• Chile
    • Valdivia, Chile
      Valdivia, Chile
      Valdivia is a city and commune in southern Chile administered by the Municipality of Valdivia. The city is named after its founder Pedro de Valdivia and is located at the confluence of the Calle-Calle, Valdivia and Cau-Cau Rivers, approximately east of the coastal towns of Corral and Niebla...

      , a city and municipality in the Province of Valdivia
    • Valdivia River
      Valdivia River
      The Valdivia River or Río Valdivia, as it is known locally, is a major river in southern Chile. It is the continuation of the Calle-Calle River, from the point where it meets the Cau-Cau River in the city of Valdivia. The Valdivia river ends in Corral Bay, on the Pacific coast. Other tributaries...

      , a river which begins in the city of Valdivia
    • Valdivia Province
      Valdivia Province
      Valdivia Province is one of two provinces of the southern Chilean region of Los Ríos . The provincial capital is Valdivia. Located in the province are two important rivers, the Calle-Calle / Valdivia River and the Cruces River.It is part of Northern Patagonia and its wild virgin forest embrace the...

      , the Province of Valdivia
    • Valdivian Coastal Range
      Valdivian Coastal Range
      The Valdivian Coastal Range is a mountain range in southern Chile, along the Pacific coast. Named for the city of Valdivia, it covers about 1 million acres of the Valdivian temperate rain forests, approximately one-quarter of which are protected. It forms part of the larger Chilean Coast Range...

      , part of the bigger Chilean Coastal Range
    • Valdivian Coastal Reserve
      Valdivian Coastal Reserve
      Valdivian Coastal Reserve is a natural reserve located in the Cordillera Pelada, in Los Ríos Region of Chile, near Corral. The reserve was formed in 2003 when the WWF, TNC and other local organizations acquired a large area of of which 83% is categorized as Valdivian temperate rainforest and 7.8%...

      , a natural reserve south of the city of Valdivia
    • Valdivia National Reserve
      Valdivia National Reserve
      Valdivia National Reserve is a natural reserve located in the Valdivian Coastal Range, in Los Ríos Region of Chile, near the port of Corral. It is bordered by the south by the Valdivian Coastal Reserve and by the north it limits with the Alerce Costero Natural Monument....

      , a natural reserve south of the city of Valdivia
    • Lo Valdivia, a minor town in O'Higgins Region
      O'Higgins Region
      The VI O'Higgins Region is one of Chile's 15 first order administrative divisions. It is subdivided into three provinces. It is named in honour of Bernardo O'Higgins Riquelme, one of Chile's founding fathers....

    • Valdivia Volcano, an old name for Mocho-Choshuenco
      Mocho-Choshuenco is a glacier covered compound stratovolcano in the Andes of Los Ríos Region, Chile. It is made of the twin volcanoes Choshuenco in the northwest and the Mocho in the southeast...

    • Valdivia Lake, an old name for Llanquihue Lake
    • Valdivia Fracture Zone
      Valdivia Fracture Zone
      The Valdivia Fracture Zone is a transform fault zone off the coast of southern Chile which runs between the continental slope near Valdivia in Chile and the Panov Seamount crossing the East Pacific Rise....

      , a geological fracture zone in Nazca Plate
  • Colombia
    • Valdivia, Antioquia
      Valdivia, Antioquia
      Valdivia is a town and municipality in Antioquia Department, Colombia. Part of the subregion of Northern Antioquia.-History:Valdivia was inhabited by the Nutabes people upon the arrival of the Spanish colonists...

      , a municipality in Antioquia Department, Colombia
  • Ecuador
    • Valdivia, Ecuador, a minor town in the province of Guayas
      Guayas may refer to:*Ecuador:**Guayas River**Guayas Province**Guayas **Guayas *The fruit of the mamoncillo tree...

  • Spain
    • Valdivia, Badajoz, a minor town near Badajoz
      Badajoz is the capital of the Province of Badajoz in the autonomous community of Extremadura, Spain, situated close to the Portuguese border, on the left bank of the river Guadiana, and the Madrid–Lisbon railway. The population in 2007 was 145,257....

       in Extremadura
  • The Sub-Antarctic
    • Cape Valdivia
      Cape Valdivia
      Cape Valdivia is the northernmost point on Bouvet Island, a subantarctic island administered by Norway. It lies in the centre of the island's north coast, immediately to the north of Olav Peak, the island's highest point...

      , on Bouvetøya


  • Ecuador
    • Valdivia Culture
      Valdivia Culture
      The Valdivia Culture is one of the oldest settled cultures recorded in the Americas. It emerged from the earlier Las Vegas culture and thrived on the Santa Elena peninsula near the modern-day town of Valdivia, Ecuador between 3500 BC and 1800 BC....

  • Chile
    • Valdivia International Film Festival
      Valdivia International Film Festival
      The Valdivia International Film Festival started as a very successful international film exhibition released in 1993 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Cine Club of the Universidad Austral de Chile. A competition was included the following year, labeled as "Valdivia Cine & Video"...


  • Valdivian temperate rain forests
    Valdivian temperate rain forests
    The Valdivian temperate rain forests are a temperate broadleaf and mixed-forest ecoregion located on the west coast of southern South America, lying mostly in Chile and extending into a small part of Argentina. It is part of the Neotropic ecozone. The forests are named after the city of Valdivia...

    , a temperate broad-leaf and mixed forest ecoregion located on the west coast of southern South America
  • Valdivian Fort System
    Valdivian Fort System
    The Fort System of Valdivia are a series of Spanish colonial fortifications at Corral Bay, Valdivia and Cruces River established to protect the city of Valdivia, in southern Chile. During the period of Spanish rule , it was one of the biggest systems of fortification in the Americas. It was also a...

    , colonial fortifications made to protect the city of Valdivia (The key of the South seas, Gibraltar of the Pacific)
  • Valdivia (plant), a genus in the family Escalloniaceae
    The Escalloniaceae is a family of flowering plants comprising about 130 species in seven genera. In the APG II system it is one of eight families in the euasterids II clade that are unplaced as to order...

  • Valdivia (crab), a genus in the family Trichodactylidae
    Trichodactylidae is a family of crabs, in its own superfamily, Trichodactyloidea. They are all freshwater animals from Central and South America, including some offshore islands, such as Ilhabela, São Paulo. Only one of the 50 species is known from the fossil record, Sylviocarcinus piriformis from...

  • Flag of Valdivia
    Flag of Valdivia
    The flag of Valdivia is a red saltire on a white field. It is thought to have originated from the Spanish Cross of Burgundy Flag as the city of Valdivia in southern Chile was a very important stronghold of the Spanish Empire. It is virtually identical to the flag of Saint Patrick, although...

    , the flag of the city of Valdivia
  • Capture of Valdivia
    Capture of Valdivia
    The Capture of Valdivia was a battle in the Chilean War of Independence between Spanish forces commanded by Colonel Manuel Montoya and the Chilean forces under the command of Lord Cochrane, held on 3 and 4 February of 1820.-Background:...

    , a battle in the Chilean War of Independence
  • Pedro de Valdivia Bridge
    Pedro de Valdivia Bridge
    Pedro de Valdivia Bridge is an arch bridge spanning Valdivia River, that separates downtown Valdivia from Isla Teja island a residential area.Together with Río Cruces Bridge it allows connection from Valdivia to the coastal town Niebla....

    , a bridge in Valdivia, Chile
  • 2741 Valdivia
    2741 Valdivia
    2741 Valdivia is a main-belt asteroid discovered on December 1, 1975 by C. Torres at Cerro El Roble.- External links :*...

    , an asteroid
  • Chilean warship Valdivia, a landing ship tank vessel acquired from the United States in 1995 and decommissioned in 2011


  • Pedro de Valdivia
    Pedro de Valdivia
    Pedro Gutiérrez de Valdivia or Valdiva was a Spanish conquistador and the first royal governor of Chile. After serving with the Spanish army in Italy and Flanders, he was sent to South America in 1534, where he served as lieutenant under Francisco Pizarro in Peru, acting as his second in command...

    , the first royal governor of Chile and founder of several cities in the country, including that bearing his name
  • Jorge Valdivia
    Jorge Valdivia
    Jorge Luis Valdivia Toro is a Chilean professional footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder for the Brazilian Série A club Palmeiras and the Chilean national team....

    , a Chilean football player currently playing for Palmeiras
  • Pierrick Valdivia
    Pierrick Valdivia
    Pierrick Valdivia is a French footballer who currently plays for Ligue 2 club CS Sedan Ardennes. A former graduate of the Olympique Lyonnais academy, he plays as a midfielder. He is of no relation to the Chilean playmaker Jorge Valdivia.-Football career:Pierrick began his career with amateur side...

    , a French football player, former of Olympique Lyonnais, currently playing for CS Sedan Ardennes
  • Luis de Valdivia
    Luis de Valdivia
    Luis de Valdivia was a Spanish Jesuit missionary who defended the rights of the natives of Chile and pleaded for the reduction of the hostilities with the Mapuches in the Arauco War....

    , a Spanish jesuit that advocated for a defensive war during the Arauco War
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