenia, the northern mountainous part of the larger Carniola region. The centre of the region is Kranj, while other urban centers include Jesenice, Tržič, Škofja Loka, Kamnik, and Domžale.- Historical background :...

, the town of Žiri
Žiri is a town and a municipality in of Slovenia. It lies in the extreme southwest part of the Upper Carniola region on the borders with the Inner Carniola and the Littoral regions at the end of the valley where a number of tributaries join to become the river Poljanska Sora. The municipality was...

 was affected by Poljanska Sora. In Železniki
Železniki is a small town and a municipality in Slovenia. It is the economic centre and the largest settlement in the Selca Valley. It used to be known for iron smelting, and its name in Slovene indicates a relation to ironworks. The first furnace was mentioned in 1422, and the original furnace was...

, a town that was most affected in the floods exactly three years before, no bigger problems were reported.

Some parts of Croatia along the Sava river were also flooded, around 20 people were evacuated around Zagreb.

By Monday, 20 September, the water levels began to decrease, although landslides in some regions remained a threat. Four days after the flooding, the area of Dobrepolje
Dobrepolje is a municipality in Slovenia. It lies in a karst valley approximately south of the Slovenian capital Ljubljana. The administrative centre of the municipality is in Ponikve. The area was part of the traditional region of Lower Carniola. The municipality is now included in the Central...

municipality was still 6 meters above the usual water-level.

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