Elevator Danger Question
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Hello. I am posting here because I am trying to find some input online and have not had much luck so far. Does anyone know if it is at all common for children's fingers to get sucked into the right panel as an elevator door is opening? Last weekend, my ten year old daughter and I were on a full elevator. She was in the front nearest to the right side of the door and I was across from her. There were others in the middle. As the doors were just opened she reached forward to keep the doors from closing back on all the people as they started to exit. Something I see people do all of the time. This time somehow her hand got caught in the pocket to the right in a very small opening between the two panels. Three of us saw immediately and had to pull really hard to get them loose and out. Shockingly they weren't broken but really bruised and so sore. I have never heard of this happening before? Anyone else? Any insight? Thank you in advance