Volga Region
Volga Region is a historical region of Russia
Russia or , officially known as both Russia and the Russian Federation , is a country in northern Eurasia. It is a federal semi-presidential republic, comprising 83 federal subjects...

 that encompasses the territories adjacent to the flow of Volga River
Volga River
The Volga is the largest river in Europe in terms of length, discharge, and watershed. It flows through central Russia, and is widely viewed as the national river of Russia. Out of the twenty largest cities of Russia, eleven, including the capital Moscow, are situated in the Volga's drainage...

. According to the flow of the river, it is usually classified into the Middle Volga Region and Lower Volga Region. A less common is term Upper Volga Region, which is not part of what is traditionally thought as Povolzhye.

Another notable distinction is the elevated right bank side featuring the Volga Upland
Volga Upland
The Volga Upland, also known as the Volga Uplands, Volga Plateau, Volga Hills, or Volga Plateau, is a vast region of East European Plain in western Russia that lies west of the Volga River and east of the Central Russian Upland...

 and the left bank side or Trans-Volga Region, Transvolga
Transvolga Region or Transvolga is a territory to the East of Volga River bounded by Volga, Ural Mountains, Northern Ridge, and Caspian Depression....

 , which consists of the elevated High Transvolga and the lowland
In physical geography, a lowland is any broad expanse of land with a general low level. The term is thus applied to the landward portion of the upward slope from oceanic depths to continental highlands, to a region of depression in the interior of a mountainous region, to a plain of denudation, or...

 Low Transvolga.

Idel-Ural is a historical region in Eastern Europe, in what is today Russia. The name literally means Volga-Urals in the Tatar language. The frequently used Russian variant is Volgo-Uralye...

 region is also defined within Povolzhye.

In modern Russian Federation, the Volga Region is associated with the Volga Federal District
Volga Federal District
Volga Federal District is one of the eight federal districts of Russia. It forms the southeastern part of European Russia. Its population was 29,900,400 according to the 2010 Census, living on an area of...

 and Volga economic region
Volga economic region
Volga economic region tr.: Povolzhsky ekonomichesky rayon) is one of twelve economic regions of Russia.-Composition:*Astrakhan Oblast*Republic of Kalmykia*Penza Oblast*Samara Oblast*Saratov Oblast*Republic of Tatarstan*Ulyanovsk Oblast...

(rather different entities).
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