Challenges of running Lift / Elevator Business
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Hello Everyone

I am Patrick, a student of New York University, and currently doing my final year thesis titled “How Microbusinesses of USA Deal with Their Business Challenges”. For the purpose of my thesis completion I am in desperate need of real life data. Being an experienced member I think you can help me find a few information relevant to your industry. It would be fantastic if you guys can help me find answer of below questions:

1. Which business model is more suitable for lift / elevator maintenance companies – one time hourly billing or monthly / weekly / yearly contract?
2. In the lift maintenance industry which type of customers are more – one time or returning?
3. For a typical lift / maintenance company how many contractual customer is enough to survive in the business [just a rough idea]?
4. What are the effective way of colleting monthly bill from customers?
5. What are the main challenge that a business owner face while running a lift / elevator maintenance company?

I will highly appreciate your cooperation of finding the above answers.