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While designing a VFD (firmware) for an elevator (lift), what are the control variables and other factors that has to be take care of? Also, 1) can a... 0 10/9/2018
HI does any one has the (Special programming)for Secelectro D-TYPE Control panel ? I need the dll supporting dll file which connection between program... 0 12/8/2017
HI does any one has the (Special programming)for D-TYPE Control panel ? I need the dll supporting dll file which connection between program and comput... 0 12/3/2017
Hello there I am from albania and i have i maintenance 5 KONE lift and 3 SAMERLIFT lift. Can anyone help me with the electrical drawings for this lif... 0 9/30/2017
I have a problem with the yasakawa L1000A drive. There is an alarm shows dynamic transister broken, it cant reset. so which is the most probabale part... 0 9/5/2017
Reasons to upgrade Kone 1981 elevator 0 8/29/2017
Worm and gear symptons 0 8/13/2017
I have a General Elevator 2100lb lift that has shut down with a low oil light, I plan on using Accurate Hydraulic Oil ISO 32 Is this a suitable oil f... 0 4/20/2017
Handicap lift gmv 5000 valve 3 4/3/2017
After adjusting the floor level magnet on a tac 22 hydro do you need to do a new learn trip.and is it the eight inch magnet that you move to adjust yo... 0 3/20/2017
Elevator Danger Question 0 11/15/2016
Radha soami ji, baba ji plz help me. kuch din phle ek problem ke bare me pucha ans nhi mila plz.suggest and help me. mere pa mera bahut rista dekhe... 0 8/5/2016
For future 0 7/23/2016
Challenges of running Lift / Elevator Business 0 7/19/2016
Home Elevator Safety 0 4/20/2016
I have a old oits pie plate job the motor over heating basement car new motor new generator looks like brake picks good need help 0 10/18/2015
Hi colleagues, I have Otis Spanish MRL 2000VF. With control MCS220 M99 C/CIB and OVF10 drive. I need the wiring diagrams and the setup parameters f... 0 8/4/2015
Hi all, Im an elevator engineer, im in the position to take up my elevator traction machine(wt:2.5ton) to 31 floor inside the elevator shaft in one... 0 6/16/2015
I have a lift with what I am told is Epam door equipment .It is about 20 - 25 years old.I can't find any trace of the company. I am told they are It... 0 3/10/2015
I am in Haiti and my Customer is handicapped. He has an existing elevator that moves too slow and the limit switches do not work. He would like to s... 0 2/22/2015
Hi.. I have a doubt related to the lift specification.. Car elevator of capacity 3200kg pit traction machine of 4:1 roping.. Referring to the name pla... 0 2/5/2015
Hello all iam interested in fixing our elevator and a mechanic told us that the problem with our elevator the electronic number that show witch fl... 0 1/6/2015
Hai dear friends we need one help Our side gearless motor inspection mode both button pressing going only up side only 2 5/19/2014
Hello Does anyone know what the maximum door closing force is on lift doors. And any way easy to measure it? In the UK. 2 3/27/2014
Having problems setting up doors on a tac 22 from the contoller screen with hd98 door operator any suggestions 0 3/18/2014
Escalator Safety 3 1/6/2014
how does the double brake system works for ascending over-speed protection as per EN-81 code? 2 12/2/2013
I am looking for an elevator mechanic that has experience with the US Elevator 1220. I am a mechanic and am having trouble with an A1 board. The FLT... 2 11/9/2013
Where are the buzzers on apartment elevators that go off when the button is pushed to request an elevator? The ones in my apartment building are lou... 5 7/12/2013
What is the failure rate of roped hydraulic elevators? Are there any benchmark studies showing how reliable or unreliable they are? 1 6/17/2013
Why is it dangerous to suddenly stop an elevator which is moving downward at a moderate speed? 2 1/19/2013
Can you have card access to replace the call buttons on main floor only if used for handiecap 1 9/30/2012