(1)   Large gregarious predatory feline of Africa and India having a tawny coat with a shaggy mane in the male
(2)   The fifth sign of the zodiac; the sun is in this sign from about July 23 to August 22
(3)   (astrology) a person who is born while the sun is in Leo
(4)   A celebrity who is lionized (much sought after)


From , from , (genitive: ), from , likely a borrowing from a Semitic language; cf. .


  1. A large cat, Panthera leo, native to Africa, India and formerly to much of Europe. The term may apply to the species as a whole, to individuals, or to male individuals. It also applies to related species like mountain lions.
  2. : A stylized representation of a large cat, used on a coat of arms.
    • The arms of the University of the West Indies are Barry wavy of six Argent and Azure an open Book proper bound Gules garnished Or on a Chief of the third a Lion passant guardant Erminois. Crest: A Pelican proper. (in other words a spotted lion lying down). See talk page.
  3. A Chinese foo dog.
  4. An individual who shows strength and courage, attributes associated with the lion.
    • It was said of [Edward Plantaganet] that 'he was a lion for pride and ferocity but a pard for inconstancy and changeableness, not keeping his word or promise but excusing himself with fair words'. 2003 Peter Armstrong & Angus McBride Stirling Bridge & Falkirk 1297-98: William Wallace's Rebellion.
  5. A famous person.

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    Se défendre comme un lion, to defend oneself with great courage.
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  5. A style of elegant young man that came after the dandy.