Gun politics in the United States
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What is the status of the move to make bump stocks illegal? 0 8/23/2019
Safety and gun ownership 12 2/26/2019
NRA out of control 0 2/23/2019
The 2nd Amendment is misunderstood 3 1/4/2019
Columbine High School Massacre. what drove the boy's to do this? i mean bullying yeah but,this far? i want to know the reason for all of this happe... 0 11/6/2018
What about the argument "Guns don't kill people, people kill people"? 4 10/23/2018
History of US gun control 2 10/27/2016
What are some of the landmark moments in US gun politics? 2 10/27/2016
What was the historic impetus behind gun control legislation? 2 10/26/2016
What are some of the arguments against gun control? 18 10/26/2016
Why is gun control so controversial? 8 8/21/2015
I own a 1917 lee enfeild 303 the stock has been sporterized by somebody i got a synthetic stock 4 it am i destroying the gun by putting on the syn sto... 1 12/11/2014
The best way for me to control my gun is to... 0 12/2/2014
Shooting 1 11/8/2014
Columbine HighSchool Massacre 1 11/6/2014
What was the effective range of a cannon on 1780 ship ie 12 or 9 lb or 32 lb I just read a mile I don't believe it And forgot the length of a " ca... 1 10/19/2014
Nucleur bombs 1 9/10/2014
Guns are not Killers, it's the people whom use them. 1 8/26/2014
Tupacs death and the assasination dvd 0 8/10/2014
Guns 7 6/28/2014
Karla Homolka and Luka Magnotta 0 6/21/2014
Guns in america 0 5/18/2014
Please tell me any school teaching online how to diffuse bomb & giving certfications. 2 4/23/2014
Why will you allow them to take your freedoms? We have the right to bear arms! To protect ourselves and our countrymen not to mention our freedom! Wil... 3 3/29/2014
Weapons 7 3/13/2014
Does somebody know wich factory has build the "Pine apple Grenade"?? 1 3/13/2014
Need to know what twist to use for a 40/65. cartridge using 50 grains of black powder with a .410 diam. bullet weighing 415 grains. would a 1 in 18, ... 1 3/10/2014
Krav Maga - The use of the Human Body as a Weapon;Philosophy and Application 0 1/9/2014
The Second Amendment is an anachronism 5 2/8/2013