Gun politics in the United States
Guns are not Killers, it's the people whom use them.
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If you read the most recent handbills of the
Bills before they become law, then you would know
what I am talking about.
It's free to get a list of Bills that were most recently sent to Congress to find out what you need to find out,handguns, or any other topic.
Eggs, salmonella, cows,bovine beef, cancer, cancerous
chemicals poured into consumer goods that are sold
at your local grocers.
The funny thing is, handguns all sorts of them,
have a long list at a free website listed in your state
in USA.
What's more interesting is reading the names of the
guns and which Senators, Congressman, signed
all,of the guns into law.
By the way, AK47's are there too.
This law goes back to before WWll, and once you actually
read these laws and the truth of how congress works,
it makes more sense to read,understand, and further
go forwards into your career into doing what is right.

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Under the laws of the usa a person can carry a gun. if you have a gun you have a choice of kill or not. conscience rules?