Oil depletion
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When are we projected to run out of crude oil? 0 10/23/2019
Peak oil is a scam, oil is the life blood of planet earth 2 1/23/2019
What gets me is why are we still using oil...we need to make hemp legal again and make gas and oil out of it like henry ford did on the first model-T.... 1 10/30/2018
What can we do to stop the process of oil depletion? 3 7/19/2018
Deforestration 1 7/16/2018
What happens in the case of a world peak in production? 6 9/23/2015
OIL IN THE USA 1 2/16/2015
What happens when a oil well starts pumping water with the oil, will the life well soon die? 0 12/14/2014
New Global Energy Crisis Project, planning for the future 0 9/28/2014
Gulf Oil Facts: BP & Goldman Sachs: Conspiracy or Coincidence? 1 6/12/2014
Hi,is this conversion right?I don‘t know how to convert,can anyone explain this?thanks 1°F/100ft=1.8℃/100m 0 4/6/2014
I want general Process flow diaram and Piping instrumentation diargam for oil and gas Industru... 0 1/18/2014
Oil and Gas :- General Process Flow Diagram 0 1/18/2014
Green Energy Summit 2009: Clean Technology, Renewable Energy, and Sustainability 0 11/16/2012
what did the australian government do (what fiscal policy did they apply) during the 1973 oil crisis and what affect did that have on inflation and th... 1 8/31/2012
How much oil do experts predict is left to be drilled? 10 8/31/2012
What is the Hubber Peak Theory and why is it important? 3 3/8/2012