Mali graben
Mali graben is an artificial mitigation canal
Canals are man-made channels for water. There are two types of canal:#Waterways: navigable transportation canals used for carrying ships and boats shipping goods and conveying people, further subdivided into two kinds:...

 of the Gradaščica

 river and the largest affluent of the Ljubljanica
The Ljubljanica is a river in the southern part of Ljubljana Basin in Slovenia. The capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, is situated on the river. The Ljubljanica rises to the south of the town Vrhnika and outflows in the Sava River about downstream from Ljubljana. Its largest affluent is Mali graben....

. It has been dug due to the frequent flooding of the Trnovo
Trnovo, Ljubljana
The Trnovo District or simply Trnovo is a city district of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia....

 district of Ljubljana. It leaves Gradaščica not far from the Bokalce Castle
Bokalce Castle
Bokalce Castle is a castle or mansion in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.- History :The castle stands next to the Ljubljana ring road, next to the stream Gradaščica. As early as the 12th century, the site was occupied by a fortification belonging to the noble Eghk family...

, then flows across the southern part of the residential district Murgle and joins Ljubljanica from the left side near the Gruber Canal.

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