Winter road
Winter roads are temporary highway
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s carved out of snow and ice. They facilitate transportation to and from communities without permanent roads, and are commonly seen in isolated regions in Canada
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's north.

Winter roads have a crucial role in enabling goods to be brought into communities without permanent road access. In many of these communities, air transportation
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 is used at other times of the year to bring in goods including food and supplies, but this can be prohibitively costly for bulky goods such as building supplies and heavy equipment.

These roads are generally built in areas where construction of year-round roads is expensive due to many river crossings, and the presence of boggy muskeg
Muskeg is an acidic soil type common in Arctic and boreal areas, although it is found in other northern climates as well. Muskeg is approximately synonymous with bogland but muskeg is the standard term in Western Canada and Alaska, while 'bog' is common elsewhere. The term is of Cree origin, maskek...