XV Corps (Ottoman Empire)
The XV Corps of the Ottoman Empire
Ottoman Empire
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: 15 nci Kolordu or On Beşinci Kolordu) was one of the corps
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 of the Ottoman Army. It was formed during the World War I
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. Ottoman XV Army Corps sustained overall losses of around 25,000 in Galicia.

Order of Battle, April 1915

In April 1915, the corps was structured as follows:
  • XV Corps (Gallipoli)
    • 3rd Division, 11th Division

Order of Battle, August 1916

In August 1916, the corps was structured as follows:
  • XV Corps (Galicia, Commander: Miralay
    Colonel , abbreviated Col or COL, is a military rank of a senior commissioned officer. It or a corresponding rank exists in most armies and in many air forces; the naval equivalent rank is generally "Captain". It is also used in some police forces and other paramilitary rank structures...

     Yakup Şevki Bey
    Yakup Şevki Subaşı
    Yakup Şevki Subaşı, also known as Yakub Shevki Pasha was a general of the Ottoman Army and the Turkish Army.-Sources:...


    • 19th Division (Commander: Kaymakam
      Lieutenant colonel
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       Şefik Bey
      Şefik Aker
      Şefik Aker was an officer of the Ottoman Army and the Turkish Army.-Works:* M. Şefik Aker, İstiklal Harbinde 57. Tümen ve Aydın Milli Cidali, Askeri matbaa, 1937....

      , Chief of Staff: Binbaşı Lütfü Bey)
      • 57th Infantry Regiment (Commander: Binbaşı
        Major is a rank of commissioned officer, with corresponding ranks existing in almost every military in the world.When used unhyphenated, in conjunction with no other indicator of rank, the term refers to the rank just senior to that of an Army captain and just below the rank of lieutenant colonel. ...

         Hayri Bey)
      • 72nd Infantry Regiment (Commander: Binbaşı Rıfat Bey)
      • 77th Infantry Regiment (Commander: Kaymakam Saip Bey)
      • Machine Gun Detachments x 2
      • 5th Company of the 4th Cavalry Regiment
      • Artillery Regiment (Commander: Binbaşı Ziya)
        • 2nd Battalion of 25th Artillery Regiment
        • 1st Battalion of 9th Artillery Regiment
      • 4th Engineer Company of 3rd Engineer Battalion
      • 19th Medical Company
      • Signal Detachment

    • 20th Division (Commander: Kaymakam Yasin Hilmi Bey
      Yasin al-Hashimi
      Yasin al-Hashimi was an Iraqi politician who served twice as that country's prime minister. Like many of Iraq's early leaders, Hashimi, who was born Yasin Hilmi Salman, served as an officer during Ottoman control of the country...

      , Chief of Staff: Captain İsmail Hakkı)
      • 61st Infantry Regiment (Commander: Kaymakam Bahaattin Bey)
      • 62nd Infantry Regiment(Commander; Binbaşı Nazmi Bey)
      • 63rd Infantry Regiment (Commander; Binbaşı Ahmet Muhtar Bey)
      • Machine Gun Detachments x 2
      • 6th Company of 12th Cavalry Regiment
      • 20th Artillery Regiment (Commander: Binbaşı Süleyman Avni Bey)
      • 4th Engineer Company of 4th Engineer Battalion

Order of Battle, December 1916

In December 1916, the corps was structured as follows:
  • XV Corps (Galicia, Commander: Mirliva
    Mirliva or Mîr-i livâ was a military rank of the Ottoman Army. It corresponds to a Brigadier General or Major General . Mirliva is a compound word composed of Mir and Liva...

     Cevat Pasha
    Cevat Çobanli
    Cevat Çobanlı was a military commander of the Ottoman Army, War Minister of the Ottoman Empire and a general of Turkish Army.-Family and schools:...

    • 19th Division (Commander: Kaymakam Sedat Bey)
    • 20th Division (Commander: Kaymakam Yasin Hilmi Bey)

Order of Battle, August 1917

In August 1917, the corps was structured as follows:
  • XV Corps (Syria)
    • 19th Division, 20th Division

Order of Battle, January 1918, June 1918

In January, June 1918, the corps was structured as follows:
  • XV Corps (Anatolia)
    • None

Order of Battle, September 1918

In September 1918, the corps was structured as follows:
  • XV Corps (Anatolia)
    • 41st Division, 44th Division

Order of Battle, November 1918

In November 1918, the corps was structured as follows:
  • XV Corps (Anatolia)
    • 41st Division, 44th Division

Order of Battle, January 1919

In January 1919, the corps was structured as follows:
  • XV Corps (Caucasus, Erzurum
    Erzurum is a city in Turkey. It is the largest city, the capital of Erzurum Province. The city is situated 1757 meters above sea level. Erzurum had a population of 361,235 in the 2000 census. .Erzurum, known as "The Rock" in NATO code, served as NATO's southeastern-most air force post during the...

    • 3rd Division (Tortum
      Tortum is a town and district of Erzurum Province in the Black Sea region of Turkey.The population is 4,507 as of 2010.There are 4 different ethnic group in the district.Ethnicity distribution*Turkish*Hemshin*Kurdish*Zaza- External links :...

      • 7th Infantry Regiment, 8th Infantry Regiment, 11th Infantry Regiment
    • 12th Division (Erzurum)
      • 30th Infantry Regiment, 35th Infantry Regiment, 36th Infantry Regiment
    • 9th Caucasian Division (Hasankale; present day: Pasinler)
      • 17th Infantry Regiment, 28th Infantry Regiment, 29th Infantry Regiment
    • 11th Caucasian Division (Van
      Van, Turkey
      Van is a city in southeastern Turkey and the seat of the Kurdish-majority Van Province, and is located on the eastern shore of Lake Van. The city's official population in 2010 was 367,419, but many estimates put this as much higher with a 1996 estimate stating 500,000 and former Mayor Burhan...

      • 18th Infantry Regiment, 38th Infantry Regiment, 34th Infantry Regiment

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